Having Great Religious Travel to These 5 Holiest Cities

Having Great Religious Travel to These 5 Holiest Cities

Some cities in this world are considered as a holy place for some religions because of history and its existence. As for an example, Muslim people have the holy city Makkah in which every year a lot of Muslim people visit this city to do some religious activities like Umrah and Hajj.

Holiest Cities to be described below are not visited only for religious purposes. But also because of its tourist attraction. In addition, Makkah is not the only holy city in this world, some other religions are also having their own holy city. What are they? here are 5 holiest cities in the world that always become a destination for religious travel.

1. Makkah – Saudi Arabia

We will start from a city that we had already stated above, Makah. The holiest city for Muslim people is Makah that is located in Saudi Arabia. Makah is a city where the prophet of Muhammad was born and Makah is a place where Ka’Bah located. Makah is always busy for a lot of Muslim people visitation that come every year to worship. In the Hajj period, Makah will be visited by millions of Muslim people who want to do the Hajj activity.

Holy Makkah city attraction

Usually, Moslem people who come here to do the Hajj activities will be accompanied by the Hajj travel agent that is located in their origin country. Besides popular for its hajj and umrah activities, there is one more thing that is really interesting about Saudi Arabia, especially Makah. Now, there is the biggest tower clock in the world that is located in front of Ka’bah. That clock is named Zamzam tower. That tower is a building that is consisted of five stars hotel and shopping center. The Makah area is so holy and only Muslim people who are allowed to enter Makah. That is why; if you were a Muslim, you can come to this city to undergo the umrah and Hajj or just having vacation here.

2. Jerusalem – Israel

The second holiest city in the world is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city that is located in the Middle East that is considered as a holy city by three religions; Islam, Christian and Jewish.

Holy Jerusalem city attraction

That is why; it is no doubt that we can see so many church and mosque in Jerusalem. However, there is a problem that still exist until now in which Palestine and Israel is each claiming that Jerusalem is their area although the international world is not acknowledge both about the owner of Jerusalem. In the other words we can say that International world stated that Jerusalem is an International city. As a holy city that is loaded with history and culture, Jerusalem has so many artistic buildings. Those buildings are so original and beautiful.

3. Vatican City – Vatican

We knew that Muslim has Makkah as its holy city. How about Christian people? For Christian people Vatican City is maybe their holiest city. Vatican City is an area that is located in the middle of Rome and it is where Pope Paul lives. At your first step in this city, you will feel the thick Christian atmosphere because there are so many Christian religious symbol that we can see here. Those symbols are spread in many areas of this city.

Holy Vatican city attraction

There is the most popular destination here. It is a place where the most popular painting from Michelangelo was kept. This is a painting of God who is giving life to Adam and Sistine Chapel. Visiting to this city will give a lot of experience for you in which you can learn more about the Christian religion and culture and you can enjoy so many great buildings with great architecture as well.

4. Varanasi – India

The next holiest city in the world is Varanasi. Varanasi is a small city that is located in India. We knew that India is popular because of its Hindu religious teachings. That is why; in that country there is a city that is purified by Hindu people. That city is Varanasi.

Holy Varanasi city attraction

This city is located in the riverbanks of Gangga and Varanasi becomes the holiest city in India. There is an interesting legend here in which god Shiva found Varanasi and built a house there. That is why; this city is purified by Hindu people and there are a lot of Hindu people come here to wash their body to purify their body and mind.

In addition, Gangga River is also becoming a popular river that is visited by a lot of tourists every year. There is an interesting activity there in which the water flow of Gangga River is used to discard the dead Hindu people ashes. Varanasi can be a perfect place for your religious travel when you were in India.

5. Lhasa – Tibet

We already talked about some holy cities for Hindu, Muslim and Christian people. How about the Buddha People? Is there any holiest city for them? Yes, Buddha people have a holy city that is located in Tibet. That city is called Lhasa which means the home of goddess. This city is the capital city of Autonomic area of Tibet and it also becomes a house for Dalai Lama the leader of that area and religious leader as well.

Holy Lhasa city attraction

Lhasa has so many historical buildings that can be visited. That is why; we can see so many heritage sites of UNESCO on Lhasa. The best building there is the house of Dalai Lama that is called Potala Palace. You have to come to that place where you were in Tibet to know more about Dalai Lama. In addition, there are more than a million Buddha people come to this city every year to pilgrimage. They surround a holy mountain that is named Kailash Mount. Usually they will crawl and kiss the land to ask for forgiveness and purify them.

Those are five holiest cities in the world that you can visit. Visiting those cities can give a different experience for you because you can get a great holiday and getting closer to God at one time.

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