List of Getaway Destinations You Need to Explore

List of Getaway Destinations You Need to Explore

Exploring Asia tourist attractions is a great thing to do. In fact, there are several places and attractions you can enjoy from different countries around Asia. It can be a long traveling plan but at least, you have the list of the best place to visit around Asia. Hopefully, you can go to all of the countries in Asia explained below.

Some countries have excellent recreation places to be enjoyed. Talking about entertainment places, In Southeast Asia, Singapore is the winner. You can find lots of incredible places such as Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo and so on. You can also visit the Merlion Park which becomes the landmark of this country. So here are the list of Getaway Destinations you need to explore in Asia

Bali Getaway Destinations

First country you should visit in Asia is Indonesia. Talking about Indonesia, of course it is talking about one of the most beautiful islands there, Bali. Just imagine that you are about to explore the temples, beautiful beaches and scenery, unique traditions, friendly Balinese, and even the great atmosphere of your living area while spending time in Bali.

Bali Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore

Let say, just take your time to enjoy the fantastic scenery in Kuta Beach or active volcano in Kintamani. There are also a lot of shopping places you can visit along with unique and cultural products. In short, Bali is a perfect place for solo traveler, holiday with family or honeymoon. It gives you Asia natural attractions which make you love this island.

Tokyo Getaway

Tokyo Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore
Some of you love to see modernism instead of natural places. If it is so, you can visit one of beautiful places in Asia, Tokyo. Tokyo is fast growing area along with buildings, fashion shops, crowded traffic, and luxury places to stay. The good one is that Tokyo doesn’t really lose their tradition. Just take Tokyo in your holiday list and don’t forget to taste the unique flavor of Sushi. They also concern on their history and you can learn about the history by visiting popular museum and temples. Of course, they still have fantastic scenery whether in the sense of modern scenery and natural scenery.

Hong Kong Getaway

Hong kong Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore
Hong Kong is similar to Tokyo in which this city offers modern area to explore. You will see great skyscrapers, buildings, hotels, stores, and many more. You can spend a few days to explore the city of Hong Kong. Then, you can step aside a little bit and find great mounts to climb. Just take Beijing and Shanghai as two must visit places when you are in Hong Kong. Still, you can enjoy sandy beaches and it is a perfect destination for beach lovers. It is also a must for you to taste their traditional foods.

Seoul Getaway

Seoul Tourist Destinations You Need to ExploreKorea is considered as one of Asia getaway attractions and Seoul is the most popular city worldwide in Korea. Visiting Seoul is look like visiting a modern village. You can still find people who ride their bicycle for daily activity. At the same time, there are also people who drive their car around this area. It is easy for you to get luxury hotels. The ancient places and objects are also the strength of this city. Let say, you can explore the beauty and the history of Gyeongbok Palace. This palace is considered as the oldest and largest dynasty. Moreover, you can take a rest a little bit by visiting Namsan Park.

Singapore Getaway

Singapore Tourist Destinations You Need to ExploreSingapore is considered as a must visit in Southeast Asia. This is a place for those who want to enjoy urban and natural attractions. For the urban attractions, just visit specific place such as Orchard Road and little India. When it is enough and you want to enjoy natural attractions, just take your time a little bit at Garden by the Bay or Singapore Botanic Garden. For your information Singapore Botanic Garden is included on the list of Asia UNESCO sites. It is a large garden and you need to spend a few hours to explore the beauty of the garden.

Phuket Getaway

Phuket Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore
Is it possible for you to visit an unknown island and stay there for a few days? Probably, Phuket represents what you are looking for. The beaches are considered as the most beautiful beach in the world. When you are visiting one of the beaches in Phuket, it seems that you are visiting a paradise. There are at least for destinations you need to check. Those are Surin, Bang Tao, Kamala, and Laguna. These places offer you a comfortable and cozy place to stay while enjoying the beauty of natural scenery in Phuket. It is really a place to runaway for awhile fro your daily routine. Try not to use your gadget here and feel the sensation.

Bangkok Getaway

Bangkok Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore
How about if you are typically a culinary traveler? If it is so, you might go to Bangkok for your next holiday. Bangkok is offering delicious and flavorful Thai cuisine to enjoy. You can find those foods anytime you want. It will be more interesting if you can enjoy the foods while spending time at night in Bangkok. The nightlife in this area looks wonderful. This is also a place for shopaholic to shop any kind of products whether modern products or cultural products.

Manila Getaway

Manila Tourist Destinations You Need to Explore
For those who want to enjoy cultural heritage, it means you should go to Manila. This area has Asia heritage sites to visit. You are not only enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere but you can also learn something from the history or the explanation of those sites. Let say, you can visit one of the great churches in Manila known as San Agustin Church or Manila Cathedral. If you want to relax a little bit, you can change your direction to the traditional markets in Manila. Those markets sell various things which make you surprise especially in weekend. The market serves you with delicious and affordable street foods, noodles, handmade art and jewelry.

So which one of those Asia tourist attractions you want to visit this year? It will be better if you can visit all the city or area mentioned above. Each of them offers different traveling experience to you so you can learn something new from it. If you want to explore more than just Asia tourist attractions, you can also find out more about Midwest tourist attractions. Just imagine how happy you are if you can visit several beautiful areas located on the popular cities in the world. Don’t waste your time to think, choose which one you want to visit and prepare everything well.

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