The Best Historical Tour Destinations of Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Best Historical Tour Destinations of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Many people will ask why backpackers and true travelers are eager to visit a remote place with poor luxury. There is a simple reason behind it. It is the pure beauty that makes a place gorgeous and thus, travelers will not only pick a famous place only because of the sparkling light and exclusive holiday packages. Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of those precious jewels in the travel destinations. It is a populous city with a busy activity. In Dhaka, activities occur at all hours.

Dhaka will give a surprise tour experience for all travelers. It has an extremely contrast look in the urban area and village area. The split is quite wide between the old and new Dhaka. There are some rich areas with so many fancy building and residential. Meanwhile, there are also wide areas of slums. Besides, there are also some industrial areas while some others are folks.

It is also wonderful to see two contrast buildings in Dhaka. Travelers will see an ultra modern Bashundhara City and the National Parliament House in the city. In addition, shopping centers will welcome travelers with the branded products. The shopping mall is the largest in South Asia. Can you imagine that the largest shopping mall is actually in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Meanwhile, people will be stunned by the 17th century Lalbagh.

The open markets are also parts of the old and exotic parts of Dhaka. Both amazing features are in the city. Not to mention the mosques and temples that mirror two major religions of Dhaka. The museums that show the majestic Bengali culture and history will bring travelers to the golden era of the ancient Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka is located in the central Bangladesh. It covers an area of 306.38 square kilometers. Dhaka is close to the sea and has a flat land. The land is rich with tropical vegetation and moist soil. During monsoon seasons, Dhaka is like to suffer from a flood.

What about the climate? Dhaka has a humid tropical climate. The 87% annual average rainfall happens in May and October. This city increases its air and water pollution in a great deal. This is a quite serious issue in Dhaka due to the damaged regional biodiversity. Yet, if it is only for a visit in a couple of days or no longer than a week, Dhaka air pollution will be no problem.

However, this should be listed as something to cautious with in case travelers have some problems with asthma or another lung disease. Besides, travelers have to be ready with their schedules. It will be better if travelers avoid months with too much rain. In addition, travelers have to be cautious with their clothes. It is better to wear modest clothes to fit their culture. Besides, it will be recommended that travelers learn to use a proper language gesture to avoid misunderstanding.

Things to Do in Dhaka, Bangladesh

1. Lalbagh Fort

Many tourists will love to visit a majestic place that was successfully made of precious constructions materials and architecture. Yet, Lalbagh is a little different. Tourists will still love the place despite the unfinished constructions. This building is a suspended project and dream of Mughal Emperor. Some reviews say that it is a site with the history of origin. In this very site, visitors can spend 1-2 hours to learn Dhaka history in the museum.

2. National Parliament House

It is a little bit peculiar to visit this one of Bangladesh tourist attractions as part of a tour. But people have to check what Dhaka’s House of National Parliament features. The building is not a mere modern construction. It has a high-quality structure and landscape. The architecture is amazing and even, some civil engineering students and architecture scholars pay a visit just to study the magnificent look of this place.

The atmosphere is comfortable as well. Tourists can spend some time for an evening walk and enjoy some traditional foods in this area. Besides, horse-cart riding is sometimes available. It will be more enjoyable to go sightseeing with the horse-cart.

However, based on the visitor’s review, there are some issues that tourists should be cautious.

  • Tourist should leave the place before 8 pm due to the security issue.
  • Travelers should not eat and talk to the strangers around the area.
  • There are some months with too hot or humid days to avoid.
  • It is important to check whether the Parliament operates.
  • To avoid dehydration, it will be essential to bring mineral water at any time.

3. Ahsan Manzil

It is a historical place of Dhaka city. The decent architecture is charming and it is also a good site to study. Ahsan Manzil was the house of Nawab family. However, it is now functioned as a museum. Visitors will learn about Dhaka history in a pleasant way. However, some reviews mention about the hygiene issue on this site.

4. Sonargaon

It is the true picture of the gorgeous old Bengal. This site is the ancient capital of Bengal that will be a wonderful place for refreshment and study. Sonargaon has been visited and described by the historic many travelers. The famous travelers Ibn Battuta, Niccolò de’ Conti, and Ralph Fitch are some scholar travelers who described this building. This building was the center of Bengal administration in the era of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah. It takes less than an hour to reach this place from the Dhaka. Sonargaon is a great place with an ancient building with stunning pool.

Those are the most popular destinations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If travelers take a group tour, the journey will be more unforgettable. The historical sites and buildings are loveable. They are beautiful to take some pictures in. Dhaka is basically a good place for those who love to travel in a place with many historical places. Shopping centers, culinary tours, and a city tour are all fascinating in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ticket prices for various destinations are affordable. People need to only get ready to feel amazed for the cheap adventure with that invaluable experience.

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