Different Kinds of Bikes for Commuters

Different Kinds of Bikes for Commuters

Our lifestyle determines the quality of our happiness. That also applies in our vehicle choice cases. Most people believe that modern life needs modern vehicle supports. Besides, some societies rank people based on their vehicles. Many societies reward some people with high social statuses with the vehicles that they ride. However, this is not quite true. There are a lot of successful people who love different kinds of bikes more than their expensive car because of many reasons.

Normally, the idea of ranking people’s value based on the luxurious cars occurs in developing countries and even poor countries. In a more modern country and even rich countries, to adore bikes is even more stylish than to bring pollution into the street at any time. When the distance permits, biking is not shameful at all. People can even feel more proud as they live healthily with their bikes.

Bikes are the luxurious inventions of vehicles. We need to learn bicycle types in order to get our favorite one. We will live a comfortable, easy and healthy lifestyle with the right bike choices.

Different Kinds Of Bikes

When we learn about the different types of bikes, we might want to refer to the best bike for our activities. In order to get the right answers, we need to ask some questions. First, we need to ask whether we bring someone with our ride. Besides, we have to also remember what our first bike in life is. The last question is what we are going to do with our new bike.

Manufacturers design bicycles for different kinds of purposes. We need to pick special types of bikes if we want to use is for a group ride. Besides, another type of bikes is for mountain biking or cruiser biking occasions. Meanwhile, we will need to choose road bike if we want to only use it for biking to office or school.

Here are the detail lists of different kinds of bikes:

Road Bikes

This is a perfect bike to ride on smooth pavements. This bike is designed with skinny tires that will run comfortably on smooth roads. Besides, the bikes have drop handlebars that can help riders to reduce or improve their speed. We can still use it for road racing but we should better not. For giving convenience for riders to ride it at any time, this bike is lightweight.

Different Kinds Of Bikes - Road Bikes
Road Bikes

Road bikes will be awesome for a road but it is not capable of carrying a heavy load. The low side of this bike is that it will not be so convenient for unpaved trails.

Touring Bikes

For those who are riding a bike on pavement can use this type of bike as well. It is designed for everyday biking activity. It will be so much comfortable to have this bike because we can easily bring many loads on the mounting bolts available. The bikes also have cargo racks and fenders. Those who want to go on a self-supported long-distance riding will love to use this bike because it has drop handlebar that enables riders to be more upright.

Different Kinds Of Bikes - touring bikes
Touring Bikes

It will be no problem to ride this bike for multiple days. The wonderful thing is that this bike has a lower gear range that enables riders to ride up steep hills easily. Even, they can bring heavy loads comfortably. This is a perfect choice for a commuter though it is designed for touring needs.

Cyclocross Bikes

Famous with nicknames cross bikes or cx bikes, this is a different kind of concept bike that is awesome for mixed surfaces. People who live in an area with some pavement combinations, like some countries in southeast Asia will find this bike convenient. The bikes are excellent for unpaved trails, grass, and gravel road. The main design is common since it has similar handlebar just like that of ordinary road bikes. But these are different kinds of bikes.

Different Kinds Of Bikes - Cyclocross Bikes
Cyclocross Bikes

The cyclocross bikes have bigger tires for harder road traction. Besides, the bikes are also designed with special style of brake. It helps a lot to avoid mud buildup in the frames. This will be a good choice for commuters because of crucial reasons: The bikes are versatile and durable so bikers can invest well in this type of bikes. Besides, it will be a good companion for its ability to bring light loads.

Flat-Bar Road Bikes

Those who are tired with drop handlebar bikes will like this type of bike. It is Different Kinds of Bikes that will give most advantages riding on regular roads. It has lightweight frames and narrow tires. That is why it will be efficient on pavement rides.

Different Kinds Of Bikes - flat bar road bikes
Flat Bar Road Bikes

Commuters will like this bike but these bikes will be a good companion for those who want to use bikes for exercise. This type of bike is popular as a fitness bike. It performs hybrid bikes for weight loss and body fitness tools. The bikes have the space to mount cargo racks and fenders. That is the beautiful thing about this bike.

Triathlon Trial Bikes

Different Kinds Of Bikes - Triathlon Trial Bikes
Triathlon Trial Bikes

This is Different Kinds of Bikes which maximize its performance with aerodynamic properties. While riding, we might want to crouch forward for reducing the wind resistance of our body. This bike enables bikers to do stagger starts that this bike is not allowed to perform in mass-start races.

Fixed Gear Bikes

This is the bike that is designed for velodrome ride. This is manufactured specifically for a bicycle race. However, commuters love this bike because of the simple design. It is also easy to maintain.

Different Kinds Of Bikes - Fixed Gear Bikes
Fixed Gear Bikes

This bike is equipped with a single gear and the mechanism enables bikers to ride this bike without using any brake. When it is of a race, the bikes have drop handlebars. However, most commuters will like to have flat or upright handlebars for easy and more comfortable riding.

Those are several Different Kinds of Bikes that we might want to have for giving us excellent comfort when commuting. To ride a bike will not look awkward at all as we have the most stylish and comfortable bikes with us.

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