Dushanbe Trip; Weather, Destinations, and Travel Guide

Dushanbe Trip; Weather, Destinations, and Travel Guide

Dushanbe is not a popular icon in the world’s travel destinations. However, travelers have to see this place to reveal its beauty. Sometimes, the world underestimates a place only because of the unpopularity. Besides, it can be an alternative place for backpackers who love challenges. There are actually many things that will look more beautiful as people cannot search them online. In addition, Dushanbe will give a meaningful value for a traveler.

Traveling should be something private. Therefore, a good travel is something that fits what the travelers want to experience. It is their style and taste that determine the place where they want to visit. In addition, it is crucial that travelers find a tour that can give them invaluable enrichment.

Therefore, People have to go to some places that might not be listed by popular traveling planner. A good place is not the one that is famous. Sometimes, the priceless meaning of a tour is in a place that is not chosen by other ordinary travelers. A too large group tour is not good as well. Alternately, travelers can do solo traveling or leave for a place with their spouse. That will be more satisfying. For instance, travelers have to include Dushanbe in their traveling plan.

Dushanbe is the capital city of Tajikistan. It is also the largest city of this lovely country. Dushanbe was originally a popular market on Mondays. The history tells that Dushanbe was only a village. Therefore, it was named Dushanbe that means Monday in the Tajik Language and Persian Language. Only from this point of view, this city is already very pretty.

Travelers will get amazed at how the village turned into a big city. Formerly, the town was popular as Dyusambe and Stalinabad. Just like other cities with the influence culture of Russian, Dushanbe has the charm of Russian architecture. However, it remains pure as an independent capital city of a small country Tajikistan.

Exploring Dushanbe is not so hard. Rather it is challenging. Travelers will have the chance to see various destinations with charming beauty. Here are some of the things to do and visit in Dushanbe:

  • Massive Statue of Somoni

    This iconic site has no shady area so it can be so hot in the middle of a day. It commemorates the historical figure of Tajik. He was the one for whom the currency of Tajikistan is named. Some travelers find it ordinary because of the unpleasant area. The Statue is in the Rudaki beside Kohe Joma Movie Theater.

    In addition, it is easy to find the place because it is right in front of the National Library of Dushanbe. What makes extraordinary is the crown of the statue that is made of 10 kilograms of gold. People might find it a regular icon of a city because they have the same thing in their home country.

    For instance, for the Americans, this statue might be boring since they never want to visit their iconic Liberty statue. Yet, the Massive Statue of Somoni can be worth visited since it is next to a giant library and bazaar. We might want to drop by the statue and take a picture.

  • Fort Hissar

    It is a one-stop Tajikistan culture and history center. Tourists can get pleasure in the fort and madrassa in this area. Besides, it includes museums for ancient artifacts. Tourists can reach this place for 15 minutes out of town. The building has gone through reconstruction process but the original look remains pretty. It is built in the 13th century.

    How to reach Fort Hissar? It will be as easy as taking a taxi. Tourists have to tell the driver that they want to go to ‘vaghzale Hissor’. It costs 2-5 TJS.

  • Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum

    Tourists will not believe that Dushanbe city has the instrument museum. Despite the small size, it is a great place to visit while enjoying the beauty of Dushanbe. It has a vast array collection of musical instrument from many Central Asian countries. It is a good place for travelers who are interested in a musical instrument. However, for those who love to walk and enjoy a festival, folk music festivals will be a better stop.

Dushanbe is a city for pedestrians. The city will be a lovely one for travelers who love to walk. There are many places to see within one area of Rudaki streets. People can reach government buildings, embassy, and check some wonderful city landmark at the same time. Besides, it is also possible to walk the street just to feel the local atmosphere. The streets are gorgeous with old and big trees. It is shady and pleasant for everyone.

The culinary is worth to try as well. It is great to explore local foods in some recommended places such as Rudaki restaurants. Besides, tourists can feel the ambiance of Europe in the Marco Polo restaurant. The place is little but the design is enchanting. It has the cool combination of the stalactite-filled cavern with some unique tables. Though the culinary menus are not so varied, tourists will love to take some rest in this place.

The climate of Dushanbe

Dushanbe, Tajikistan is a pleasant place that is full of surprise. Yet, travelers need to pick the right months to go to this city. During summer, the temperature is extremely hot.

Meanwhile, winters are harsh in highland areas and mountainous places. Therefore, tourists have to choose the right months for the most comfort. March to May is the best month to spend some days in Dushanbe. Yet, September to October is also a good time to leave for Dushanbe. So, what are you waiting for?

What to Do in Dushanbe?

After a full day of city tour in Dushanbe, people might want to spend their night in a fancy restaurant. The nightlife of Dushanbe is not the main attraction. Besides, it is better for travelers to get sufficient rest for the next day trip to outdoor activities. They can ride a bike and conquer Pamir Highway.

Dushanbe might not be popular but it is one of the most stunning cities in Central Asian countries.

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