Step Back in Ancient Times with the Challenging Cairo Tours

Step Back in Ancient Times with the Challenging Cairo Tours

From the mysterious pyramid and the festive market of Khan el Khalili, Cairo is one of the most irresistible cities in the world. The population is more than 22 million people. Cairo is charming not only through the wonderful architecture and ancient heritage but also for the collective spirit of the people. And tourists will be able to feel the personality of Cairo people through their visible humor.

Travelers will be surprised how the pyramid can be reached easily. By riding a taxi in Cairo tour, people can pass the mosques and grand avenues at the same time. Besides, it is also easy to take a taxi and go to the 19th-century palaces. With the far away view of Giza pyramids, tourists will be able to get thrilled only by seeing the famous iconic tourist spot in Cairo.

Cairo is not only famous for its high Islamic civilization but also the prominent history with Pharaoh. There are countless movies telling the Pharaoh stories and the magical kingdom. Besides, we always love the stories of Cleopatra. Even, the history of the great Pyramid becomes more appealing with the alien and UFO rumors.

This egypt capital city is a place with wonderful education systems that invite many Moslems students and Scholars to come. It is a place that is written in the holy histories of Prophets. Today, Cairo shines brightly for its tourism sectors. Many travelers are eager to come to Cairo for getting pleasure in the tourist spots available.

This city is the northern part of Egypt, it is 165 kilometers south of the Mediterranean Sea. The location is 120 kilometers from the famous Suez Canal. Cairo is located along the Nile River; the longest river in the world.

Cairo has several different climates for different areas of its city. In the area along the Nile River Valley, the climate is a hot desert. However, the weather is very humid for some months due to the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and Nile Delta.

From March to May, the weather is too dry and extremely uncomfortable. The wind storms often occur during those months. That storm brings Saharan dust into the city area. That will not be healthy and uncomfortable at the same time. During the winter the temperate might drop to below 11 degrees Celsius. And the hottest temperature during the summer is 40 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall is rare and only occurs in the colder months. Based on the climate and weather, travelers need to pick the best months to leave for Cairo.

Preparing the Perfect Plan to Go to Cairo

Get Travel Insurance and Tour Guide in Cairo Tour

Cairo is not a dangerous city to visit. Yet, travelers still need to plan a holiday with trusted travel insurance. That way, they can go through their journey safely and peacefully. After that, travelers have to think about hiring a tour guide. In Cairo, tourists have to be cautious with the culture and language. Besides, tour guides will make all visits more comfortable. However, if travelers want to challenge themselves with a solo traveling, they can just go anywhere without any guide.

Don’t Waste Your Money in Cairo

Cairo can be an expensive city. Therefore, tourists need to always ask the price. Bargain less than half the price for getting discounts. It will be good if they are a smart bargainer. To cut the price of a taxi, tourists can use Uber. With Uber, travelers can check the rate through the application. That makes the price fairly cheap. And it is so much crucial to be very careful with people who are possibly scammers. Tourists have to say “La, Syukron” means “No, Thank You” for services and people who offer perfumes or anything.

Be Healthy in Your Cairo Trip

Bring tissue paper and toilet paper around! Most toilets in Cairo do not serve toilet paper. Instead, the toilets have a bidet shower. So, toilet papers are the crucial issue for hygiene. Besides, tourists need to wash their hands after many touches in the Cairo tours. Additionally, travelers have to keep hydrated. The hot temperature of Cairo can cause health problems if people do not drink enough water.

Exploring Cairo

Cairo has various activities, sights, tours, restaurants, and shopping attractions to visit. Here are things to do in Cairo:

  • Alexandria
    Welcome to the legendary Alexandria. It was Egypt’s capital for one thousand years. This place has the majestic atmosphere of the ancient world. It has the Roman amphitheaters and Egypt’s gateway to the Mediterranean.

    The complex has pretty palaces and catacombs as well. With the mysterious history and romantic story inside, Alexandria is surely the greatest city of the Hellenic world. The Roman and Byzantine history are visible in every corner of Alexandria. It is a great place to visit in our Cairo tour.

  • Cairo Tours of Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, Sakkara
    It is time for your dream comes true. Tourists can step back in time to the ancient Egypt. Those who love watching Indiana Jones movie will feel like having their own adventure over there. This tour includes a Cairo tour to the Great Pyramids of Giza, it includes Sphinx.

    In addition, travelers can go to the necropolis of Sakkara. The tour will end up in the former Capital of Memphis. It will be like a city tour of the historical era. The Giza Plateau is less than 30 minutes from the center of Cairo. For the first timers, this tour is a must.

  • Private Tour of Egyptian Museum, Alabaster Mosque, Khan el-Khalili
    This tour is offered from 66 USD. This tour enables people to learn about Cairo and Egypt’s history better. The Egyptian Museum has 165,000 Egyptian artifacts. In this museum, tourists will get amazed to see the treasures of King Tutankhamun. This place will make the entire Pharaoh movies properties come true.

After that, Tourists need to visit the Alabaster Mosque to get close with the ambiance of Islamic richness in Cairo. Only after that can visitors continue the journey to Khan el Khalili Bazaar.

Visiting Cairo will make people travel back in time. Many expert travelers say that a tourist will be a real traveler after visiting this Egypt capital city. The adventure is real and the beauty is pure. Cairo is a city for true travelers.

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