Experience Countless Artistic Places in Kuwait City; Of the Souq and Marine Museums

Kuwait has a fine landscape of Souq & cornice. Those who want to get pleasure in Arabic-climate beaches can visit this one of west asia capital city. – Tweet this

Kuwait is the only Gulf city that does not change its character despite the wealthy assets it possesses. The country remains humble compared to the glamorous cities around the Gulf countries. Kuwait looks still natural. It outshines the authentic Arabic feel. Besides, Kuwait is still the oasis of desert lands.

However, with the original outfit, Kuwait is captivating uniquely. It has stunning museums. Besides, it has a fine landscape of Souq and cornice. Those who want to get pleasure in the Arabic-climate beaches can visit Kuwait for sure. And not to mention the restaurants that are all superb.

Kuwait is often confused with the country Kuwait. Kuwait City is the capital city of Kuwait. Therefore, sometimes it refers to the big country of Kuwait. The capital city is the center of cultural and economic of Kuwait. Besides, all political activities are conducted in Kuwait City as well. In Kuwait City, Kuwait International Airport (Mina Al Shuwaik) will serve travelers with the best services. Besides, people can also take Mina Al-Ahmadi airport as their arrival spot.

The Climate of Kuwait city

Kuwait has a desert climate. The summer is extremely hot. The summer is in April to September. However, Between July and October, the weather is very humid. It is often unpleasant with the intense southeasterly winds. The rainfall occurs optimally between November and April. Winter is more pleasant with 18 degrees Celsius.

In Kuwait, dust storms occur as well. It happens in spring and summer. The dust storm is called Tauz. When the Tauz happens, it is recommended that we stay indoors.

The Best Time to Visit Kuwait

Experts recommend November to April is the best time to visit Kuwait. The temperatures are usually come down to 18 Celsius degrees. During night times, the temperature might be colder.

For those who are going to Kuwait in summer, some skin protection is a must. People need to avoid direct sunlight since it can be extremely hot. To get prepared better, travelers have to pack up these things in their luggage:

1. Sunscreen

The extreme heat from Kuwait’s sunlight can cause some harmful effects. People can get sunburn. Besides, it is possible that they get some skin irritation. Some report that the Kuwait heat can cause severe sunstroke.

2. Hats and Sunglasses

Even if the tourists do not want to visit the beach, they still need to walk with hat and sunglasses. It will be comfortable to take a city tour with proper head covers and sunglasses.

3. Proper clothes

Kuwait has a hot temperature. In addition, it is a Moslem country. Therefore, tourists will need to appear modest. Additionally, proper clothes will cover their bodies from the extreme heat.

4. Vitamin and Mineral Water

Tourists have to make sure that they hydrated enough during their trip. Therefore, we have to bring mineral water everywhere. After walking in a hot temperature, we can suffer from fatigue. That is why we have to also take vitamins.

Exploring the City of Kuwait

1. Tareq Rajab Museum

This museum is built in the basement of a fancy villa. It is the ethnographic museum to visit in Kuwait. What to see in this museum?

  • Musical Instruments in Glass Cabinets
  • Jewelry of Oman Silver and Saudi Gold
  • Precious Headpieces
  • Mongol Helmets and other types of prayer caps
  • The jewelry of Nepal’s goddess
  • The Enamels of Jaipur
  • The Pearls of Bahraini
  • Arabic manuscript

2. The Souq

Kuwait has a pure Arabic atmosphere. Kuwait city has the old Souq with complex products. Antique products, local ingredients, and various handicrafts are available in the Souq. Unique supplies such as the tail of ox are offered as well. The main olives and dates are the main commodities to purchase in the Souq. It is even beautiful only by visiting the Souq. The sellers are wearing traditional clothes. Some women sit on the cushions. The traditional outfit and ethnic supplies color the Souq so beautifully.

Souq ad Dahab Al Markazi is the center of souvenirs and other supplies. Tourists can buy olive oil and gold in this market. Even, tourists can only roam and snap some stunning pictures of the traditional sellers in the Souq.

3. The Kuwait Towers

Visiting Kuwait City will not be enough without visiting Kuwait Towers. It is a blue-green tower with a majestic symbol of Kuwait nation. The towers were designed by a Swedish architect. This city landmark is not so ancient yet. It was opened in 1979. However, it is one of must visit places in Kuwait city. Tourists can hang out and enjoy the observation deck. Besides, gifts shops and cafes are available on the site.

4. Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyya

This cultural center is more than just a place for education. It has rich galleries that exhibit high-quality Al Sabah collections. The collections were previously kept in Iraq museums. In order to save the precious collections, the National Museum of Iraq moved the collection this amazing place. In addition, it also shows some invaluable sculptures. Besides, visitors can see many archaeological finds from various nations. Additionally, tourists can go to an auditorium in this museum. Also, gifts shops are available.

5. Al Hashemi Marine Museum

This is a museum for the nautical fans. It has superb collections of scale-model dhows. Many kinds of unique marine supplies such as knot boards, barometers, and sextants are in this museum. This museum is a wonderful destination in Kuwait City.

Kuwait City is a simply stunning place to visit. The place is rich in museums with world-class items. Besides, it also has the gorgeous view. Kuwait is the also the city with many artistic spots. Though Kuwait seems to avoid the spotlight like many other Gulf countries, this city is still gorgeous.

People do not have to deal with hard legal procedure when entering this city. Besides, there is no security issue related to Kuwait recently. Also, Kuwait is a peaceful city. Tourists will love the way this city offers modernity inside a humble package. Kuwait city will show the world the unique side of Arabic country. Many gorgeous spots are every corner of this capital city of Kuwait.

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