Be the Witness of the Glorious Natural Wonders as Asia Tourist Attractions

Be the Witness of the Glorious Natural Wonders as Asia Tourist Attractions

To reveal the real look of a country, we need to view at least two things. We have to visit the museum for learning the history. Besides, we have to go through outdoor tours for tasting the pure appearance of a country. We often see modernity in museums. In nature, modernity can also bring positive benefit, just like what we can see on Edmonton Alberta. For instance, science will be essential in some conservatory areas. However, natural wonders will keep as they are.

Modernity might disturb the prettiness of natural wonders. But nature will find its way. So, it is necessary for travelers to check the lists of the best natural wonders of the world. Despite the ultra modernity in the tourism world, natural wonders are still the superstars. We all know that Europe has the breathtaking natural wonders in the world. But in Asia, the options are more challenging. Here are the lists from National Geography version.

Asia is a continent that has both cultural prettiness and amazing natural wonders. Visiting Asia will never be enough in one tour package only. The wide variety of countries with that rich culture is somehow only a small part of the mighty Asia. There are still countless dramatic natural sights to visit.

From the conical hills, a remarkable landscape, to the sparkling lakes by Himalayan, the natural wonders will be the most unforgettable Asia Tourist Attractions for all types of travelers.

Gokyo Lakes

Going to Nepal for an outdoor tour is surely a great decision. Hikers will know that Nepal is the core of all outdoor trekking venues on the entire planet. This Gokyo Lakes trekking is only one of the best natural wonders in Nepal. In order to get pleasure in the Gokyo Lakes, travelers have to hike to Gokyo Ri. It is 17,000 feet above the Himalaya. It will show the gorgeous perspective of Mount Everest by the deep turquoise lake.

Not all trekkers can conquer the Everest hiking tour or at least Everest Base Camp trekking. Alternately, they can take this Gokyo Lakes tour. The view is more than breathtaking. It has the enormous Ngozumpa Glacier. People call the venue Gokyo Lakes because of six lakes. Visiting the destination will be worth the time and cost.

Chocolate Hills

It is time for Philippines’ natural wonder. God must be so pleased when creating this place. The best time to visit is during the dry season. When the soil is dry, the hills will get the color from which they get their name. These hills are listed on the national geological monument of Philippines. Local legends and myths tell creative stories behind the hills. But, geologists explain that the hills are the karst rocks that eroded in harmonious positions. Not only that, the area is now the home of wonderful flora.

Mount Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu magical lakes will give travelers another blissful moment of trekking. Located in Flores, Indonesia, Mount Kelimutu never fails to give travelers challenge that ends up with amazement.

Besides, the lunar landscape looks flawless with the shimmering water. Depending on the time elapses, the water of Kelimutu lakes will change the colors magically. Sometimes it looks green. Some other times, it can appear Tosca blue or deep blue.

Meanwhile, another lake in the area can change its hue into reddish. Travelers will never know what colors will greet them once they arrive at the Crater Lake. Geologists suggest that the colors changes are influenced by the mineral-rich fumaroles underwater the Kelimutu lakes. Asia attractions can be this stunning and magical.

Zhangye Danxia Landform

This venue is popular as the rainbow rock. It is located in Zhangye, China. This super gorgeous natural wonders will make visitors really small. The area of Zhangye Danxia Landform covers Zhangye and also several other areas. This is a geological park that looks colorful due to the tectonic plates’ movements.

The sandstone creates the magnificent vistas beautifully. It has dominating red colors, blue, green, and yellow. Visitors do not have to do specific things in this venue. The rainbow rocks scenic platforms are already so much jaw-dropping.

Hang Son Doong Cave

Natural wonders in Asia cover the deep blue sea, high mountain, peculiar lakes, spectacular hills, and of course a cave. This cave is a nature-made. So, tourists should get ready to feel astonished by taking this tour. Going to Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam will be like an adventure of searching a hidden treasure. This spot was discovered not so long ago (in 1991) by Ho Khanh. He found the big cave when trying to refuge during a storm.

The cave turned out to be one of the largest and widest caves in the entire universe. However, this natural wonder still did not receive much attention. Not until 2009, the cave is opened publicly for tourism. Yet, many environmentalists question about some facilities built around the area to attract tourists. Today, this amazing cave is not for every tourist. Only Oxalis Tours are allowed. The cave is exclusive because it permits only those who receive a license to guide visitors through Hang Son Doong.

Jigoku Valley

Many people believe that the best natural wonders in Japan are around Fuji Mount. Yet, Jigoku Valley will tell something stunning. Outdoor tour lovers might want to spend some mysterious time inside a cave.

However, they might also love the way Jigoku Valley delivers the impression of a heaven. It is more than just a spot with thermal hot springs. This valley is located around Oyunuma Lake in Jigoku-Dani, Japan. The view is pretty and rich of colorful flora. Besides, tourists can experience the outdoor mineral pools. It will be a great place to take a rest. To visit this natural wonder of Asia essence is like visiting a healing paradise.

In short, natural wonders in Asia tourist attractions are the crucial superstars. Those who love Nepal can try Gokyo lakes. Meanwhile, taking pretty photos will be fun in the Chocolate Hills, Philippines. After that, Indonesia will be an awesome spot for the chameleon lakes of Kelimutu. Next, Hang Son Doong Cave is a mysterious space to witness. And if it is for relaxation, Jigoku Valley is the perfect spot.

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