Discovering the Invaluable Spots of Caribbean with the Asian Caribbean Ethnicity

Discovering the Invaluable Spots of Caribbean with the Asian Caribbean Ethnicity

What crosses your mind when you hear the Caribbean name? You might imagine a turquoise sea with beautiful sandy beach. Besides, some of you might relate it to the pirates and exotic people. Caribbean tours and cruises are amazing as well. And of course, the region is also rich in culture and ethnic. Also, this island region is unique due to the mixture of many tribes. Even, it has various ethnicities. Yet, some of them are not native to this very island. The Asian Caribbean is one of the tribes.

The Caribbean is a region that is a great tourist spot for it consists of the Caribbean Sea. It has the myth, history, and beauty at the same time. Also, it is surrounded by islands. The islands face two majestic seas. Besides the sea, the North Atlantic Ocean is also the border of this region. That is why the surrounding coast is more than pretty. The region is rich in the culture. The land borders include the Gulf of Mexico, North American, Central America, and South America. The islands somehow keep Latin culture as well the local one. It also has Asian blood inside its culture. It might be because of the sailor’s life in the past.

With the strong tourism material, it is a perfect place for both tourists and locals. The Caribbean is located on the Caribbean Plate that includes at least 700 islands, reefs, cays, and islets. Most of the islands are now developed as tourist destinations. Even, celebrities buy the islands or lands to build their own villas. They also build mansions and even palaces.

Because of the exotic view, Caribbean is one of the most visited islands for a honeymoon. The islands with the various ethnicity is a magnet for tourists. Those who are leaving for a holiday to get pleasure in the cultural richness will love the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, we can see the Chinese. Also, Latin people are other ethnic that color Caribbean culture. Meanwhile, the common Asian Caribbean add the spicy part to the beauty to its culture.

Asian Caribbean

The Asian Caribbean is a name for Asian-born people who live in the Caribbean. Sometimes, those people are the descended. Only their parents who were born in Asia. The dense population of Asian Caribbean was the result of slavery in the past era. Besides, those people came to the island as workers.

The history of Asian Caribbean noted that the people were there as part of Coolie Trade. They worked in mines and plantation area. In a more specific name, there are some Chinese, Japanese, Indo, and even Southeast Asian. Yet, they usually only have the physical appearance. Their soul, language, gesture, and lifestyles are all look alike the native.

Caribbean Tourist Attractions

It is always unique to learn about multi-ethnicity in a certain country. Indeed, there are many countries that have it. History relates the condition with trading, gospel, and slavery. The same thing occurs in the Caribbean and makes the island more admirable.

Though this topic is inviting, there is only few information from the internet. Some articles even relate it to one famous restaurant in the Dutch. It is more interesting to learn about tourism spots in this island.

The Caribbean has the exotic charm of a coastal spot. Yet, Asian tourist attractions are competing well. Even, Bali in Indonesia is once listed as a strong competitor for that island. Now, let’s compare the beauty of tourist spot in Caribbean and Asian countries.

Atlantis Paradise Island

Besides the beaches, Caribbean is innovative in creating an island into a gorgeous tourist destinations. This venue is a big area of a waterpark. It includes 141-acre of water scenic space. Besides, tourists can enjoy lagoon of freshwater. Next, a giant pond and sea creatures area will make tourists amazed. Finally, the water slide and river play area are must try.

Old San Juan

This place consists of 400 buildings. Most of them are restored. The destination offers heritage buildings from the 17th century of Spanish colonial period. The Old San Juan has the stunning elegance of European art.

Dunn’s River Fall

If tourists want to spend their time in some other water tourist destination, Dunn’s River Falls is the right choice. The waterfall is 180 feet high. The length is 600 feet. The majestic natural stairs create a terrace right under the waterfall. Tourists can spend three fun hours swimming in the small lagoons among the waterfalls.

Asia Tourist Attractions

Meanwhile, tourism attractions in Asia like Turkey and Cyprus will resemble the beauty of Caribbean. The beaches in Southeast Asia can also resemble the beauty of beaches around the islands. Besides, countries in Central Asia offer the beauty that is comparable to many spots in the Caribbean.

Turkey has the Great Dolmabahçe Palace. This palace delivers neo-classical architecture through fashionable design. The imperial interior is awesome. Besides, it is the home of national Palaces Painting Museum.

Also to the beaches in tropical countries in Asia, Cyprus also has the pretty beaches. Besides, it also offers old town with the vintage outfit. Museums and heritage buildings are stunning as well. The trace of European colonialism is in many places in Caribbean islands. Meanwhile, in the Central Asian countries, the essence of Russian culture is still dominating.

In Asia, the phenomena of multi-ethnicity are also a beautiful side to explore. There are always wonderful thing inside the human o beautiful places. It is their magnificent culture, personality, and hospitality that make a tour awesome. Yet, in Asian countries, the tribes come from the same continents. Some tribes share the same physical characters. But some have a different look.

Whether we visit Caribbean islands or Asia tourist attractions, we need to dig deep on the locals. It is the genuine warmth of the locals that can spice up a tour. The colorful tour in both places will enrich tourists with experiences. To search the art of a place through the people is a good idea. Tourists must search for insanely pretty spots. Yet, it is also crucial to learn the culture. The Asian Caribbean is one of them.

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