Baghdad is a Great 1001 Night Land for Some Reasons

World will never forget that Baghdad is the land of 1001 nights. This Iraq capital city is setting of all wonderful fantasy in the Arabian Night’s stories.. – Tweet this

Baghdad, Iraq was the birthplace of human civilization. Besides, Baghdad was also once the most beautiful place in the world. The ancient civilization of Babylonia and Assyria all took place in Iraq. No wonder, this country owns a special charm. Yet, it remains silent nowadays. The scars of the Gulf War and US invasion in Iraq are not yet healed. But Baghdad’s tourism is always captivating, especially for the backpackers.

Baghdad has the superb landscape. The view includes various climates, natural wonders, and ecosystem. And the world will never forget that Baghdad is the land of 1001 nights. It is the setting of all wonderful fantasy in the Arabian Night’s stories. Baghdad is the silent witness of the most powerful regime in the universe. This city has never been replaced. However, the notorious stories and city damages are recently the headlines.

Baghdad tourism is not so inviting nowadays. There are some security reasons why tourists are no longer inviting. However, the beauty of this city remains mysterious. Though there might be a sudden travel warning for this city, Baghdad tours will be still irresistible.

A Brief History of Baghdad, Iraq

Iraq was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1534. In 1918, Iraq was brought under British control. After that, Iraq gained its independence in 1932. In those years, there are countless radical reformation movements occurred in this country.

The histories continued until 1979 when Saddam Hussein went up the throne. The latest was the invasion of US-led coalition forces. Next, Saddam Hussein ended the regime from 2003. The war and invasion leave a severe impact on the social life, security, and tourism in Baghdad, Iraq.

The Climate

Most areas of Iraq including Baghdad have a hot arid climate. The summer temperature is above 40 Celsius degrees in average. Many will expect that Baghdad is hot in the entire year. However, the temperature can drop below freezing during the winter. The winter temperature is 21 Celsius degrees in average. Rainfall happens with maximum downpour during November to April. In summer, rain is rare. Yet, in the northern part of Iraq, summer rain might occur.

Challenge Your Courage in Baghdad Tours

Before touching the mysterious beauty of Baghdad, tourists have to deal with the entry procedure. A visitor must have a visa. Iraq authority will deport the illegal tourists that have no visa immediately. It costs 80 USD for purchasing the visa. The tourists need to wait only one hour for the multiple documents identification. In addition, tourists have to clearly state their purpose of visit.

“Visiting Baghdad will be a challenging travel for everyone.”

  • The Kindness of Iraqis
    It will be surprising that Iraqis are all kind-hearted. They will welcome strangers warmly. Besides, many people speak English and are willing to practice. Therefore, it is so comfortable to walk and go to the countryside to see the locals.
  • The Cost of Baghdad Tours
    Baghdad tour is cheap. 1 USD is equal to 1000 Dinar. For the foods, tourists need to pay only less than 2000 Dinar. Besides, for things like alcohol, the rate is also very cheap. For instance, 1 liter of Jack Daniels costs only 8000 Dinar. So, it is only 8 USD. And tourists do not have to bargain. Why is it so? All of the sellers are honest. They will not rip the buyers. Yet, it is important for tourists to bring cash. In Baghdad, there is no or rare ATM.

Things to Do in Baghdad, Iraq

We know that this city is in a serious damaged. However, there are gorgeous symbols of a grand past from this city. The great histories are vivid from the Palaces, Mosques, and many more.

  • The Abbasid Palace, Baghdad
    This is the last heritage of Abbasid Palace in Baghdad. This building overlooks the Tigris River beautifully. Besides, this Palace has a historic two-story feature. Abbasid dynasty was the Islamic empire that brought Baghdad to reach the Islamic Golden Age. Historians suggested that the building was an educational center.
  • Babylon
    Babylon is the center of Mesopotamia civilization. This is 52 miles to the south of Baghdad. We have learnt about the history in our history book. The place is founded 2300 Before Christ. It has a great access to Euphrates and Tigris River.

    This was not only the most powerful city in the world but also the most beautiful one. It once had an amazing hanging garden and other wonderful places. This area is guarded by massive wall. Besides, Babylon is also the center of culture, literature, science, and art.

  • Ziggurat of Ur
    Ziggurats are pyramid with terrace design. This is an icon of an Ancient Mesopotamia. One of the best looking ziggurat is the Ziggurats of UR. It was from the era of King Ur Nammu. This Ziggurat was built to honor Nanna. He was the patron of the city of Ur.
  • Dur Kurigalzu
    This is another Ziggurat around Baghdad. Tourist can reach this less than an hour. This Ziggurat is 19 miles west of Baghdad. This place was a glorious architecture for honoring the God of Enlil. It is a popular icon of Baghdad that is also the favorite place of Baghdadi families.

Baghdad is truly the city of drama and war. Many articles discuss about the damaged or this city. The regime might be over but the Iraqi still found it hard to stand up. Though the war leaves a bad scar in the heart of Iraqi, they are still friendly to the stranger. In addition, they never hate and too much cautious with the strangers.

Yet, tourists need to be very careful when visiting Baghdad. Tourists need to pay attention to the security systems and procedures. It does not have any active war zone but tourists need to be cautious with their steps.

Baghdad is also a good place for an adventurer, solo travlers, and backpackers. The outdoor attractions and the ancient spots are amazing. This city was the place of great civilization and the home of 1001 Arabian Night’s stories for some reasons. Besides, the natural richness is something to treasure in this city. Visiting Baghdad will give tourists a good chance to reveal what actually happens in this city. Plan your trip to Baghdad and feel the awesomeness.

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