Jerusalem Travel; The Old City with The Mixture of Beauty and Saintliness

Jerusalem Travel; The Old City with The Mixture of Beauty and Saintliness

The Ying of Asia Tour is the luxury in East Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, Jerusalem is the Yang. This is the place of sacred atmosphere. It is a spiritual site for many religions. Most people will see this city as a spiritual lightning center. It is a city that is sacred to Jews. For Muslims, this city is also an important key of saintliness. Christians even regard this city as one of the most important ones in their religious faith.

Jerusalem is a walled city that links the roots of many beliefs. The pilgrimage that leads to deep peacefulness is there in Jerusalem. Christian visitors will feel amazed when the church bells sound from afar. Meanwhile, the Islamic call to prayer will be stunning as well to listen to in this place. And the Shofar of Jewish might electrify the air with joy. All of them have been the harmonious melody of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has the special fragrance and beauty. Traveling in this very place is something that can provide not only enjoyment but also saintliness. As we enter the Souqs, we will find that that fragrance of incense can be that artistic. The fragrance of coffee and candles smoke fills some shops with uniqueness. Even from that small unique feature, we can get inspired in no time. The diversity of locals makes the journey more intense.

We will find Moslems, Christians, Jewish, and Armenians will color Jerusalem beautifully. The unending quarrels and controversies seem nothing important in Jerusalem. Today, Jerusalem can be the destination for all of the worshippers and it is safe to enter this city for everyone.

Now let’s check what is in the city!

Jerusalem’s Old City is one of the main reasons why tourists keep coming to this place. The west part of the Old City is a precious area with superb attractions. The Old City has the world-class attractions. It is a treasure that visitors have to take pleasure in. Travelers can visit Israel Museum in this area. Besides, Yad Vashem memorial is also in this place.

For those who want to taste the foods and beverage of local styles, bars and restaurants are scattered around. Yet, tourists have to be very careful. The bars and restaurants are usually full of the locals. To the east, Jerusalem complex conflicts become vivid. It is the part that is claimed by both Palestinian and Israel. We might want to visit to see the beauty.

The Tours of Jerusalem Saintliness

There are several packages of a tour that we can take to visit Jerusalem. Usually, the packages will include highlighted destinations for tourists with different religions.

The pilgrim of each of Jerusalem is precious to several different religions. That is why tourists need to scrutinize each package for a satisfying tour in Jerusalem.

For instance, Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour is the perfect one for Christians. People will be able to feel the serenity of both places instantly. It is a good escape after enjoying the bustle Tel Aviv. Jerusalem and Bethlehem are the origins of several religions. The ancient Holy Land towns will be fascinating for the Christians.

However, it will be a wonderful tour for non-Christians. The stories and histories inside those towns are so much stunning. Tourists will be able to trace their very faith while joining the tour.

Great Religious Holy Land Trip

The tour will start from Tel Aviv. In the journey, tourists will stop in the Mount of Olives. The scenic view over Jerusalem is at this first stop. After that, tourist can see the Dome of the Rock. It is a gorgeous site that people are talking about.

Prettiness of the Dome of the Rock is famous for the myth of the site where heaven meets the earth. Tourists can spend some time enjoying that amazing view at the Temple Mount Esplanade. The Old City is the main destination of this package. However, tralvellers will be amazed at the Garden of Gethsemane on the way.

In the destination, tourists will also reach Armenian Quarter. The Western Wall or Wailing Wall is right there. It is an opened synagogue for countless worshippers. After that, the Christian quarter will lead tourists to the Via Dolorosa. Most Christians will get emotional when visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They can trace Jesus steps of His crucifixion in this sacred site. 6 miles from the Old City, Bethlehem tour is waiting to explore.

Jerusalem’s Weather

The weather is predictable and makes a tour more comfortable. There are two seasons in Jerusalem; winter and summer. However, there are some weeks that feel like spring. Summer starts from May to September. Rain does not fall during summer. Therefore, summer will be a great time for a Jerusalem tour. However, the temperature will be high. The good thing about summer in Jerusalem is the pleasant air. It is not humid and dry.

Besides the tourist destination, Jerusalem is also enchanting for the foods and other culinary attractions. Israeli foods have a unique taste of fusion cooking style. There are various ethnic foods that tourists will love. One of the places that tourists need to try is The Muffin Boutique. It is a new place of muffins with super taste. The shop proudly proclaims that the muffins are “hand-made, baked fresh, by nice people”.

What to Prepare before Leaving for Jerusalem

Because of the religious atmosphere in this city, it is better for visitors to wear modest clothes. Whether people are going to Jerusalem for Christian tours or other religions, modest clothes are recommended. In addition, travelers have to behave well. All of the places are regarded as holy sites for many religious worshippers. They have to talk politely and watch their behavior around the holy areas.

Jerusalem main attractions are the religious sites. Yet, people will love to enjoy their travel as the Old City and other places have the charming beauty. Jerusalem is one of the oldest city in the world. Visiting this city will give tourists great experience as well as soul nourishment for their improved saintliness.

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