Discover the Hidden Rose City of Petra in Amman, Jordan Tour

Exploring Amman and Petra will give people a great experience. Besides, there are many other Jordan’s tourist attractions that will make the journey lasts. – Tweet this

The world is too beautiful to ignore. Thus, we have to at least explore some of the beautiful spots in the world. Besides the luxury of extravagant cities and the sparkling entertainment of ultra modern places, there are still countless destinations to explore. Amman, Jordan is one of must visited places in the world before we die.

Amman tour is famous for its Petra city tour. Petra is a rose city that has been famous for its mystery. Surfing the internet to find out about Petra, I found only a few articles that tell about its history. Many of the articles are the copies of the previous ones. The history of Petra remains hidden. No satisfying articles explore the history of this place. This is somehow the stunning charm of this place.

Many movies tell various myths inside Petra. It was once revealed in a movie that Petra was the place where a holy grail of Christ was stored. Some other movies told the audience that Petra is the holy place of Aliens. Besides, many other stories told different histories of Petra. It is understandable that some sources mentioned about the Alien when talking about Petra.

This place is super gorgeous with the high mountain stone crafting. It is hard to do so even now. In the past, the architecture should be completed with high technology and craftsmanship. Therefore, many believe that it was Alien that created Petra. Exploring Amman and Petra will give people a great experience. Besides, there are many other Amman’s tourist attractions that will make the journey lasts.

Amman’s Climate

The climate of Amman, Jordan is subtropical arid. During winter, the temperature is fairly cold around the plateau. Meanwhile, during summers, the weather is hot but partly tempered.

Average temperature of Amman and other cities in Jordan is very hot in summers. Besides, the strong and hot wind from Egyptian Desert will affect Amman sometimes. The dust and sand storms occur frequently in the spring and autumn.

So, when should we leave for Amman?

Despite the hot temperature, the best times to explore Amman are during the spring and autumn. We can go there from April to October. For tourists who are willing to enjoy their time in the Red Sea, April will be the best time. In Mid October to Mid November, the temperature will be extremely hot.

Therefore, it is not recommended to go in those months. Alternately, winter time is the best month to go enjoying the Red Sea. The temperature is cool. The day will be sunny with cool air temperature.

Packing for Different Seasons in Amman

During winter, Amman will be quite cold at nights. Therefore, tourists have to pack warm clothes including jackets, hats, and scarf for visiting Amman. Besides, raincoat and umbrella are also necessary to bring. The location is exposed to dust and sand. Therefore, a scarf is needed to help tourists covering their nose in some windy venues.

In winter, Amman, Petra and Plateau visitors have to wear light clothes and outdoor attire. The backpackers who want to sleep outdoor over night should bring a sleeping bag. Besides, a desert turban is important for the wind-bore sand and dust. In order to give comfort for the city tour, travelers have to wear comfortable shoes such as hiking boots. For the ladies, modest clothes are recommended. Shorts and miniskirts are not proper for the countryside.

Amman will Take Your Breath Away

There are at least three things that travelers can do in Amman. The tour package will usually include Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. It takes 3 nights for the Amman, Jordan’s natural wonders. The price varies from different agents. The rate is 400 USD in average. That high price will worth the world class tour of Amman.

  1. The Rose City of Petra
    This tour will include the tour guide, transportation, accommodation, and meals. The tour kicks off from the standard hotel for international tourist. The first destination is Petra Tour. This will give tourists a chance to the UNESCO listed rock city. Petra is the star among many archaeological heritages in Jordan. This is called the Rose City of Petra some the red stone color.

    Petra is approximately 3-5 hours from Amman. Before reaching the venue, tourists will have to walk through a narrow and deep siq (canyon). The siq is about 1 kilometer long. That will give amazing experience for all visitors. During the evening, there are torches along the path making the walking experience more dramatic. The hidden treasury of giant rocks with the amazing crafted surface will welcome all tourists at the end of the alley.

    It is also possible for tourists to ride a horse or camel to reach the place. In the hidden city of Petra, visitors can explore the chunk of a fantastic once-lost city. The main attraction is a giant gate of a palace. It was crafted on a high rock of 40 meters tall. Besides, there are royal tombs, temples, and amphitheater for 4 thousand spectators in this stunning place. Additionally, in the city, genius water and drainage systems were built. It was Nabatean Tribe, the genius people who built this city.

  2. Wadi Rum
    The quintessential desert of Wadi Rum will make a Jordan tour perfect. The summer temperature can be extreme. Meanwhile, the winter is cold in this area. Tourists will treasure their moment in Wadi Rum as the sun slices the canyon at dawn. Travels need to challenge their courage by taking the itinerary to sleep over the desert camp in Wadi Rum.
  3. The Dead Sea
    Visiting Amman and Jordania will be a travesty if travelers miss the itinerary of the Dead Sea. This sea is 400 metres below sea level. This is the lowest point on earth. However, the low level does not make this sea has high salinity. The extreme salinity is due to the high evaporation rate. The water of the Dead Sea is distinctively blue. During winter, the water looks smooth and clean. In addition, the weather is pleasant with not so extreme heat. Therefore, it is good to visit the Dead Sea during winter times.

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