Kathmandu List of The Intoxicating Destinations and Things to Do

Kathmandu List of The Intoxicating Destinations and Things to Do

When hikers meet on a certain site of a mountain before continuing their struggle, they will talk about many things. Some of them will share their experiences. Some others will talk about their dream place to visit. And Nepal is always the topic. It is a dreamland for all hikers, travelers, and adventurers. Nepal has the so-called exotic charm that invites tourists from all over the world. Though the rates to Nepal are not cheap at all for some Asian, especially South East Asian tourists, Nepal keeps attractive for so many reasons. Even if it is only a city tour to Kathmandu, travelers will include it on their wish list.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. This city is hard to describe because of the sacred prettiness. For all travelers, their first impressions of Kathmandu are hard to find in other places in the world. It is a place that is vividly charming. It has the colorful sights. Besides, it brings sounds and smells that rapidly make tourists feel the joy that this city offers.

Harmonious of Kathmandu

The first word that can describe this city is intoxicating. Most will hate to be stuck on the traffic-jammed alleyways. Yet, the traffic hardship in Kathmandu can be the chance for tourists to learn about this city culture and lovely ambiance. Besides, it has an old town with a rickshaw. Thus, the traffic jam can look like a destination in a series of time machine travel. After that, tourists can get amused with the medieval temples.

The harmonious look of a serene temple and the peaceful monks are the gorgeous attractions in the urban and countryside areas of Kathmandu. When backpackers enter the district of Thamel, Kathmandu will be a little exhausting yet amazing.

As the heaven for backpackers and hikers, Nepal’s Kathmandu never fails to be fascinating and perhaps infuriating. Nepal will answer all tourists want to experience in the outdoor landscape and cultural sites. Some parts of the city suffer from terrible damages due to an earthquake in 2015. Yet, the center of the city survived. Tourists can see that Durbar Square is in damage because of the disaster. However, the artistic heritage of Kathmandu remains beautiful.

Travelers need to spend one or two days just to explore the urban and countryside. The backstreet of Kathmandu keeps the hidden temples with stunning flowers such as marigolds. It is the habit of Nepal people to dry chilies and rive in the courtyard. And the small workshops along the narrow streets will make the city more appealing.

The Best Time for Kathmandu Tour

There are many iconic sites to visit in Kathmandu. Even, some travelers say that their week travel is not enough for exploring the city. Even if the tourists do not leave for hiking Himalaya, Kathmandu is still too beautiful to ignore. Besides, the city seems so pretty in all seasons. Travelers can go there at any time. However, if they want to go during a celebration or festivals, they need to pay attention to the schedule.

Nepal has four seasons. Spring is between March and May. The temperature is warm and it is moderate in high altitude. That is why, during spring, tourists can go to the mountain and enjoy the view. During spring, Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal blooms. The color and stunning look of this flowers sweep the altitudes magically.

Summer is between June and August. Summer in Nepal is similar to monsoon season. The temperature is high. In addition, it will rain every single day. Sometimes, a thunderstorm in the evening strikes and can reduce the joy of a tour. Yet, it is not a bad idea to leave for Kathmandu during summer.

Autumn is from September to November. It is surely the high season in Nepal. There are many festivals and ceremonies in this season. Meanwhile, winter is benetween December and February. The weather is pleasant with occasional snowfall in high altitude. It is a good season for trekking in lower altitude. The days feel warm and sunny while the morning and night feels relatively cold.

So, basically, Kathmandu is good in all months, depending on the destination of the travel. Yet, Kathmandu city tour can be a perfect tour during spring and autumn. Now that we have the best months for each, we can check Kathmandu city highlights:

  • Hanuman Dhoka

    A major part of this royal palace suffered from the hard earthquake in 2015. The reconstruction is still in progress. This palace was founded by Licchavi approximately 4th to 8th centuries AD. Yet, the architecture and compound were expanded during the reign of King Pratap Malla. The massive improvement was in the 17th century. When the restoration complete, tourists will be able to enjoy the gorgeous royal courtyards once more. The royal museum is also around the area. This place is named after a famous hero in the story of Ramayana.

  • Garden of Dream

    This garden is not only the most serene and gorgeous garden in Kathmandu but also in the entire universe. It takes only two minutes to reach this place from central Thamel by foot. Similarly to common heritage buildings, the gardens and other parts such as pavilions were neglected. Some parts were even damaged to the point of collapse. However, the team from the Austrian-financed team that designed and created Patan Museum brought the garden and palace back into life.

    The garden is pretty for various features in the details. It has a vintage gate and a marble inscription from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. In addition, the designer added new fountains and ponds. To the south, the hidden garden will leave visitors in amazement.

  • Indra Chowk

    If travelers are in Kathmandu, Nepal for taking pleasure in the real life and beautiful culture of the locals, Indra Chowk is the best place to visit. This place is located around Shiva and Krishna Temples. It looks like a farmer’s market with all fresh fruits and vegetables. Tourists can meet many locals and reveal the wonderful cultures of Kathmandu.

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