A New Spotlight of Astana, Kazakhstan Central Asia Holiday Destinations

Astana isn't a crowded during high season. The ancient building might be little. Yet, travelers can get many experiences in this kazakhstan capital city. – Tweet this

Astana, Kazakhstan is a new star in Central Asia tour. Kazakhstan has conducted an exhibition on airlines this year. Therefore, many flights start to open route to Astana. Even, many European Union countries now fly to Astana. However, people need to be sure that they can get what they expect when taking an international tour. Based on what the expert travelers experienced, Astana City Tour is not so recommended. However, tourists need to check whether this city will worth the price and effort.

Astana City is located on the Ishin River. This is the second coldest capital city in the world. The coldest one is Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Astana’s climate is extreme continental. The summer is warm. Meanwhile, the winter is long and extremely cold. The city river will freeze in November to April. Thus, travelers have to be cautious when leaving for a holiday in Astana in those months.

The Urban of Astana City

Astana City is the crucial part of Kazakhstan. It is a large country in the Central Asia. The country invites tourists with several different attractions. The first important attraction is the modern megacities. Astana is one of the cities. Besides, historical sightseeing sites are also available. In addition, the diversity of natural wonders in Astana and other parts of Kazakhstan are also charming.

Travelers will be surprised that this city has developed many facilities that enable tourists to take the city tour comfortably. Tourists will rarely face problems in Astana travel. Besides, the locals always welcome the strangers well. However, travelers have to learn and pay attention to the immigration procedures to make the tour more enjoyable.

Preparation of Astana, Kazakhstan Trip

Advance booking is essential. Astana is not a crowded city during the high season. However, it is important to book hotel rooms before going. Besides, we have to book the hotel prior leaving to check the rates. The high season is from April to October. We can use the online hotel booking services to compare the rates. That way, we can save in the hotel rooms prices.

How to Reach Astana City?

The easiest way to go to Astana is by air. There are now many flights to Astana or Almaty. Even those who are leaving from USA or Canada can directly land in Kazakhstan. In addition, it is also possible to reach Astana by train. Russian Trans Siberian Train will get tourists to Astana. It takes 24 hours. But, the travel will be so much unforgettable. Additionally, Astana and Almaty are reachable from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Even, people can drive from China.

In addition, naval ways are available. True adventurers will love trying this way. The western part of Kazakhstan has two ports cities facing Caspian Sea. From the city of Aktau and Atyrau, tourists can sail from Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan. Yet, the ships are all merchant ships. Thus, only a real traveler who loves challenge can take this way.

Welcome to Astana City!

Once the tourists arrive at Astana City, they have to obtain an immigration card. Tourists can get the cards from the hotels. So, they do not have to worry about it. The authority gives tourists five days to get the card. However, there are some 48 countries that are free to enter this city without any legal immigration card. Besides, Russians can stay in the city for 30 days. Astana City does not regulate the immigrants and tourists complicatedly.

Astana City serves tourists with hotels of the international standard. Proper services are available in Astana. Even, tourists can stay in a private apartment in Astana and other cities. Hotels with high quality can be found in almost all cities. In small cities, tourists can still find 2- 4 stars hotels. The prices are varied depending on the seasons. We can compare the rates easily through the online traveling site and hotel booking services.

Things to Do in Astana City

There are not many sites that tourists will love. Yet, the innovative buildings and skyscrapers are amazing. The constructions are usual. Tourists can visit House of Ministers and Ak Orda in Astana. Besides, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is also a great place to visit. After that, tourists can go to Baiterek. It is the symbol of Astana. For those who want to spend some time with magical circus, Astana circus is opened daily.

Besides the buildings, people can also enjoy religious sites in Astana. Mosque Hazret Sultan and Nur Astana are two of the places to go to. For those who love to enjoy the cultural richness, The State Theatre of Opera is the one to visit. There is also ballet show in Ballet Astana Opera. All of them are impressive. The beautiful things are still in progress.

Foods in Astana City

There are many good restaurants in Astana. We all know that Kazakhstan is rich of delicious foods. Tasty foods in Astana are made of fresh meat. Besides lamb, tourists need to try horsemeat. One of the best is Beshbarmak. There is a nomadic spirit inside this food. Kazakh culture and spirit are inside the local foods as well. In addition to the traditional cuisines, tourists can easily find other nations’ foods. Russian and Korean foods are available in Astana. Tourists have to get ready for the foods variants.

Astana is a city with warm people. The climate can be freezing. Yet, the people are warm-hearted. That makes this city lovely. The hospitable locals will welcome tourists at any time. Some people will even invite the foreigners to their house. They will serve the best foods. Traditional foods such as Beshbarmak will be served by the locals.

In conclusion, Astana is a wonderful city. The ancient building might be little. Yet, travelers can get many experiences here. It is a city with interesting urban life. The hotels are stunning. Additionally, the foods are tasty. Besides, the people are warm. The city is awesome. It will be great to go to Astana in the best seasons. We can enjoy the city tour and feel the prettiness.

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