Bishkek Tian Shan Mountain Kick off for a Stunning Hiking Experience

Bishkek is a beautiful example of a Czarist city. This Kyrgyzstan capital lies on a grid with spacious boulevards. The irrigation canals color plan as well. – Tweet this

Bishkek City is not popular as a main traveling destination. The city is green and busy. However, there are not many spots that look unique about the city. Tourists can still find various spots to visit. However, the city landscape and the architecture are ordinary. This is a city that is forgettable according to the expert travelers. Yet, the scenery of magical city landscape with the mountain backdrop can leave a deep impression. However, this is a city that travelers can drop in while taking a visa for other Central Asian country tours.

Bishkek City is a capital city of Kyrgyz Republic. It is a country with a short name. However, it is a little hard to spell. The name is that impressive because of the cultural richness of that very country. The republic is located in the Tien Shan mountain range. Bishkek is wonderful because it is located in the Chui Valley. It is a new city in the Central Asia.

Also, it has limited historical sites. This city is not famous as a spotlight as a tourist destination. However, it is a great idea to visit this city before starting hiking to the mountains of Tien Shans. Besides, those who are visiting Alpine lakes can drop by this city for some pleasures.

Bishkek City is a beautiful example of a Czarist city. This city lies on a grid with spacious boulevards. The irrigation canals color the city plan as well. The large trees and green outfit cover this city beautifully. Meanwhile, the buildings look dramatic with the marble façade appearance. On every side of the city, Soviet apartments create a typical atmosphere of Bishkek. Travelers can get so much fun in Bishkek’s nightlife.

The urban of Bishkek is surprisingly lively. The youngsters love to hang out in cafes. The cafes are not so fashionable with fancy furniture. Yet, the small cafes are enough to provide the so called warmth for them to get enjoyment. It is delightful to meet and talk with the locals. Bishkek people are friendly. They always welcome foreigners with a warm hospitality. Thus, backpackers and solo travelers will love to visit Bishkek before continuing their journey.

Bishkek City is worth the experience and visa. It is no longer a secret that Kyrgyzstan is a liberal place for a tourist visa. In the Central Asia country, this is the place where tourists can get an easy visa for various Central Asia countries. Therefore, it is a great idea to visit this city. Tourists can start their tour to silk roads from Bishkek. Besides, it is also easy to reach Astana and Almaty from Bishkek.

The Climate of Bishkek

Bishkek has a continental climate. It means the summer of Bishkek is dry. The summer months will be very dry. Thunderstorm will end the summer sometimes. However, this city of Bishkek is secured by the natural boundary of mountains.

The natural border provides excellent protection from the damaging dust storm. Meanwhile, during summer the snow storms might occur. Besides, heavy fogs frequently occur as well. Sometimes, peculiar foggy days can occur. That causes temperature inversions in Bishkek.

Visit Bishkek for its Hiking Pleasures

Bishkek City is not so interesting to pick for a city tour. However, the natural landscape is great for a hiking tour. So, it is a great idea to leave for Bishkek when the trekking season comes. It lasts in April, May, June, July, August, and September. During those months, Bishkek offers exciting regions for hiking and trekking.

Besides, people can also visit the mountains and do skiing during those months. Tourists have to remember that in October to December, the temperature can be extremely biting. The weather conditions will be unsafe for doing the hiking and trekking activities. In March to April, rainfall will downpour in Bishkek. Those months can be good choices for doing any other fun activities in Bishkek City.

Things to Do While Processing the Visas in Bishkek City?

Bishkek’s Prominent Restaurant

Besides the pretty mountains and sky venues, Bishkek is attractive for the restaurants and foods. One of the most recommended restaurants is Supara. This is a unique restaurant to visit in Bishkek. It provides professional services with the ethnic package. The attractive feature is the traditional Kyrgyz venue of the restaurant. Besides, the waiters’ attires are also special. They serve the customers with a local costume. Supara serves Kyrgyz meals. The meals are authentic. That makes the restaurants visited a lot by the foreigners. Visitors will love the original foods while enjoying their time in the comfortably furnished space.

Tian Shan Mountain from Bishkek

Besides, Bishkek will be more unforgettable when tourists take the hiking tour to the Tian Shan. This venue is absolutely the best scenic draw of Kyrgyzstan. While waiting for the visas, tourists have plenty of time to explore Bishkek. Therefore, to do the hiking tour is definitely the best idea.

The Tian Shan is located in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan. Basically, it is not located in Bishkek. However, to kick off the tour from Bishkek City is most recommended. Tourists need to only spend less than an hour to reach the nearest starting point. Travelers who are eager to do a camping will definitely love the place. Even for a soft trekking lover, this mountain is an awesome place to visit.

Travelers can easily rent a car from Bishkek to Alplager. The popular spot to visit before setting the tent is Ala-Archa Canyon. It is reachable in less than an hour. The Ala-Archa River will welcome the visitors with the superb ambiance. There is also a park with the Archa Tree around the river. After that, the tourists have to challenge themselves to walk to the Ak-Sai Glacier. Next, the Ratsek Hut of the Soviet era will give the hikers chances to climb the mountain.

There are various more venues and spots to experience in the Tian Shan Mountain. Travelers will love how they can wait for the visas with those precious hiking moments.

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