Passionate Travelers will Love Beirut, the Paris of Middle East

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We have seen so many countries with the appearance of European with Islamic culture mixtures. Turkey is one of those beautiful countries. Meanwhile, there are many countries that have the mixture of European architecture and Asian taste. We can visit Tbilisi, Georgia for enjoying the pretty acculturation. And when it is the real east meet west, we have to visit the countries in the Middle East. Well, there are several wonderful options to visit for the best tour experience. Yet, Beirut remains the most recommended one.

Beirut is a small city in a small country. Therefore, it will be possible for tourists to spend their time to travel in many places. Beirut is not so peaceful. It is a crowded city with high pollution level. In some events, it can be chaotic as well. However, tourists can still enjoy some museums in this city. Those who love to only enjoy their lazy time in a foreign city, Beirut’s restaurants and bars are available. The clubs are even listed in most Beirut City itinerary.

The Geography of Beirut

Beirut is westward into the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Beirut is 67 square kilometers. Thus, it is not a so large city. It has a rocky area of beaches.

Besides, it has sandy shores and cliffs as well. With that location, Beirut has a hot summer Mediterranean. The weather is warm during autumn and spring. Meanwhile, it is a little mild in the winter. Sometimes, rain falls in the winter. In summer, the rain is extremely rare.

When to Visit Beirut?

The hottest month is August. The coldest months are in January and February. It will be pleasant to visit Beirut in the spring. Spring lasts from April-may. Besides, it is also pleasurable to visit Beirut in the autumn months.

The months before Year End will be an ideal choice. It will be great to spend our September and November in Beirut. The weather will be comfortable. Additionally, the view will be stunning. Go arrange your holiday in Beirut from now on. The open tour and city tour to Beirut has opened this month.

Beirut’s Urban; The Paris of Middle East

We all know that Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world that owns a charming culture and art. However, little do people know it has the prettiness that mirrors the wonderful Paris. The tourists even love the atmosphere of Beirut that looks like Miami. Some of the passionate travelers call it as a “Bey”.

Beirut has the gorgeous Portland ambiance. Instead of inviting the tourists with the glamorous look of night clubs, it offers an enchanting atmosphere through wonderful places and the breeze of its shores.

National Museum of Beirut

This is the main cultural institution of Beirut. Thus, visitors must include this in their itinerary. The interior and exterior designs of this museum are impressive. In addition, the displays are all stunning. Besides the archeological artifacts, tourists can find a wonderful exhibition of Lebanon history.

Most of the time, museums delivers history in a very dark way. In this museum, the history is delivered in an entertaining way. It shows how the Lebanese civilization made their home in that country. Tourists have to stop in the Phoenician gilded bronze figurines in the museum. It is the most photographed item in that beautiful museum. The figurine was found buried around the obelisk temple at Byblos. It is part of the main spotlight of marble statues from 6th BC.

What is so special about this museum is the advanced technology on the display. Tourists do not need to use a museum tour guide. The system allows a visitor to use an iPad so they can learn about each collection right from their headset. Visitors can scan the codes on the pieces of collections and get the explanation instantly. Visitors can bring their own headphones.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy a documentary movie at the audiovisual room. The service operates between 9 am and 4 pm, hourly. In order to use all of those services, visitors need to leave their passport at the receptionist desk. This museum will be a one-stop amusement for a history lover.

St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Of Beirut

The church was built in 1767. During the civil war, the church was a target of an attack. Bombing and shooting ruin some parts of the church. The building was initially a church. Yet, today it is a museum. It contains the trace of a war and a great church architecture.

The Byzantine mosaic floors are the beautiful attraction of this museum. Besides, in a certain part, there are some tombs around the museum. Despite the old look, this museum also has a good documentary facility. People can enjoy 7 minute documentary in English. Those who are speaking French and Arabic can also learn the history easily with the informative Cathedral history from the documentary movie.

Planet Discovery in Beirut

If tourists are tired with some natural wonders and museums, this place is a must visit in Beirut. This place will give education stimulation with a very fun activity. Yes, we can still call it a museum. However, this museum will give a different show. It is an interactive museum for kids of three to 15. One of the most attractive features is the soap bubble display. Besides, a puppet show is also a wonderful show to enjoy. It only shows on Fridays and Saturdays at 4 pm and 5 pm. Visitors need to note that date so they can get pleasure in the show. The puppet show charges an additional cost.

After visiting Beirut’s Museums, travelers need to take a deep breath. Beirut has a special place that serves more than a lunch food. It has Makan. Located on the ground floor of Baffa House, this small restaurant has a special lunch buffet with the flavor of Lebanon and Sri Lanka. The interior design is extraordinary. It is a green restaurant with a jasmine scent. We can sit among some plantations. The planters are designed to provide the feeling of a garden. Beirut has some of the secret places like one. It is waiting gracefully to be explored.

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