A  Warm and Romantic Evening in Limassol, Cyprus

A Warm and Romantic Evening in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, also popular as Lemesos, is an enchanting city in Cyprus. This is on the southern coast of Cyprus. Limassol is the capital city of Eponymous District. Despite the shabby look and the slow development, Limassol a precious tourist spot. It is listed as number three for a city of the tourist’s favorite by the popular traveling portal. In addition, Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey ranked it in number 87.

Lemesos is also full of character. The ancient Limassol of Cyprus had a deep connection with European countries and Ottoman Empire that once ruled this city. Similarly to other cities that have the root to European and Turkey, Limassol has beautiful castles. The historical story radiates through the old lanes in many villages. Even, the urban part of Lemesos is pretty due to the lane. Tourists will love to spend a lovely evening in the lane.

There are shuttered houses with lovely appearance along the lane. Besides, modern boutiques and cafes are scattered around. Limassol is also a lovely place to taste delicious foods of unique restaurants. Spending a night in Limassol is also pleasant because of the fancy bars. This place indeed has a wonderful beach with stunning coastlines. However, this city is a place for those who want to explore more than a sea.

The Wonderful Evening That Lasts

Thank God that this month is still the great time for visiting Limassol, Cyprus. The tourist season lasts from April to October. Flights and hotels are available. So, tourists do not have to worry about initial booking. The attractions and restaurants will be so ready to welcome tourists from all over the world. And the good news is that festivals will make our holiday busy. Yet, we have to get ready with the higher rates. In addition, many places will be full of crowds.

The pleasant weather in Limassol lasts for two months; September and October. In August, the summer heat hits this city hard. Cyprus is the coast of Middle East and the weather can be extremely hot during summer. Even in the autumn, the weather can hot. However, the most beautiful season for an outdoor trip is during the spring. Everything looks refreshing in spring. The skies are gorgeous with turquoise blue color. The green view around the coastline makes it comfortable to take a walk or ride a bike (read also: different kinds of bikes).

A flock of birds migrates beautifully crossing the clear sky of Limassol in spring. Flowers bloom and the air feels so romantic. To leave to Cyprus and visit Limassol for a honeymoon tour in spring will be more than unforgettable. Meanwhile, winter is not a common tourist time in Lemesos. However, it there will be a rare chance to enjoy skiing during winter.

A more festive ambiance is during the Greek Easter. It is a big celebration of Orthodox worshipers based on their distinct calendar. The events are colorful through all villages. However, the most joyful festivals are for Muslim celebrations.

Activities in the Pretty Limassol

Cyprus main tourist spot is beaches. So, tourist should take their time to get relaxed on a beach. They can sip the refreshing beverage while waiting for the sunset in the beach cafes. Limassol is a slow city, it is the place where people have to enjoy their moment. So, tourists have to a stroll to many places. For instance, tourists have to try strolling on the “Molos Promenade”. It is a seafront port besides the Old Port and Limassol Marina. The sea view is superb. Tourists can spend several hours in the Old Port.

After that, we need to go to Limassol Castle. It is located nearby the Old Town. Next, Anexartisias Street is the next stop. It is time for shopping. And when our legs are tired, we need to head to the Saripolou Square. This venue has luxurious bars and cafes.

Limassol is the classic city that is rich in the Kingdom Amathus archeological site. Tourists can trace the grand and royal history of Amathus. Only after that, can the visitors take a peaceful walk on the Eucalyptos Park. Though it is good to only pick one beach in Limassol, Dasoudi can be another alternative after the Old Port.

If tourists visit this city in September, they will need to visit Limassol Wine festival. If it in February or March, the Limassol Carnival will make the tour more colorful. And if tourists have sufficient holiday duration, they will love to visit historic sites such as The House of Achilles and The Altar of Appollo. The Cyprus ambiance is intense in both places.

Now, Let’s Check Some Restaurants in Limassol

  1. Mayirio Sykaminia
    Many tours are memorable because of the view. Some serve bad foods. But in Limassol, wonderful view and tasty local foods are both excellent. The daily menu lists are written on the blackboard on the wall of this restaurant. The restaurant writes the menus down in Greek. But don’t worry, the restaurant’s waiters will help the visitors to get the explanation in English. The interior decoration looks classic with paper tablecloths. The ancient pictures of Limassol on the wall make the venue warmer and cozier.

  2. Karatello
    The aforementioned restaurant is fabulous in the interior. Meanwhile, Karatello looks stunning with its stylish outdoor terrace. It serves traditional tavern foods. However, those who want to taste modern foods can also visit Karatello.

  3. Artima Bistro
    This restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean foods with a fashionable outfit. The menu resembles Italian cuisines. Therefore, tourists will easily order pasta in this restaurant. Besides, sushi and seafood are available. This place is cozy in a luxurious way. It plays jazz music that makes the ambiance more appealing. Not to mention the modern interior of its indoor venue.

Lemesos is the perfect place for those who admire a slow and relaxed holiday. It does not offer extravagance nightlife. It does not hold a world class event as well. But the original culture and warm venues around Limassol captivate the tourists naturally. The beaches, historical sites, and restaurants in this city are simply astonishing.

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