Long Beach Attractions and The Premium Beauty of Asian coast

Long Beach Attractions and The Premium Beauty of Asian coast

When it comes to a holiday, Long Beach California can be an awesome alternative. Long Beach is a city on the Pacific Coast of USA. Long Beach is the second largest city in Los Angeles metropolitan area. Los Angeles is the city where dreams are chased and world-class movies are produced. California is also the center of world’s attention for actors and actresses of famous movies. However, California is relatively ordinary, except for the Los Angeles. Long Beach attractions are stunning factors of the beautiful Los Angeles.

That is why, when we are planning to explore California, it will be great to only pick Long Beach. This city is never boring since there are countless activities around a beach. There will be more than a sunbathing and sightseeing. This is a city which shows that ocean delivers music to the ears.

Long Beach Attractions: Arts and Culture

Not only art fans but also every visitor will get amused by visiting arts and cultural exhibition. A breathtaking coast view is an additional attraction. You will love how Long Beach Performing Arts Center shows a musical masterpiece. Symphony and orchestra will be the stunning sound of the million-dollar ocean view from the top of Beach Museum of Art. After strolling and getting overwhelmed by the view, museum café and gift shop are the next stop. Architecture lovers can also explore the eclectic East Village District.

The terms Long Beach often refers to many places in the world. It can be the pretty city in the Los Angeles. Sometimes, it literally means a beach with long lines. And there is even an area of a private housing estate in a prestigious place in China that is called Long Beach.

Phu Quoc Long Beach, Vietnam

Long Beach California is definitely not the only long beach in the world. There are many other options that we can pick if we want to get pleasure in the same enjoyment. For instance, the view will be more exotic as people enjoy Phu Quoc Long Beach Attractions. This beach literally has a long line. It stretches almost 20 km on the southwest coast of Phu Quoc Island. The center of the tourism is in the main town, Duong Duong. Tourists can stay in hotels, spend luxurious time in the resorts, and taste the special courses at the cafes and restaurants in the area. Meanwhile, the quiet corner is at the south part of the beach. This area is quiet and it will be exotic in a serene way.

Phu Quoc has yellow sand which looks exotic as well as mysterious. The long coastline with blue and clear water appears so much appealing with that yellowish sand. Besides, the sea water is warm due to the temperature. The beach has the look of typical beach that all tourists dream of. The beach is lined with coconut trees. The breeze is mild but continuously offers the ambiance of a tropical country. The best time to visit is from November to April. It is the dry season when the sea water is clear and beautiful. In the rainy season around June to November, the weather is sometimes nice. However, the water is thicker. The Phu Quoc is most romantic when the sky is blue and the water is clear. It will be the best venue for a dramatic photo shoot.

Phu Quoc is only one venue of an amazing beauty of South East Asian beaches. The countries in Southeast Asia are prominent for the hidden beauty. The world might love the nomadic and sacredness of countries in the central Asia. Meanwhile, East Asia offers extravagance city tours with the skyscrapers and modern nightlife. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia has the humble paradise that is famous for the magnificent view and affordable rates.

Things to Go in Southeast Asian Countries:

There are of course various versions of the best things to do in Southeast Asia. Today, we are going to review the list based on a famous magazine of Reader’s Digest. Here are the places to visit before we die.

  • Temples Tour at Bagan Myanmar: this admissible tour includes a view of thousands of temples in Bagan plains. There are more than 2,000 temples it on the plains. It is the trace of the royal kingdom of Pagan that used to have at least 13,000 temples.
  • Angkor Archaeological Park Cambodia: The massive size of the temple is enough to make it amazing.
  • Food of Penang Malaysia: The blend cuisines of Indian, Chinese, and Malay are all available in this place. It is the heaven of Asian culinary tour.
  • Bromo, Tengger, Semeru National Park, Indonesia: This location has a series of natural landscape with an unearthly view of a ring of fire. The sunset in which is unmatched with other places on the planet.
  • Luang Prabang, Laos: It is another natural wonder to enjoy in Southeast Asia. It has colonial architecture, wonderful city, and remarkable waterfall.

Fun things to do at the beach:

Besides building the sand castles, we can actually do many fun things at the beaches. We can go fishing and so we get a relaxed time to contemplate. After that, we can collect seashells and create something cute with them at home.

Next, we will love to do a picnic with the loved one. The possibility is unlimited when it is for a beach game. Besides, it is also fun to simply read a book while enjoying a pineapple juice. And playing the splash in the surf is never dull.

Asia Beaches

We all know that the Southeast Asian beaches are exotic and virgin, but other parts of Asia beaches are totally amazing. Here is the list:

  1. Baros Island, Maldives
    This beach is one of the prettiest honeymoon beaches in the world. Baros Island is the beautiful part of North Male Atoll. It is a perfect place for a water sport and diving.
  2. Jeju Island, South Korea
    This is a paradise of East Asia. Some regard this beach as the Hawaii of Asia. The beach is shallow with yellow and white sand. It is a wonderful spot for swimming.
  3. Akajima Beach, Japan
    During summer, this beach is the center of attraction of tourist for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking (read also: types of kayaks).
  4. Havelock Island, Andaman Island, India
    This venue offers a stunning experience of seeing the rustic island life of Andaman Island.

Whether it is in Long Beach California Attractions, Phu Quoc Long Beach, and other places, traveling is always soul enriching.

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