Best Asia Tourist Attraction in Kinabalu City

Best Asia Tourist Attraction in Kinabalu City

Kinabalu City which is the capital city of Sabah is also renowned as Jesselton. The town which is located in East Malaysia contains population of 452,058. This place is popularly known as KK both by domestic and foreign tourists. Locals also often called this state as Api-api and it offers various kind of tourist destination for travellers.

Due to its high popularity, travellers commonly choose to visit Kinabalu City previously before other places in Sabah. There are a lot of interesting places and activities to do when visiting this state. Some of famous Asia UNESCO sites even can be found in this place. These tourist destinations is recommended places to visit whether it is first time or not, enjoy it!

Gaya Street

Asia Kinabalu City Gaya Street Tourist Attraction
One of most popular spots in Kinabalu City among travellers. Gaya Street becomes an interesting place to explore on foot. Encounter a lot of shops that will bring you back within years to feel strong nostalgic atmosphere. Small daily business such as barbers, grocery shops, and even coffee shops in traditional style are easily found in this iconic street. This looks contrast with modern restaurants, cafes, and banks which also built in this area. Staying in his place will be easy since there are numerous hotels which easily found in this location. Even attractive heritage hotel called Jesselton Hotel is also situated in this area which comes with a number wonderful history.

Sabah tourism board for the tourists is known to take place somewhere in the old colonial buildings of this place. Sunday becomes the best time to visit Gaya Street since there will be Gaya Street Sunday Market which is available for 6 am until afternoon. Many sellers will crowd the street and they offer various kinds of items such as clothes, souvenirs, foods and other unique items in cheap price. Explore this street in morning and have a stop at nearest old coffee stop and continue visiting others Asia natural attractions.

KK Waterfront

Asia Kinabalu City KK Waterfront Tourist Attraction
KK Waterfront happens to be one of well-known places in Kinabalu City. This is a popular place to hangout and spends the leisure time since it provides both fun foods and entertainment.

This place is also famous with its beautiful sunset view. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, and pubs which has outdoor seating fronts so that tourist can enjoy the beautiful sea from this place. Since this spot is highly popular, Kinabalu City now opens new KK Waterfront 2. This place offers wide array of interesting spots to visit such as clubs, cafes, and bistros.

There is also famous Hard Rock Café which established in Kinabalu City since 2015. When visiting this tourist spot, better to enjoy the view around 1 or 2 hours by walking around KK Waterfront. The ideal time to visit KK Waterfront is actually at 5.30 pm so that’s perfect for catch beautiful sunset which perhaps cannot be found in other places. Hence, it is not surprising if KK Waterfront is considered as recommended Asia getaway destinations. Keep in mind that the sun in Sabah sets around 6.00 pm so don’t miss it!

Kinabalu City Handicraft Market

Asia Kinabalu City Handicraft Market Tourist Attraction
The place which is previously renowned as Filipino Market becomes one of the most visited spots in Kinabalu City. Visiting this place will give you an unforgettable experience which is different with common commercials markets. This market mostly offers small decorative objects, particularly special pearls from Sabah. Many rows of stall interest visitors to explore it where every corner of it will show anything associated with Sabah.

Kinabalu City Handicraft Market also becomes a great place to find unique souvenirs with cheap prices. It does not require to pay anything when just walk around inside except to hunt something for buy. The place which also becomes one of Asia heritage sites, is better to be visited before lunch time.

However, in late afternoon, this place can be quite hot and humid at inside. Near from Kinabalu City Handicraft Market there’s also KK fruit market and salt fish market, find all daily needs here!. In addition, for get several dried seafood, this place is best option to stop in Kinabalu City. It’s serve with Exciting prices!

Borneo Art Gallery

Asia Kinabalu City Borneo Art Gallery Tourist Attraction
Kinabalu City maybe doesn’t offer many options which can beat the amazing quality of natural attractions on grand canyon tourist attractions. However, KK still has some of them. Something natural with turn interesting by enjoying the artworks offered by this beautiful town. Borneo art gallery is one of most recommended place to visit for those who love art.

Know the different side of this city with stop in this gallery. Borneo Art Gallery will serve many various kinds of unique artworks, with free cost!. The gallery which takes place on the second story of the Asia City. Complex closer to the Cititel Express KK Hotel exhibit the collection from the greatest artists in Sabah. Borneo Art Gallery also include the paintings from the next-door country’s artists such as Indonesia and Philippines.

The most interesting part about this place is not only can enjoy the artworks, but they are available for sale. Hence, Decorate your house to have more unique looks with hunt some paintings from this place. This gallery is free of charge and it is available from Monday to Saturday at 9am – 9pm. While in Sunday and public Holiday, 9am – 3pm is the best time visit of the gallery.

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