Of the Souq, Bivouacs, and Ultra-Modern Urban of Qatar

Qatar is not only beautiful city, It is the place where gorgeous villages are preserved. The villages’ natural look will make the tourists amazed. – Tweet this

To travel in Qatar will make tourists feel like home. This land knows that travelers all want to feel comfortable in their journey. In addition, their hospitality makes the tourists never be a stranger in qatar. Tourists will be able to feel the mixture of modern infrastructures and warm hospitality of priceless cultures in Qatar.

Unique experiences are in all corners in this land. Travelers will have new stories as they are home after several days of Qatar traveling. In this bahrain neighbor country, almost all traveling destinations are offered with a unique package. For instance, travelers can enjoy special foods by a street restaurant with classic designs. Also, people can eat together with the locals who wear their white Kaftan and head scarf.

Besides, This one of asia exotic country is the land of ancient cultures. Additionally, delivers an authentic soul and atmosphere. Qatar, with its spirit of vision, has let the world know that the glorious past creates a contemporary vision. It inspires the world through its super fast development, modernity, and humbleness.

The Urban Atmosphere of Qatar

There are several big cities that tell a lot about Qatar urban. However, Doha will be the best place to visit. Next, tourists will be able to feel the ultra modernity in this big city. Doha is the Capital city of Qatar that offers white houses and mosques. Besides, the coastline of Doha looks luxurious with the palm trees and garden. Doha takes it seriously when it is for an aesthetic design. The ultra-modern buildings never reduce the prettiness of this city.

The cities are full of museums. There are various museums to visit. Tourists can spend a great time in Museum of Islamic Art. In addition, Museum of Orientalists and Museum of Modern art are available. And visiting this country will be perfect as tourists take a walk in the souq of the old town. They can shop souvenirs or simply take a walk in the souq. For the most satisfying tour, travelers have to go to The Pearl artificial land. In the island, the visible wealth of Qatar’s served.

The Suburban and Villages of Qatar

Qatar is not only beautiful to the city. It is the place where gorgeous villages are preserved. The villages’ natural look will make the tourists amazed. It has a quite huge split between the futuristic Doha and the green mangroves in the seaside villages.

The best time to visit

Some travelers have to struggle hard for making their schedules fit the best time to visit a place. This is so because the best time to visit some countries is totally different to the holiday season in our hometown. Therefore, it is necessary to really plan the traveling well. Travelers have to search for the information and make it work. It is often difficult to do so.

In addition, high season is not always the best time to visit a country. Those who want to make their travel unforgettable and more personalized need to pick the right time as well. Besides, they need to get prepared perfectly for making their visit more priceless.

June to October is very hard. In those months, the temperature is extremely hot. It will be up to 50 degrees. The humidity is high as well. The reliable traveling site recommends that travelers go to Qatara between November and April. The temperature is milder and the weather is more pleasant. So, Year-End holiday is like to be the best time to visit Qatar. If tourists do not want to be in a crowd, they can pick some weeks after New Year.

There is nothing too complicated that travelers have to prepare for Qatar traveling. People need to get ready for the temperature and the excitement. Besides, this one of Saudi Arabia neighbor country serves free visa for many countries in the world.

Things to Do in Qatar

There are several cities and places to visit in Qatar. Al Khor is one of them. It has a wonderful park and mosques. Besides, Zubara is also a great place to enjoy. Meanwhile, Dhakira will be the special place for those who love fishing. And it is always fun to do outdoor activities by the beach. Even, Qatar has a beautiful place for diving. The island Shara’o will be the perfect place for diving.

Throughout the territory, Qatari is so stunning for the mosques and forts. Visitors can learn the precious history and high-class art of this country through the architectures. Throughout the territory, Qatar’s so stunning for the mosques and forts.

A Safari in Qatar

We all know that this magnificent country is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world that has a vast area of deserts. The desert takes 80% parts of the country. Yet, the desert is not a disturbing area at all. In Qatar, there are many bivouacs in the desert that tourists can do water sports.

Sailing, kite-surfing, and bathing are all possible to do around the bivouac. Travelers can contact a reliable tour and travel agent for a specific tour of Qatar safari. The treks will include 4WD rides around the deserts.

Additionally, travelers can take a walk and visit crafts market. Besides, high-quality pottery, drawings, and paintings with unique local art are offered through some traditional shops. In addition, jewelry products such as necklaces, gold bracelets are all created with magnificent art.

Traveling to this country is comfortable since there are many airlines serve tourist destinations. Even, this wondrous country has Qatar Airways, which is one of the best in the world. To do a city tour, travelers can pick SUV car. Qatar’s awesome but the public transportation services. Tourists cannot find many options of public transportation. Taxis and car rentals are recommended.

Officially called the State of Qatar (Arabic: دولة قطر Dawlat Qatar), this country definitely the spectacular place to visit. It has a perfect city tour, natural landscape, and cultures. Besides, it also conducted several important festivals and world-class sports events. Tourists can check the schedule so they can visit Qatar and witness the awesome events at the same time. This country has the luxury of the first world. As one of asian country, Qatar is truly a one-stop country for adventurers and fun lovers.

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