Never Exlcude Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) from Your Iran Traveling Itinerary

Never Exlcude Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) from Your Iran Traveling Itinerary

Going to a vacation is not only an enjoyment but also a precious soul-nourishment. People cannot simply spend their whole time for business and money. Sometimes, a joyful tour can be more precious than money. Therefore, it is necessary that we have at least annual planning for a trip. For some reason, it will not be easy. But the vacation will be worth the struggle and cost. Most of the time, a luxurious place with comfortable facilities will work for providing some refreshment. However, sometimes a place like Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) is the one that we need to feel the real vacation value.

Persepolis is an ancient place of Iran. The city was the magnificent capital of old Iran Kingdom. During the Achaemenid Empire, this place is the ceremonial capital. In this site, Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) stands. It is a building that was constructed during Darius reign. The place was the center of ritual for about 50 years. The information related to the history and culture of this city is engraved on the walls throughout the place. The stone inscription mentioned about the founder and stories behind the city.

The city name was “Pārśa”. That literally means “the city of Persian.” Next, Greek called the wonderful city Persepolis. It simply means Parse Shahr. The building is called so because it is the symbol of King Jamshid Kingdom of Iran. With all the beauty, stunning art, and majestic history, this building has been listed as UNESCO global heritage since 1979.

The Geographic Location of Persepolis (Takhte-Jamshid)

This amazing place is in the capital city of Farse. We can reach it 10 km north of Marvdasht. From Shiraz, it is located 57 km. It is 1770 meter above the sea level. The place is indeed in a gorgeous location of mountains and plain. In the East Side, Kuh-e Rahmat stands. The other three parts are the Marvdasht plain.

Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) is 445 meters to the west. It is 300 meters to the north, 430 meters to the east, and 390 meters to the south. The length of Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) equals to the Acropolis in Athens. However, the Takht-e Jamshid is larger since the width is five times bigger compared to Acropolis.

The Magnificent Beauty of Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid)

What is so pretty from an ancient heritage is not the beautiful architecture and anything. It is the genius idea in each detail. We will feel like a small human as we enter that huge and amazing site. People from 518 BC could create that great artwork for some simple reasons; entertainment and celebration. If it was possible for the genius era to do so, the world is more than what we expect. That kind of feeling will be good to motivate us for working better. We will get some inspiration as we visit the Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid).

Archaeologists found some evidence that shows this Persepolis date. The oldest part is from 518 BC. The construction began from 25 centuries ago. The building starts from the Kuh-e Rahmat (The Mountain of Mercy). The founder was Darius the great. Yet, the construction was never fished in one king. The successors continued the construction.

Architecture and Construction

The beauty of Persepolis is awesome because of the culture mixture. The construction styles are from the different nations under the reign of Achaemenid kings. Therefore, it has the prettiness and unique nature of Assyrians, Urartuians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hindu, and even Scythians.

The building is also spectacular due to the strength. The building stands in the area for centuries. Yet, the pillars of the gate remain strong. Sad Sotun palace in Persepolis survived various natural disasters such as earthquakes. The construction is surely wonderful. When we arrive and the place, we will see that the building is a set of architecture. But the fact says on the contrary.

The building of Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) consists of a fragment. The architects mounted each part so it survived a big earthquake. A thorough research reveals that the construction includes the join part of some fragments. The stability of the building to resist earthquake is due to the basic foundation strategy. The designers made two pieces of pillars connected using the molten lead.

Building of Persian Imperium Symbol

It must a genius kingdom full of genius architecture that could create such amazing masterpiece. And the fact is that the complex was not the center of a kingdom. The empire designed the place for creating majestic atmosphere. It was the symbol of an empire. In addition, it is a place for celebrating special events. We can conclude that the place is the entertainment center of the empire. How superb!

When visiting Iran, this Persepolis tour is a must. Tourists will like doing a crime as they miss this wonderful place. This is a tour that will leave an experience of a lifetime. Here are some tips to enjoy this tour:

It is necessary that tourists are informed. Travelers will love to explore a place like Persepolis even if they do not know what it is about. However, it will be more exciting if they know the history and some of the building parts. The tour will be different and more enriching when the travelers know the detail information about it. It is possible to hire a tour guide. Yet, to go to this majestic place out of the dark is not a brilliant idea.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to this place is during the spring or summer. The summer heat will be uncomfortable. Therefore, get ready with a proper clothing and head cover. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats are a must.

We need to also find some important spots to visit in the Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid):

  1. The Tomb of Cyrus the Great
  2. The Tombs of Artaxerxes II
  3. The huge complex of Persepolis ruins
  4. The immortal army reliefs
  5. The Tachara complex
  6. The Palace of Hundred Columns

There will be a feeling of amazed and overwhelmed when tourists visit this complex for the first time. Persepolis (Takhte Jamshid) was the symbol of a royal empire of Iran. The greedy and merciless revenge ruined the spectacular creation. However, we can still get pleasure and learn from the genius art of this destination.

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