Budget Plan For a Trip to Asia

Budget Plan For a Trip to Asia

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. Asia consist of a lot of countries with diverse cultures and attractions. Since there are too many countries in Asia, it is almost impossible to visit each countries. But, it is quite possible to visit few countries in one single trip, for example, Southeast Asia countries. If you look at tourist guide, you will see that Southeast Asia has several places which are known as famous Asia tourist attractions. Southeast Asia is also the most popular route for backpacking because it is so easy to travel overland crossing from one country to the others.

For novice backpackers, Southeast Asia is the perfect destination to start travelling. In Southeast Asia regions, you can meet other people who are travelling on a budget, the costs are relatively low, the people are friendly with the tourists, and there are numerous tourist attractions including the natural attractions and the heritage sites which will make you feel awe and speechless.

List of Planning for Travelling in Asia on a Budget

Planning for Travelling in Asia on a Budget

If you have interest to go travelling in Southeast Asia, here are some tips to visit few countries in cheap price, Have a look!

  1. Understanding the local currency

    Surely when you visit one country, you will do a lot of financial transactions during your stay. Therefore, you must understand about their local currencies, for example, Baht in Thailand, Ringgit in Malaysia, Rupiah in Indonesia, Kip in Laos, Dollar Singapore in Singapore, etc. For your information, there is one country that use US dollars as its currency. That country is Cambodia. However, they only accept crisp bills without tears for financial transactions, so you better prepare crisp bills in your wallet to use in Cambodia.

  2. Keep some cash

    Since you are going to travel to several places, you may not find ATM at the place you visited such as in Asia natural attractions places. So, it is recommended to always keep some cash with you. Separate your cards and keep one as your backup just in case you get robbed or you meet problem with local ATM machine. It is recommended to tell your banks that you are going to travel overseas and ask them whether they have a policy to send a new card to foreign countries.

  3. Browse the airfare

    The airfare is the most expense of your trip. That is why we encourage you to check the airfare from times to times. The flight companies often offer low prices for limited amount of seats. It usually happens out of holiday seasons. Days of the weeks also affects the price of airfare. The price will increase if you fly on the weekend. The ticket prices usually are reduced on Tuesday and Thursday. Changing the departure flights may cost you some money too. So, you better check out whether you have to transit and change the flights or not.

  4. Traveling slower

    When you travel over the mainland of Southeast Asia, there are various types of transportations you can choose. Airplanes is still the most expensive transportation, but the tickets are considered very cheap compared to local airfare in America. The price depends on the frequency of flights on the regions you are visiting. If the regions have Asia getaway destinations, the flights usually offer cheap price since they have frequent flights to go there. The train tickets are less expensive, and the buses are the cheapest transportation modes over the mainland.

  5. Hostel vs hotel

    Hostel and hotel in Southeast Asia is fairly inexpensive in general. There are not much different between hostel and hotel. But, if you concern with your personal space, hotel can be your best choice of accommodation. To save more money, select the overnight trains so you can cut one night accommodation on your budget.

  6. Street foods are better

    Large cities will cost you more money for almost anything including the foods. Beginners usually choose restaurant for the sustenance. However, don’t be surprise if you spend plenty for foods. Street foods are better to keep you stick to the budget. They are delicious, faster, and it’s kind of adventure to find delicious street foods. Not like the restaurants in United Kingdom tourist attractions where you are not allowed to bring your own water, Southeast Asia restaurants don’t have a problem with the guests who bring their own water. Therefore, buying water in small kiosk can save you more money for the meal cost in restaurants.

  7. Guided tours

    Guided tours will help you visiting several places in a short period times. It is also recommended to use guided tours if you have a plan to visit Asia heritage sites since you will get more information about the sites from your guide.

After knowing how to plan low budget Southeast Asia trips, now we will tell you several places that you must visit while traveling in Southeast Asia. Here they are:

Buddhist temples at Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is the capital city of an ancient Kingdom of Pagan. At times Bagan has 13,000 temples standing on the Bagan plains. Currently it is only about 2,000 temples still standing on the plains. Seeing these endless array of Buddhist temples especially when the sun is setting, will make you fell small and glad to come to Bagan.

Angkor Archeological Park, Cambodia

The size of Angkor Archeological Park is 400 square kilometers and it is full with temples that make you couldn’t stop saying aah and ooh each time you see the temples. You need more than one day to explore the whole area. The main attractions in this park is Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Phrom temples.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

There are 2,000 limestone vertical formation islets jut out of the sea. Tourists like to cruise among these islets to watch their greatness from the close. Tourists are allowed to land on the islets for exploring the dense forests which are covering the islets.

Bromo National Park, Indonesia

Bromo National Park consist of the chain of mountains. The most famous mountain in the park is Mount Bromo where you can get the most stunning sunrise view. Tourists can climb Mount Bromo to see its fascinating caldera.

Luang Prabang, Laos

The entire city is included in the Asia UNESCO sites. The architecture of the city is the combination between colonial and Lao. Visiting this city makes you feel like you jump into the past.

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