The Prestigious Grand Prix, One of Bahrain’s Evening Entertainment

The Prestigious Grand Prix, One of Bahrain’s Evening Entertainment

Grand Prix is definitely a prestigious event in some rich countries. It is a luxurious sports event that includes wonderful tourism aspects. The world recognizes Grand Prix as an event of fancy celebrity athletes. Huge brands for food franchise companies, auto brands, and selected products are the sponsors. Grand Prix has been conducted in several countries. One of the famous events is Bahrain Grand Prix. The Formula One race in Bahrain is supported by the Gulf Air. The first race was on 4 April 2004. It was held at the Bahrain International Circuit. Bahrain should be really proud of it. This country is the first Middle East country to conduct Formula One Grand Prix.

Not only is it a good event with prestigious services, but also one of the best in the world. FIA gave Bahrain an award for the Best Organized Grand Prix. Bahrain Grand Prix is part of the whole series of Formula One Race in the world.

Bahrain Grand Prix is usually the third race on the championship calendar. Yet, some things came up in 2006 season. Bahrain ran the opener Grand Prix due to some busy schedule in Australia. The Grand Prix history is smooth and successful. However, in 2011, the Grand Prix was canceled from 21 February to 13 March because of some protest problems. The grand result of a Grand Prix in Bahrain occurred in 2014. It was a night Grand Prix that ends up successfully. Under the floodlights, it was the second evening race in the history of Grand Prix after Singapore Grand Prix of 2008.

Bahrain Night Entertainment

This evening event of Grand Prix Formula One is not the only night entertainment that tourists can join in Bahrain. There will be a lot of options for making the evening moment in Bahrain livelier. There are at least six places that will be great destinations for night entertainment in Bahrain. Bab Al Bahrain, Bahrain Fort, World Trade Center, Muharraq Souq, Bahrain Bay, and Domain Prive are some of the places that serve wonderful night tour.

Bab Al Bahrain literally means Gateway to Bahrain. It is a site that is busy with market and offices. People can enjoy some culinary tours in this area. When tourists pass the gate, they will see the Souq. It is an original Bahrain’s market. They can see many vendors and sellers that offer many handicrafts and foods. Besides, tourists can find Bahrain Merchandise in this place. They can get souvenirs of apparels, books, and many others right in this Souq.

Bahrain is So Ready for Foreign Tourists

Not all countries in the world can conduct Grand Prix Formula One. Even, not every rich country in the world can get that chance. Only a country that is well-prepared and organized can be the host of this prestigious event. Bahrain proves that it is a qualified country for that important program. In addition, Bahrain Grand Prix is not a common Grand Prix like that of many other countries.

Bahrain is definitely a successful country in the tourism sector. This country is ready to provide the best services for visitors. In addition, this very country has wonderful facilities and a good mentality to welcome foreign tourists. Grand Prix requires five-star services. And Bahrain has it all. The facilities and systems are all ready to give a proper service for all visitors. Even, the immigration management is satisfying. Besides, it is a country that can make tourists comfortable. The security is good. In addition, visitors can enjoy a fancy service without worrying public insecurity.

Besides hotels, museums, public places, and shopping centers, and parks, Bahrain has the luxurious restaurants to visit. One of the most recommended places is the Dinner La Fontaine. Here is the profile:

Dinner La Fontaine Center of Contemporary Arts

We can say that this restaurant is the most romantic place in Bahrain. Therefore, it will be great for a couple of lovebirds to come to this place. A honeymoon travel will feel more intense with a dinner in this restaurant. The venue is both warm and very gorgeous. There is no comparable place that is more beautiful than La Fontaine Center of Contemporary Arts.

The interior looks romantic due to the style of old Bahraini houses. Indeed, the ambiance is a little modern though the essence of an Old City is still there. The modern-day chateau is now more elegant with the modern art as the center of attraction. Besides, tourists can enjoy a spa inside that romantic place.

In the middle of the place, a giant water fountain stands. It becomes the center of a large yard with the classic outfit. The marvelous location is unforgettable for some reasons. It resembles the beauty of Muharraq Houses.
People will get surprised since it is in a unique neighborhood. It is in the locations with two different religious iconic buildings. It has a Catholic church. Besides, the oldest high school in Bahrain is there too. Next to the school, a mosque and large area of cemeteries make the neighborhood looks serene. It might be all of the components that make the restaurant charming and mysterious.

Plan Your Tour in the Upcoming April

The weather is relatively cool in October to March. The sky will be clear and blue. In those months, the Gulf winter is on. Meanwhile, Grand Prix Formula One and many other festivals are in April. Therefore, for travelers who want to experience Grand Prix in Bahrain, April will be the best time to go. And the weather is extremely hot in May-September. It is not recommended to pick a holiday package in the summer. For a Manama, Bahrain Capital Tour, November to February is the recommended time.

Bahrain is definitely a great country to visit both for the Grand Prix and for the tourist destinations. In addition, this country owns an attractive culture to learn. The cost of a holiday in Bahrain is relatively high due to its exclusiveness. Yet, the price will be worth it. April’s Grand Prix is still some months to go. So, save a lot for your next trip to Bahrain and get ready for the prestigious excitement.

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