Most Recommended Destinations During Chinese New Year

Most Recommended Destinations During Chinese New Year

If you don’t have any plans for spend the holiday on the chinese new year, here are some facts and tips for travelling in Asia during chinese new year.

Chinese new year or as known as spring festival is an annual festival that celebrated based on the chinese calendar. This celebrations usually held in a country that has significant population of chinese people.

China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Philippines are the countries in asia that celebrates the chinese new year as part of their national holiday. Below are some places in Asia that can give you a different experience in during celebrating Chinese New Year:

China Tourist Attractions

What is better to spend a chinese new year than in China? There are tons of tourist attraction in China, Here are some places in China that could help you to celebrate the chinese new year while travelling:

1. The Great Wall of China

China The Great Wall Tourist Attraction

The most famous tourist attraction is of course the Great Wall of China. This wall was first created in 722 B.C by several dynasties in China. The tourist will be presented with a view from the top of the wall. Fun fact on the construction of this wall is that it was made by hand. So the slaves in the old dynasties are forced to build the wall.

2. The Forbidden City

China TThe Forbidden City Tourist Attraction

The next location is the forbidden city. This city was originally the empire palace of Ming and Qing dynasties. The forbidden city’s building is mainly made from wood, except the wall that made from stone. This city is not literally forbidden to be visited. It is because the old dynasty that have a rule for repelling the outsider that also the enemy. The tourist will be presented with the old decoration and ornament from Ming and Qing dynasties.

3. Temple of Tian Tan

China Temple of Tian Tan Tourist Attraction

The temple of Tian Tan is also the sites that was made by Ming dynasty. Its architecture symbolize the connection between earth and sky. This temple’s area size is vastly larger than forbidden city. Since the Ming dynasty does not dare to build a palace that would have been bigger than the temple.

Asia Natural Attractions

For the natural holiday destinations, china does not have many of it. Let us look through in the other country. The first destination could be in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. This island is located between the Komodo Island and Flores. Nevertheless, this island is barely visited by the tourist. Yet, you could still rent a bungalow in a beach for ten dollars a night. The seawater around this island is clear as pure water.

Next destination would be Mount Everest, Nepal. This mount is simply the most highest mount in the world. The climbers are very rife, even though there are numerous victims when climbing to the top of the everest. You could also take a helicopter trip to the everest, but only to get near the slopes.

Mount Fuji is a sacred mount in Japan. Not only sacred but also the highest mountain in Japan. It has the perfect view on the middle part of Honshu Island and pacific ocean. This mount also surrounded by some lakes that add the magnificence on the view on top of it.

Asia Getaway Destinations

For a more remote destinations, Indonesia has some of it. The first destination is Togian Islands. Togian Islands gives you opportunity to live in a remote island that separated from modern world. That seclusion is not the only benefit in Togian Islands, you could also swim freely in the lake that filled with jellyfish. Fortunately, these jellyfish do not sting. The water around Togian Island is an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Since, Togian’s water are filled with a vast array of marine life.

The next destinations is Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This is a home for the two famous Indonesian volcanoes. Mount Bromo is more famous than Semeru. Bromo has a wide caldera that looks like a dessert. Mount Semeru however, it has the highest peak in Java Island called Mahameru. These mounts has their own appeal. But they have same magnificence.

Prepare to be amazed with this getaway destinations. The place is called Kelimutu. It has three lakes that have different water color. These lakes was originally come from a volcano. The natural hot springs could also be found near the National Park entrance. There is a unique lodge located near the national park. The lodge is eco-friendly that uses solar power for its electrical energy.

Asia Heritage Sites

For heritage sites, Indonesia also have some. The first one is Borobudur Temple. This temple is located on Central Java, in Magelang Regency.

Borobudur was built by Sailendra dynasty. The position of this temple is between two twin volcanoes called Sundoro-Sumbing and Merbabu-Merapi. There are two rivers that flow on the north and south, Progo and Elo. The view from the top floor of the temple is magnificent.

Next we can visit the Subak in Bali. Subak itself is a water management system that believed as a manifestation of the locals philosophy called Tri Hita Karana. This irrigation system is very complex yet beautiful to watch. The farmer rarely go to the field because they believe that the plants will always grow because their gods are already happy with their Sabak usage.

Who does not know this destination where you could see a giant living lizard. Yes, it is a Komodo National Park. This place is dedicated to preserve the last species of giant lizard or as known as Komodo in Indonesia. Not only the Komodoes, you could also enjoy the view beneath the sea surface. The sea surround Komodo Island is rich in biodiversity.

Asia UNESCO Sites

Here are some unique sites from UNESCO. The first one is Itsukushima Shrine or as known as Miyajima shrine. This shrine is located in a sea side. When sea level rise, the Torii gate looks like separated from the shrine. This uniqueness makes the shrine included into UNESCO heritage sites in east asia.

The second one is Jeju Island. This island actually has a dormant volcano on it. Jeju island is famous because is frequently used as the venue of a music show. Nevertheless, the view on this island is magnificent.

Hawaii Tourist Attractions

The most wanted place in Hawaii is the beach. It is said to be the best beach in the world. I think that opinion is partly true. But the real challenge comes from its volcano. There is a trip via canoe to the volcano that drips its lava into the sea. That’s all folks for the recommendation on tips of travelling in asia during a chinese new year.

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