Taking a Tour from the Hypermodern Airport to the Ancient Fortress in Riyadh

Taking a Tour from the Hypermodern Airport to the Ancient Fortress in Riyadh

Used to be a walled way station of trading routes, Riyadh is the center of political of Arab Kingdom. Besides, it is also the center of financial and administrative. The world should also know that Riyadh is also one of the richest cities in the world. No wonder, the fanciness of a city is all in Riyadh.

Riyadh is even proud with the tagline of a vivid Saudi Arabia city with the most modern look and achievement. The city has the sparkling night with world-class skyscrapers. Meanwhile, the locals are humble and conservative. The people are rooted so tightly to the Saudi Arabian’s traditions and culture. Riyadh is simply a wonderful place to spend a few days of traveling.

For many years, Riyadh is not in the top destination in Saudi Arabia. This is so due to the brutal climate. Besides, some forms of entertainment are forbidden in Riyadh. Additionally, there are no many interesting places in Riyadh. However, Riyadh is different today. Many tourist attractions are in this city. Additionally, people can easily find people who speak English.

Therefore, whether people come to this city for a business or a traveling, Riyadh will be a great and comfortable place. What is so unique about this place is that people roam in the streets and public places with thawb and abaya dress codes. That will not be disturbing. It will even add the uniqueness of this city. Even so, there are many foreigners and locals who wear westernized clothing. This place is opened to foreigners.

Now that we know that Riyadh has an extreme climate, we need to check the detail information about it.

The climate of Riyadh

Middle East countries all have that hot and extreme weather. Riyadh is in the middle of the country of Saudi Arabia. That makes the climate the worst compared to other cities. The summer temperature is 45 degrees in average. Meanwhile, the temperature will drop to several degrees above zero. That makes the weather too extreme for those who live in a tropical country or four-seasons country. The climate is dry in all months. Strong wind often strikes.

Usually, the wind brings the haze of sands. The summer weather is quite unique. The summers are hot but not humid. Therefore, summer evenings will be tolerable. However, it is better to pick another cooler season such as spring for a more comfortable travel in Riyadh. The hottest months are July and August. The temperature can be as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Let’s start the Adventure Right from the Airport

Riyadh has a super luxurious airport. It is King Khaled Airport, the international airport that makes Riyadh tour even more exciting. It is located about 35 km north.

The architecture is inviting with its millennial look of white and color scheme. It was a notorious airport with boring features. However, it is now a hypermodern airport with good facilities.

At the airport, travelers can do shopping. It has a wide area of shopping.

Besides, there are coffee and snack shops to drop by. Business and first-class passengers can enjoy spacious lounges with a warm outfit.

However, tourists need to pay attention to their airlines. Some airlines are not partnered with the lounge. Besides, there will additional charge for the lounge. People have to pay SAR210 for first class and SAR160 for business class. At the lounge, free wi-fi, hot and cold drinks, and even hot and cold buffets are available.

Museums in Riyadh

There are many tourist destinations to pick in Riyadh. However, when the holiday duration is short, museums and historical places are to include as the priority. National Museum is a must visit. The museum opens with special schedules.

  • For men
    1. Sunday to Monday and Wednesday to Thursday 09.00 am to 01.00 pm.
    2. Tuesday 4.30 to 9.00 pm.
  • For families
    1. Sunday to Monday and Wednesday to Thursday 4.30 pm to 09.00 pm.
    2. Friday 4.30 to 9.00 pm.
  • Women: Tuesday 09.00 to noon.

The schedules look a little bit peculiar so females and males do not enter the museum and touch each other in a crowd. The culture of Islam is brought into practice in Riyadh. That is why tourists have to pay attention to the schedule before leaving.

The museum closes every Saturday. This museum is a top destination in Riyadh. It offers the latest technology to exhibits many collections. Visitors can access the museums comfortable. The collections are accessible for all because of the English explanation. Tourists can also enjoy the video presentations. Even, it has some mini-theaters for showing the collections. Moslems will love to spend many hours in this place. And non-Moslems visitors will also admire the history presentations in this museum.

Masmak Fortress

This place is the heart of old Riyadh. Therefore, the atmosphere of the ancient and historical era is vivid in this place. Masmak Fortress was renovated in 2008. Today, the site looks beautiful as well as inviting. Tourists will also be able to learn the greatness of Saudi Arabia in the sector of agriculture and education.

Murabba Palace

It is good to include this in the itinerary after the National Museum. The location of Murabba Palace is next to the National Museum. It opens in Sunday to Friday 06.00 am to 09.00 am. This is the second ancient mud brick palace in Saudi Arabia. King Abdul Aziz built this place for creating a palace stronger than Masmak Fortress.

In addition to some aforementioned destinations, travelers will also love the restaurants. One of my recommendations is Najd Village. This restaurant serves Saudi Arabia’s signature dishes. Besides, the atmosphere is unique. The interior looks like the central-region village. After spending some hours in Riyadh city tour, this restaurant is the best stop. We can order a perfect Kasba or Hashi. A complete menu with 14 main courses, coffee, dates, and incense are set from SR100. For those who want to come with a family, they need to pick only Friday.

Visiting Riyadh will be another beautiful memory of the Arabian countries tour. Riyadh is definitely a great place for business and travel. And it is always a good idea to take the city tour while doing a business trip in Riyadh.

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