The Spectacular Night Tours in Shenzhen, China

The Spectacular Night Tours in Shenzhen, China

There are various cities with amazing attractions in China. Just like Shanghai, Shenzhen is one of the populous metropolitan cities of China. This is a world class city that is included in the list of UNESCO Creative Cities. Shenzhen is also a major city in Guangdong Province. Travelers should include this city in their itinerary. One main reason is that it is listed in one of four richest cities in China.

The urban atmosphere is so much extravagance because of Shenzhen holds sub-provincial status. The administration only has slightly less power than a province. This city prominent border is Hong Kong. Also, it has a modern city skyscraper design that makes this city spectacular.

Since 1979, Shenzhen promoted to city status. Besides, China government also designated Shenzen into a city with special economic zone feature. The city has more than 10 million people. Besides, a large number of the people are immigrant workers. This city is indeed a big and busy city. Plus, it has various tourist attractions. Shenzhen is one of the biggest tourist destinations in China inevitably.

Travelers do not have to prepare for anything in detail since to visit the city will be so much comfortable. Shenzhen will give people a wonderful experience of city touring. However, there are several items that travelers need to prepare before going to this city.

  1. Where to Find the Tickets
    When the planning is already set, it is time for travelers to get the tickets. The best deal of Shenzhen tickets is offered through Google Flight. The expert travelers recommend that tourists get the ticket to Hong Kong instead of directly to Shenzhen. It will be a lot cheaper. Tourists can save up to 500 USD for taking the ticket to Hong Kong. Besides, it is also comfortable to choose Hong Kong. In this city, travelers can easily communicate with people. There are many speaking-English people in Hong Kong.
  2. Get the Documents Ready
    Get the necessary documents such as visa from the immigrations and consulate. For USA citizens, the visa is obliged to visit China. However, a visa is not required to visit Hong Kong. The visa issuing procedures are available in the online system in several countries.
  3. Unlocking Smart Phones
    For a better communication, it is better to search for the information about cellular providers in Shenzhen. For an old iPhone, for instance, unlocked systems are required. Only after that, travelers can use the applications for exploring Shenzhen.

Besides those three essential things, travelers also need to get ready with metro maps and metro schedules. For solo travelers and for a group traveler, going to Shenzhen will be a pleasant journey.

Yet, even after getting prepared with all of them, travelers still have to be alert. Shenzhen is a city with the highest crime in China. So, there is a long list of factors that travelers have to be cautious with.

Shenzhen is notorious for its pickpockets. Therefore, tourists have to be very careful when in a crowd. Places with so many people in shopping centers and public transportations are also hazardous. Tourists have to look confident and experienced in a Shenzhen tour. That way, pickpockets will not use them as a target.

Beware of the Language

The hard thing about visiting a foreign country is the different language. It will be harder if the letters are also different. In Shenzhen, both problems will occur. Therefore, travelers need to always keep their Mandarin written cards on their bags. They need to write their hotel address in Mandarin letters as well. Besides, it is also crucial to write all the names of destinations that they want to visit in Mandarin. This will make the tour more comfortable.

The Best Times to Visit Shenzhen

The best time to visit Japan is during a spring. Meanwhile, in Shenzhen, the best time for a visit is during autumn. The weather is pleasant and comfortable in autumn. However, tourists need to keep their moisturizer in their bag to avoid dry skin.

Things to Do at Night in Shenzhen

When the city day tour has over, Shenzhen will still feel fabulous at night. There are many places and folk culture shows every night. Check these out!

  • Water Show

    The water show at OCT Bay can be a romantic alternative to visit. It is a spectacular water show theater that will make tourists’ night in Shenzhen unforgettable. The show starts at 08:00 pm. It operates Tuesday to Sunday. Remember that the show closes every Monday.

  • China’s Folk Culture Villages Show

    The show takes place in Phoenix Square, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The show receives so many appreciations for the modern lighting and technology integrated into the show. It also includes acrobatics, magic, sound, and water, and of course high-class dance performance. The show lasts for approximately an hour. It is the work of more than 500 professional actors. The charm of Chinese culture is shown fabulously through the show. It starts 19:30 every day. It is a show that all travelers will remember forever.

  • Night Shopping

    Shopping at nights in Shenzhen is so much pleasure. This city is the paradise of shopping. The cheap electronic products and many handicraft products are available in various shopping malls. Besides, travelers can visit street vendors for various products of clothing and arts. One of the most popular areas for night shopping is Luohu District. It is a good place to shop affordable clothes, fashion accessories, gadgets, jewelry, toys, and many others.

Shenzhen is the best destinations for people who love to go city touring during the day. In addition, it is the best place for night tour lovers. To visit Beijing for our China tour is a good idea. Moreover, another popular city in China has lists of Things to do in Shanghai for a backup trip plan during traveling in this one of most popular East Asia Countries. However, if it is for a different tour with a spectacular art performance and night shopping, Shenzhen is the perfect destination.

During autumn, Shenzhen is so beautiful and pleasant to visit. After preparing for the visa, tickets, and itinerary, travelers can simply enjoy their moments there. Just follow the tips and get ready for the beautiful spots to visit in this superb city.

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