Sleepless in Moscow: From Metro to The Red Square

Sleepless in Moscow: From Metro to The Red Square

Moscow is one of the big cities in the world that is full of energy during any season. Visitors can decide going sightseeing at any hour of the day and get the thrilling feeling all the time. This city has a unique taste in serving travelers.

This Russian Capital is also inspires visitors with both architecture and services. Moscow has clean and comfortable bike paths. Besides, it has a new obsession of providing a wonderful experience with the park life. No wonder, it keeps improving the quality of its outdoor theater and dance performances. As one of Russia Tourist Attractions, Moscow has a super stunning package of artistry and majesty which are must listed as things to do during city trip in it. In addition, it offers a sacred history within a festive atmosphere. It is definitely a unique city to visit.

Moscow’s Geography and Climate

The Moscow region is in the basin of several rivers. It surrounded by Volga, Klyazma, and Moscow rivers. The area covers 46,000 square km. Moscow is famous for its wonderful cathedral and amazing city square. Yet, many will be surprised that Moscow actually has a vast area of forests. Elk, deer, lynx, martens, and many kinds of birds are there in Moscow’s forests.

Moscow has a continental climate. However, some parts of Moscow are mild.

This city has no severe winter or too hot summer. Yet, sometimes, the seasonal temperatures are changing quite drastically. During December, Moscow’s temperature is quite low. There will be 103 days of below zero temperature in average each year in Moscow. Today, the climate and air temperature in Moscow is changing a lot compared to the past years. This is due to the global warming effects.
Moscow’s Urban

It will be so much comfortable to enjoy a city day tour in Moscow. The urban atmosphere is full of festive air. From the serene outfit of a cathedral to the festive street, shows are all available in Moscow. In addition, it will be stunning to do the city square tour and vodka tasting tour at the same time. The city has a vivid spiritual ambiance. In addition, it is also enchanting historically. This city will move everyone. The colorful architecture will soothe people’s heart. In addition, it will boggle traveler’s mind of the fantastic mixture of classic beauty and modernity.

Getting Prepared to Leave for Moscow

Due to its continental climate, tourists have to be aware of the weather and air temperature in Moscow. Next, tourists have to mind the right clothes for their travel. There is no recommendation for tourist to get dressed modestly because it is a liberal city. Even, what tourists have to prepare are the surprising entertainment and services that might be strange.

In addition, people need to know that people in Moscow might not be so warm to a stranger. However, it is their nature to do that. Additionally, tourist will need to always get their personal identification to avoid identity checks or anything. The weather can change drastically that tourists might suffer from a trivial health problem. So, they need to anticipate it well with a good stamina.

When should We Go to Moscow?

Moscow is pretty in all months in a year. However, it will be better to avoid the coldest month, December for its biting temperature. However, if you want to celebrate Christmas holiday or New Year in Moscow, you will bear the temperature. Besides, it will be fun to search for special festivals and any other celebrations in Moscow. We need to get informed with these.

Things to Do in Moscow

Moscow has a majestic art taste through the entire places. From the important buildings to its landmarks are all fascinating. Even, tourists can visit the Metro and be amazed at the design. Here are some destinations that tourists will love to things to do in Moscow.

1. Kremlin & Red Square

Kremlin and Red Square are two most popular icons of Moscow. We have seen the pictures on the calendars, poster, atlas, and history books. This place is the heart of Moscow, some even say that this is the very founding of Russia. The main reason for the popularity of the site is the history. However, geographically and spiritually, the square is stunning as well. Tourists will fall in love with the magnificent of St Basil’s Cathedral. The architecture and colors are exotic and gorgeous at the same time.

2. Bolshoi Theatre

When tourists are done with the city tour, it will be thrilling to watch various shows in a theater. For high-class ballet shows and many others, Bolshoi Theater will be the perfect place. As the ballerina leaps and spins gracefully, tourists will simply forget about their stressful life.

Not so far from the theater, tourists can feel the wonderful feeling of being only several blocks from the Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture used to be performed. In addition, some circus tents with the outstanding performers will be ready to make tourists cheer, scream, and laugh. We all know that Russian circus players are the best in the world.

Theaters are the signature talents of Russians. Therefore, if there’s an opportunity to visit one in Moscow, tourists should never miss to check it as things to do in Moscow.

Moscow has a sleepless entertainment for all. People do not have to wear fancy clothes with ultra shiny jewelry to enjoy a prestigious entertainment center in the city. Many cafes and night clubs in Moscow are for everyone. Tourists can gather and have fun together in many kinds of clubs in Moscow. Those who love nostalgia-rich retro café will have a precious time in this city.

In addition, people can enjoy a contemporary clubs with its extravagance entertainments. After partying all nights, tourists will love to gather to wait for the sunrise from the famous Moscow’s domes. Not to mention the Park of Culture and Leisure where travelers can get some rests while enjoying the art shows and peaceful evening.

Moscow will simply be the flawless destination for youngsters who want to taste the different joy in life. For a small group traveler, this is also a great place to visit. Moscow is the heart of Russia where majestic art is covered by a sacred history.

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