The Unique Sides of Taipei City Trip

The Unique Sides of Taipei City Trip

Taipei tourism – This Taiwan capital city trip will be your both spiritual and extravagance trip. It offers unending enjoyments through its services and natural wonders. We might only know Teipei for a city full of iconic city landmark and luxurious entertainments. Yet, Taipie is one of the best destinations to visit due to various other reasons. In addition, it is a perfect destination for those who want to experience a whole package tour. Taipei serves geography beauty, mouth-watering culinary and ultra modern city facilities.

Visiting Taibei once will never be enough if we want to enjoy all the entertainments. We have heard the amazing iconic Taipei 101 and other landmarks. However, Taipei will be more than a place of a high rise building.

Taiwan has the amazing geography that can be one good reason to visit. Located in the locations of complex plates, Taiwan has the best locations for mountain trekking and hiking. Besides, people can also take a day trip to enjoy the labyrinth of Taipei is definitely a brilliant idea. Even, the skyscrapers will leave an unforgettable experience roaming this city. Even when we do not have a keen shopping intention, this city will be still amazing. Here are some places to visit in Taipei:

Taipei Natural Attractions

Taroko Gorge National Park

Just for this amazing destination, we need to spend two or more days to do camping and enjoy taiwan hiking tours. In order to spend some days on this site, we will need to do camping. A camp site is there to serve travelers with great facility to get ready to enjoy the gorgeous Taiwan National Park Taroko Gorge.

Taipei city trip, Taiwan National Park Taroko Gorge
Taroko Gorge National Park

The area of Tarako National Park covers 22 kilometers of a majestic mountain. It comes into the steep narrow valley. The turquoise water of the river delivers magical refreshment for sure. What is awesome is that the entrance of this destination is free of charge.

East Rift Valley

It is the best place to visit If you want to get relaxed in a comfortable Japanese style hot spring. You can enjoy it in the super gorgeous valley. In conclusion, it is an enchanting place to visit.

Taipei Tourism, East Rift Valley Finglen
East Rift Valley

This East Rift Valley is amazing, not only for the scenery but also for the dramatic peaks of the tower. Besides, visitors will be amazed by the charming Pacific Ocean lines on the other side of the valley. The ending journey in a small beach town of Dulan will truly leave all travelers in amazement.

Long Dong

This area is named after the shape of the coastline. It looks like a dragon. That is why it is called Long Dong means Dragon Cave. Besides, it is a beautiful outdoor tourist destination in Taipei for trekking. Thus, people who love hiking will love it so much.

Taipei city trip, Long dong rocks
Long Dong, Taiwan

Long Dong has a spectacular stand stone with 70 meters height. As the waves crash upon the rocks, longdong gives a dramatic view will deliver the so-called unforgettable astonishment.

Taipei Heritage Sites

Mengjia Longshan Temple

Our Taipei city trip recommended destination will be flawless as we visit some amazing temples like this one. This is the oldest temple in Taipei that never fails to deliver its wonderful charm. It was firstly built in 1738 during the Qing Dynasty.

People who visit the temple will admire the classical architecture of the temple. The temple does not appear old with its fading color or monochromatic appearance. Additionally, it is beautiful with its colorful walls and gold ceilings. Though the temple has been going through restoration over the centuries, the original look remains glorious.

Confucian Temple

This very temple was basically created as an education venue. It was built for educating the intellectuals. Confucianism has been the popular ideology of humanism. Thus, it will be great to visit a temple in which the idea was taught. In addition, it will be amazing to recall the golden age where Confucianism grew from the temple visit.

Fort Santo Domingo

Spanish built this building in 1629. It is a testament to Taiwan’s history with the influence of European countries. It has the art and architecture influence of Dutch, British, and Spanish. This building is a good choice for those who love to visit a museum. Thus, to enjoy the building better, we will need to use a guide. That way, we will be able to get the important information easily.

Taipei Culinary

Many people want to only enjoy Tai pei city trip for its glamorous nightlife. There are actually some amazing foods to taste. For instance, we can enjoy all in one street only in Jiufen. Taiwan’s Santorini: Jiu Fen Old Street will serve the visitors with good eats. Visitors will enjoy their time exploring the lanes of a culinary heaven.

Egg Pudding

We will be able to find it at Jiufen Bus Station. Arriving at the bus station, we can directly head to a bakery around the interchange. The bakery is famous for its royal pudding and Paris Baguettes. Also, we can taste the legendary egg pudding that allows us to slurp the sweet pudding right from the shell. It costs a slow as NT30.

Handmade Fishball Vermicelli

Going on a Taipei city trip will not be perfect without tasting this very dish. The taste can tell why people are eager to stand in that long line.

Taipei Coffee

A cup of coffee is always irresistible on a cold evening of a trip. In many East Asian countries, to visit coffee shops are hyping. In addition, tt becomes a new trend. Meanwhile, In Jiufen, many ordinary stalls offer the exquisite coffee in low rates. Visitors will love the filter coffee along the street.

Ice Cream

In Jiufen street, Dorayaki Ice Cream is the famous item to try.

Going on Taipei City Trip will surely be one of the best trips that travelers can experience. There are unlimited Things to do in Tei pai and those culinary tour is only one bite of it.

Taipei will give travelers unique experience with the city tour and foods. We can visit this city in groups. Besides, we can also leave for this city alone.

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