Taj Mahal City Crossword: The History, and Charm

Taj Mahal City Crossword: The History, and Charm

It has been long known that India has a high-class history of human civilization. India owns many historical places in which tourists can see the majestic past time of this country. Even, some India great achievements in architectures are in every history books over the world. India with its kingdom and awesome art has invited tourists to keep coming to this one of south Asia country. It has one of the most incredible parts of the World 7 Wonders that always make tourists stunned. One of them is The History and Charm of Taj Mahal City Crossword.

Despite the bad security issue, India always gets huge attention due to its unique historical tourist destinations. One of the best places to visit in India is Taj Mahal City. There are times when we want to visit a super luxurious place in an ultra modern country. However, there are also times when we want to spend our holiday in a historical place that is full of romance such as Taj Mahal’s City.

We can check and find various Taj Mahal City crossword alternatives and see that this term is very popular. We will talk about it later. Now let’s discuss more of about Agra – The what city is taj mahal in. The world all knows that it is one of Seven Wonders; a monument for eternal love. It is located in Uttar Pradesh, India.

With the majestic architecture, beautiful garden, and superb view, Taj Mahal has been an attraction for centuries. The city was the capital of Mughal Empire from 1526 to 1658 the emperors of which are Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan. Most notably terrific attractions of Mughal era building, Taj Mahal receives much attention though some notorious stories behind it are spreading uncontrollably.

Many believe that Taj Mahal is the symbol of eternal love of the Emperor to his wife. However, the true story reveals that Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal due to his deep mourn of losing her wife during her fourteenth labor. Besides, she was the third wife of the Emperor and that was a quite bitter truth about Taj Mahal. Some stories even said that the King murdered Taj Mahal father and families to conquer the hegemony of her own kingdom before marrying her and bring her all the way to live in Mughal. Yet, that remains a polemic. The world still loves to believe the beautiful history told before about that stunning place.

For many, Taj Mahal also brings them back to the bitter but memorable atmosphere in a movie Slumdog Millionaire that takes place in Taj Mahal. That is why, many of Taj Mahal City Crossword questions relate to Slumdog Millionaire movie. Besides, there are various others terms and questions related to Mughal and Agra.

Some of statements about the Taj Mahal’s City:

  • City in Uttar Pradesh
  • Center of Mughal Architecture
  • City in the Jumna
  • City near Yamuna River
  • Shah Jahan Mausoleum
  • Famous Mausoleum in India
  • Home of Taj Mahal
  • Mughal Master Piece
  • Mosque of Shah Jahan
  • Indian Tourist Town

Here are the several elements that make Taj Mahal becomes a world class tourist destination:

Onion Dome

Taj Mahal’s most prominent feature is the massive Islamic architecture. Even it is included as one of the biggest historical architecture achievement with Islamic style. However, some scholars also state that the onion dome also represents Russian Orthodox.

Quranic Calligraphy

Besides the pointed arches at the side of the building, we can also see some calligraphy crafted on the wall. We need to pay attention to the detail to see how this building is a great masterpiece of the Mughal era. Besides, we can also see the ornaments in the entire monument. None of the pictures and wall decorations represent human and animal pictures. All of them are in the form of plants such as leaves and flowers. This follows the Islamic principles. Islam says that it is forbidden to create a sculpture and pictures of human and animals as decorations.


The famous four minarets of Taj Mahal are also the fabulous items to admire. The sad news is that they start to tilt in recent years.

Makrana Marble

Taj Mahal has a distinctive beauty due to the main material of it. It was constructed mainly with Makrana white marble. Besides, it is magical only to see the beauty of Taj Mahal with its perfect architecture design. But the more magical thing is the changing color of the time of days. The white marble will look like a pastel pink during certain times. Besides, some tourists noticed it appeared blue or dazzling white as well during special times in a day. To experience the spectrum, we need to experience it while spending the whole day at the site.

Taj Mahal is always powerful ever since the medieval times. Additionally, some epic mentions about the glorious city as well. Those who are visiting India need to include Taj Mahal tour in their itinerary. With that prominence, now we know why Taj Mahal City crossword often up and give us a hard time in solving it.

How to Reach Taj Mahal City Crossword

This amazing tourist destination is 204 km to the south of Delhi. Therefore, there are several transportations that we can take to reach this place:

By Plane

Those who want to reach the place fast can take an airplane to Agra. There is an airport in Taj, city of Agra – The what city is taj mahal in. It takes only some minutes from the city center. And people do not have to worry about the schedule because airlines to Agra fly on daily basis.

By Train

Enjoying India tourist attractions through its train is not a bad idea though we know that it might not be the best experience. However, we need to check the local train station map before leaving because in India train schedule can be a little troublesome.

By Bus

If we want to experience another travel, taking a bus to Agra is also possible. We can take regular bus services to Agra easily and affordably.

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