The Breathtaking Journey in Tehran; City of Exotic Destinations

The Breathtaking Journey in Tehran; City of Exotic Destinations

To explore a city with deep mystery is not only exciting but also soul enlightening. If we wish to experience that deep impression in our precious holiday, a place like Tehran will be the best bet. This area hugs the slopes of the snowcapped Alborz Mountains. The magnificent mount can tell the world how a beauty can be that sacred even in this ultra modern world.

Tehran is the must checked destination in travelers wish list, so they can learn a lot of preparations to conquer this amazing city. Some travel destinations are so unreachable not due to the transportation or the cost. It is the bad rumors that make the destination impossible to reach. That is why travelers need to follow their heart and gather their courage to leave for a wonderful place like Tehran.

Travelers need to spend some time in Tehran to know much about this city. The beauty is more than what rumor has said. It is more than chaotic buildings and traffic jam. This city hides its pure prettiness under the miasma of air pollution. However, the dynamic beating of this city lies on the palace that stands proudly over there. It also has a hope of modernity through its development in various sectors. The future of Iran is likely to be in this very city of Tehran.

Tehran is divided into 22 municipal districts with a separated administration. Tehran has a cold-semi arid climate. It is prominent that it has the continental climate since it is part of the Mediterranean area. The climate in Tehran cannot be defined clearly since it is based on the geographic location.

The topography of Tehran is also unique. It has Alborz Mountain to the north. Besides, it has also the central desert to the south. That makes it described to have a mild climate during spring and autumn. In summer, the weather will be hot and dry. Meanwhile, during winter, it will be cold and wet.

Getting pleasure in the metropolis will bring the travelers back to 250 years ago. The appearance of the urban area of Tehran looks so much appealing with the fascinating trace of Iranian history. Right from the metropolis city, travelers will be able to enjoy the Golestan Palace. The glittering heritage is something that travelers should never miss. In addition, Grand Bazaar and Azadi Tower will welcome all travelers with the uniqueness. Tehran city museums and its peaceful gardens are only some that travelers will love.

Tehran Tour Preparation

Those who are leaving for Tehran, Iran have to learn the culture so they do not have some problems. Middle East countries have some unique traditions, culture, and body gestures which are different from any other places. Besides, there are also some problems that relate to the immigration procedural to enter this very country. Here are some things that tourists have to prepare before enjoying their unforgettable holiday in Tehran.

1. Get Ready for a Complicated Visa Approval

It takes a quite long process for an Iran tourist visa. Besides, tourists need to be aware that visas on arrival are only available at the airports. Remember that the visa is only valid for 30 days. If tourists find some problems to get a visa on arrival, they need to visit a consulate to get it.

2. Ban of israel tourists

Although both are an Asia countries, tourists have to know that they can’t enter Iran once their passport is stamped a proof of entry to Israel. Even, if the passports have the traces of visiting countries around Israel, they will not be allowed to enter Iran. That policy relates to Iran security standard. Besides, it is hard for UK and Canadian backpackers to visit Iran since they have to travel with a guide. The rule might not be that strict nowadays but still, they need to be very careful.

3. Learn the Culture

When learning the culture of Tehran, we also need to avoid some gestures since they can send the wrong message. This is a common problem that tourists have to know. For instance, we should never raise our thumb up in Tehran because it means quite different to what we expect. Cross culture understanding ability works this time. While thinking that thumbs up means good, Iranians will perceive that offensive because it means “up yours” in Iran and many other Middle East countries.

In addition, tourists have to wear modest clothes that cover their bodies and hair properly when visiting Tehran. Besides, tourists should never show affection in public because it is taboo for this country.

The Best Time to Visit Tehran

The high season for Iran tour is during March, April, and May. In those months temperatures are comfortable, thus the time period becomes the best time for enjoying Iran tourist attractions. However, the holiday rate will be a lot more expensive. Tourists will difficult for getting a cheap flights to tehran in this time frame. The high season is also due to the ancient festival of Nowruz that is celebrated around two weeks from 20th of March.

Things to Do in Tehran

Here are the Things to do plans during your iran journey

1. Azadi Tower

This tower deserves all struggles that tourists will face due to the complicated transportation to reach this place. The architecture is amazing and the surrounding garden is stunning as well.

2. Golestan Palace

This place is a great picture of what Iran is about. The beautiful architecture and decorations resemble the high-class art that Tehran has.

3. Tehran Bazaar

The next stop is the bazaar with all delicious dates and other spices. The stores look like that of the fairy tales. The crowded stores with the exotic products are amazing.

4. Masoudiyeh Mansion

This building belongs to Qajar age and with its amazing architecture, tourist will spend some hours roaming in the site. Besides, tourists can get some rest while enjoying a warm drink in the traditional café inside the mansion.

5. Negarestan Garden

This will be the best place to visit when tourists need to take a deep breath and enjoying their moment in Tehran. The garden is super stunning with its blooming flowers and singing birds. It is located by the Baharestan metro station. The wonderful thing is that we can visit a museum in the middle of the museum.

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