Test Your Average Hiking Speed in South East Asia Tours

Test Your Average Hiking Speed in South East Asia Tours

Hiking speed – Traveling should not only be an activity but an experience. Leaving for a new destination that offers superb enjoyment with stunning scenery will make travelers find a new spirit to deal with life challenges. Besides enjoying the city landmark, culinary, and culture, it will be so much rewarding to find some values within natural landscapes by hiking.

Going hiking is a good way of healing ourselves and stressful life. We need to get prepared for enjoying such luxury. We need to search the information about the tools and the average hiking speed that we can reach. Yet, there is one rule that we need to have if we want to really feel the essence of an outdoor enjoyment. We should do it for the sake of ourselves. We must love it and do it to make our heart sing.

This is essential because today’s life tends to bring everything to the social media. Many people leave for a vacation just to take the pictures and post it through their social media account. They will fake and make it like the most luxurious vacation. However, they might not have time for learning what is important in their holiday since they will be busy with their smartphones. This is definitely a bad reason for a vacation.

A good journey is the one that can fill the heart of the travelers with priceless joy. When they only want to show it off through the internet, the value will be empty. In addition, it is also a waste if travelers are wandering around just for a single picture and hundred likes. The true joyful in life is priceless. Thus it lies on the heart. It will be better to share only the breathtaking pictures along the journey without taking any annoying selfies.

After finding the true reason of going hiking, we have to do the preparation well. There are two types of preparations that travelers need to do for making the plan perfectly executed. The first preparation covers some physical conditions that include hiking muscles and healthy cardiopulmonary. Besides, we need to also prepare the gears such as hiking boots, hiking pants with proper materials, and a backpack full of hiking supplies.

To do traveling and hiking can not only give some refreshment but also thrilling memories. For travelers who want to taste the beautiful experience of hiking, South East Asia will be the best destination to pick. Before learning about the average hiking speed, we need to check some destinations that will serve us with the majestic beauty of hiking experience.

South East Asia has the high peak of volcanoes and the deep green rainforests that will give all thrilling experiences. Seasoned travelers all agree that the hiking spots in South East Asia are five starred. Here are two of them.

Banaue Rice Terraces: Philippines

This spot represents the culture and natural richness at the same time. The Highlanders carved the rice terraces of the mountain. They maintain the beauty of the terrace over generations. Travelers do not have to be an expert to enjoy hiking in this site. The easy trails allow average fitness levels of hikers.

Kawah Ijen: Indonesia

The curiously turquoise lake of Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) has long been inviting travelers from all over the world. The trail is only three kilometer but it is quite challenging. The track snakes up a mountain and it requires patience to conquer. Travelers should be moderately fit in order to reach the top. It will take at least two hours with average hiking speed.

Travelers will pass by the sulfur miners on their way up to the volcano. The poorly masked people who make a minute allowance loading huge sulfur chunks from the crater will teach travelers about struggles. This journey is a little bit dangerous since when the volcano acts up, the poisonous gases can endanger people in the site; hikers and miners alike.

Average Hiking Speed

The average speed depends on the fitness level of the hikers. Besides, the steepness factors and the weather conditions are also influential. When the track requires stream crossing and other water obstacles, the hiking speed might be slow down. Based on Paul Tawrell, the average speed of hiking over the flat ground is 2.5 to 4 mph. Mr. Tawrell is an expert and author of Wilderness Camping & Hiking. The average speed can the standard for estimating the duration of a hiking plan.

What can affect the average hiking speed ?

The first important factor to speed up a hiking activity is the loads. If the hikers can finish the site with some hours only, it is better for a hiker to do it with a day hiking load only. When travelers only bring a day bag with water and some important stuff, the speed of hiking will be well-maintained. It is recommended that the hikers bring no more than 25 percent of their body weight in order to give not much burden.

With an optimum fitness level, hikers will go with the average hiking speed with the minimum load. However, the secret is to be a turtle. It is better to walk slowly and constantly than to speed up. That way, hikers can save much energy to finish the track.

Next, hikers have to mind their packing methods. If the load has no balance, it will disrupt the hikers significantly. It is better to pack the stuff mostly on the hips position to help to reduce the burden. It will be helpful to place the loads mostly around the hips. If the trekking is steep, the up high packing method is recommended. Meanwhile, lower packing is needed when it is for a cross-country and a flat terrain hiking.

The average hiking speed in the flat land will be considerably faster than the steep surface. The difficult terrain will slow the hikers down 1 mph. Even if it is downhill, the speed will be decreasing. This is so because hikers need to maintain a secured footing. In conclusion, it is hard to determine someone’s average hiking speed or the speed that hikers will need to conquer a site. It depends on so many factors. No matter what the speed, it is important to keep it safe and fun because the core value of a hiking is the priceless processes of the journey and not the ending.

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