Galveston Best Tourist Attractions in Texas

Galveston Best Tourist Attractions in Texas

Asia is one of the best vacation destinations everyone can choose. There are many unique asia tourist attractions that you can’t find on another place in the world. Why? There are many reasons, why what you can find in Asia is different than other place on Earth. But, the main reason is the differences in how people in Asia life and treat the nature.

Most of Asia countries are located in tropical climate area. Therefore, those countries have many varieties of plant. And, all cultures of the countries in Asia are really using it optimally. This make they have many different art and tradition that related to the nature. For people from other country, outside Asia, these conditions are like different world. Therefore, they see it as one of best place in the world or paradise that they can use as the way to escape from their stressful daily routine. In the end, they use those asia getaway destinations to relax and refresh their mind and body.

However, the main problem that we can face when we plan to have vacation in those asia natural attractions is always the same. It was budget problem. If this also what you are experienced, actually you don’t need to worry. There are many local tourist attractions that can be said worth to visit and they also can give you the similar relaxing effect like what you can find from those Asia’s tourist attractions. This time, we would like to give you some recommendation for the best tourist attractions you can find in Galveston.

Texas Seaport Museum and the Elissa

If you visit this place, basically, you will be taken back to the past. Here, you can learn more about the history of Port of Galveston. First is the Elissa. This is the name of a ship that was built in 1877. The design is very beautiful and you can easily find it on the sea around the port. On the museum itself, you can find more information about history of this place, including the fascinating story about 133,000 migrants that pass this place. More than that, around this area, you also can find many interesting places. For example, there is Seawolf Park, where you can see the US Navy submarine that was used on WWII. You also can find the destroyer ship here, USS Stewart. Next area is Clifton Steamboat Museum. Hercules stands firmly here. This is a tugboat that was built and use in 1930s. Maybe

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