7 Things to Do in Shanghai; Delightful Venues for a Flawless Shanghai Tour

7 Things to Do in Shanghai; Delightful Venues for a Flawless Shanghai Tour

Did you know ?, that China is one of several country which has intersect connection with one of world popular mount complex, Wakhan Pamir. But, this article will be more specific about Things to Do in Shanghai, one of china most popular city. Strolling and looking closer at Shanghai will give us countless experience. Shanghai is way more gorgeous than what we see in movies like Shanghai Noon. It is the most prosperous city in Shanghai, China.

That makes this city owns the charm of both traditional and modern look. Some tourists will say that this city has a strong vitality. It is confident with the advanced services. However, some people do not find it exciting with superb sightseeing and city venues. However, some other features are admirable. Let’s take a look at these Top Things to Do in Shanghai.

The world’s faster train is in Shanghai

Railway fans and even commoners will love trying the speed. The most popular destination with the train is Maglev train from Pudong Airport.

The train has twice the speed of a roller coaster. Can you imagine, sitting on a train with 270 mph speed? The train is super clean and cozy. It will reach 30 km in 8 minutes. You will get amazed and do not realize that you have reached your stop. Arriving at Maglev in 8 minutes only, you will have much time to visit several places including Maglev Museum. Simply, this train is one of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Huangpu River Cruise

Going to Shanghai will never be completed before visiting The Bund. In this very place, travelers can get lost in the classic skyline views. Besides, the colonial architecture and buildings color the Huangpu River bank. The river splits the city into two awesome parts.

Simply, the city is a must visit. Therefore, tourists need to include it in their itinerary. For reaching the place, a cruise will be the best option. It is the most elegant and fun way to go to The Bund. The cruise is exquisite and it will be efficient to take a cruise as part of excitement before a visit in the Bund.

Shanghai Museum

The easiest way to learn about a past era and history of a city is by visiting the museum. Even, a museum is a great way to reveal the character and culture of a city. Therefore, to visit Shanghai Museum will be worth it. Shanghai Museum is a glassy building with vast array selections of cultural relics. The collections are all rare relics that can tell the history of Shanghai beautifully. Many international tour and travel portals include this venue as top things to do in Shanghai.

Shanghai Museum is located at a Square next to Nanjing Road. In this museum, visitors can spend some hours elapsed without boredom. For instance, there are 400 gorgeous decorated bronzes to check. Additionally, ancient ceramics and Sculptures are also available. China is the heaven and expert of ceramics. Thus, it is necessary to trace the very beginning and ancient collections of China’s ceramic. International tourists do not have to worry about the language. This is so because the collections are equipped with English explanation.

At the same location, the futuristic show is also something to experience. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is the place where Shanghai’s future is predicted. It shows how the city will look like in the future, at least in 2020.

Yuyuan Garden

We have seen the iconic places of Shanghai through many media. One of the most beautiful places to visit is definitely the garden. Thus, tourists should never miss the garden visit. Of so many options of gardens to visit, Yuyuan Garden can be the best choice. This garden is near The Bund. So, tourists can save their time a lot while choosing this garden to visit.

Yuyuan Garden is the surviving Ming Dynasty heritage. It has the traditional bridges. Besides, the pagodas look so elegant as well. The scenery is the mix of Chinese ethnic and green color scheme. As visitors see the dragon wall and the ancient tree in the garden, they will feel like being in the ancient era of Shanghai.

The mysterious side of Shanghai is in this garden. This is a venue where natural charm and the ancient collection of the emperor are offered. Magic Exquisite Jade Rock is one of the collections.

World Financial Center

Some tourists find that this type of city tour is not so attractive. However, this building is special because of the Bird’s Eye view from atop. The building is the fifth tallest skyscrapers in the world. The highest observatory is the best place where tourists can enjoy the super view of Shanghai. In addition, the venue is a majestic place to get pleasure in the Shanghai Noon’s sunset. It is one of the Top Things to Do in Shanghai that can help tourists get through all the city landscape within one tour only.

Shanghai Disneyland

It is the dream of every kid to go to Disneyland. And the magical thing is that no one is too old to visit Disneyland. Therefore, if it is a family tour, Shanghai Disneyland is the best option. The delightful of Disney and the precious culture of China make Shanghai Disneyland special.

Besides, six themed parks inside the giant amusement park will give unlimited excitement. Well, we do not have to talk much when it is for a Disneyland. Indeed, it is a guarantee of a perfect holiday for a family and group tourists. Of so many top tourist attractions in Shanghai, the Disneyland is the most inviting for kids.

Shanghai Circus World

There are two nations that are the best in circus performances, they are Russia and China. No wonder, the circus performance in Shanghai has the level of world class. Additionally, China sets an extremely high standard with hard training for their circus performer.

Therefore, their shows are all amazing. They even won countless gold medals of gymnastic contests in many Olympic Games. International live performances with acrobatic dances, music, and shows are all at the Shanghai Circus World. Even, one of the top things to do in Shanghai is to witness the animal circus in Happy Circus World Show in this venue.

Those 7 Top Things to Do in Shanghai will be the best itinerary for Shanghai tour. It is good to check other top tourist attractions in Shanghai. Yet, if tourists do not have long holiday duration, those 7 things will be a brilliant selection.

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