5 Top Vietnam Beaches with 5 Stars Resorts and Spa

5 Top Vietnam Beaches with 5 Stars Resorts and Spa

The peak of high season in Vietnam is June and July. Therefore, this very month is the best time for visit Vietnam. In August, it will be great to visit Vietnam’s best beaches. Tourists do not have to stand in line to enjoy the luxury of beach seats and the scenery will be full of clean beach water. To travel during a low season is also a good idea to save the budget. So, it will be a great chance to pick the best Vietnam destination to enjoy this upcoming August. Here are some of the best Vietnam beaches to include in the itinerary.

There are many prestigious resorts in Vietnam beaches. Tourists can also visit some beach towns with wonderful views. Underwater sports such as Scuba diving and snorkeling are all possible to do on the south coast sides and other parts of this country.

Nha Trang

This gorgeous beach is located in the Khanh Hoa Province. This is the perfect destination for travelers who love to sun bathe. This beach has endless days of sunshine. Additionally, it is also a great beach for its underwater scenery. The soft coral reefs serve the unforgettable diving experience for all travelers. Besides, the beach has some caves and walls which are stunning as a diving venue in the south china sea. Many tourists also love to visit this beach for the water sports. It will be so much fun to take a walk at the beach.

However, people need to make use their precious time at the beach by trying wakeboarding and kite surfing. For a group adventurer, banana boat rides will be awesome to do. This place is comfortable for the beach bars and restaurants too. Divers can take a rest at the bars while exchanging their stories. The luxurious Louisiane Brewhouse will be ready to serve all visitors with the unique brews. For the ladies, world class spas with a quick access to the beach are definitely a must visit. Evason Ana Mandara Spa is located in the countryside nearby a mountain.

Meanwhile, if the ladies want to taste an exotic spa, Vinpearl Resort and Spa is the best bet. The spa is located on an island across the sea. The spa can be reached by motorboat. Isn’t that nice? Also, it is possible to reach the spa by taking Vinpearl cable car. The ladies will love how they feel the journey before obtaining beauty.

Danang Beach

This is another beach with a wonderful spot for scuba diving. Besides, the beach has notable surfing area with amazing waves. This beach is also noted as the best for the five-starred resorts. One of the best is Furama Resort. It has a top-notch amenity and just perfect location. What are unique about this beach are the Vietnam War memories around it. It is the beach where Vietnam War took place and was a former recreational area for US military. That is why today this beach is foreigners’ most favorite.

Doc Let Beach

Vietnam beaches are surely full of luxury. This beach is one of them. This is located nearby Nha Trang. Yet, tourists will feel amazed for its different beauty. In this beach, travelers will love how the beach lets them enjoy the beautiful beach through its peaceful atmosphere. The quiet beach is definitely the best choice for people who are searching for some inspirations prior entertainment. Still, people can enjoy their time in an excellent spa on this beach. White Sand Doc Let Resort and Spa will be the most stunning choice for exclusive spa treatments. Besides, it offers luxurious rooms that face the beach. Travelers have to enjoy this beach for its stunning turquoise water.

Phan Thiet Beach

This is one of the Vietnam Beaches that is the favorite of the expats. Other Vietnam Beaches might be awesome for resorts and spa. This beach is a good escape for fishing. This is the stunning spot for photo shoots. During certain hours, tourists can enjoy unusual red sand along the beach. The area will rise above the village for some hours. That creates super fantastic dessert vibe that will be an awesome venue for some photo shoots.

The venue is amazing and the resorts are extraordinary as well. Novotel Coralia Ocean Dunes Resort is the gorgeous facility to visit. It has modern spots of bars, restaurants, and golf course. The resort will be the reason why people should visit Phan Thiet Beach.

Phu Quoc Beach

This beach might not be so luxurious but the trekking spots around this beach will be a good attraction for all tourists. It has diverse topography which contains national forest land. Besides, travelers might want to go sightseeing and get pleasure in the pepper plantations. If Danang Beach has the history of Vietnam War and US military, this beach has the trace of French Colonial era. Travelers can go check in La Veranda Resort to enjoy the mansion with French style around the beach.

Going to spend a holiday by a beach is always the best idea. Parents can take their time enjoying the refreshing breeze on the wicker chairs. Meanwhile, the kids can play sand castles happily. Beach is always full of cheerful atmosphere. Besides, it is always fun to take a walk by the beach and just inhale the air freely. In South East Asian countries, beaches are admirable since they look natural and have wonderful views at the same time.

Besides, to have a holiday by the beach will make people refreshed in a fun way. With a simple trekking venue, a beach can also help people to enjoy the outdoor activity while having fun with the waves. For those who love sports, beaches with water sports will be a great escape from boredom. And for the ladies, the beauty spa and resorts will be powerful amenities to keep them gorgeous while in a holiday. Vietnam beaches are truly what travelers want to get pleasure in. Are you ready for the journey in Vietnam attractions?

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