Of Asia Travel and a Piece of Crude Wooden Chair

Of Asia Travel and a Piece of Crude Wooden Chair

Crude Wooden Chair – Most people believe that the only tour that will serve deep impressions related to architecture and furniture is a European tour. However, within the right destinations across Asia, such amazing opportunities are available. In Asia tours, we will love to spend our precious time just walking around the shabby cities where the people have not explored technology too much. Besides, we can enjoy the original architect and rustic furniture at the same time. It is also priceless to seat on a crude wooden chair in a café on our journey in Asia.

People say that the precious experience is not served but obtained. This is true in all Asia tours. It is the heart of the travelers that decide whether a place leaves deep impressions or not. Therefore, we need to start thinking of experiencing the journey and making all ordinary visits into an invaluable experience. Asia travelers have to go with the flow rather than to complain and search for the instant luxury. In some premium holiday package, that fanciness is available. However, if it is for obtaining the experience, Asia is there with its humbleness.

That is why visiting Asia will be as simple as spending times sitting on a crude wooden chair in a shabby café. These kinds of café are scattered around Vietnam and several other countries. In China, Japan, and Korea, the food stalls are somewhat fancy. In some South East Asian countries like Vietnam, the café has its own class of luxury; it might look shabby but so much inviting.

Vietnam’s Cuối Ngõ (At the end of the Alley)

The café is truly located at the end of an alley. Amid the flashy atmosphere of Hanoi, travelers might want to taste the different and perhaps pure essence of Vietnam through a serene yet romantic place to sip the local tea or coffee. This is one of the most popular places to visit when a tourist wants to preserve their memories while visiting Vietnam. The venue is awesome with its rustic and simple look. The ornaments are no joke and so charming. The appearance of the café is somewhat old and haunting but it looks stunning at the same time. The café looks like the part of an ancient and perhaps secret area of a former ancient village.

The creator select the furniture well as if it was originally from the ancient house. The bamboo table and the crude wooden chair looks beautifully vintage. To sit on the vintage wooden chair will give visitors another unforgettable experience on visiting Vietnam.

The entrance looks like a deserted venue with the shabby but chic ornaments. Travelers will feel surprised with the interior design of this café when they visit it for the same time. The traveler will become a time traveler who is entering a room with an old ambiance. The first charm is the lighting and illumination quality. Instead of looking flashy, this café wants to deliver the serene atmosphere through the illumination choice. The walls are decorated with old pictures and paintings.

Crude Wooden Chair

This type of chair is not the signature of Asian countries and the prettiness has been widely explored for creating a charming corner in a vintage house. What is so special about this chair is the pure beauty of its raw material. This chair does not receive any sophisticated finishing and looks natural with the brown wooden color. Besides, the pattern of the wooden shows its elegance in a simple way. We can place this chair on the corner of a vintage reading area to get the serene atmosphere that we will admire.

The crude wooden chair can be two types of roles for a rustic room. The first function is to give comfort while homeowners want to enjoy a peaceful evening with tea and good books. The chair will never go wrong with the vintage ornaments of our favorite. We can have only one chair with a vintage table to create an adorable corner. We can place a rustic candle holder on the table. Besides, we can also place a bunch of wild flowers in the vase around the chair. If possible, we need to cover the chair with shabby upholstery for providing a better comfort.

Crude Wooden Chair for Vintage Interior

Traveling around the Asia or at least visiting the Asia Tour sites online, we will find some inspirations through the interior designs. Some of the house looks beautifully shabby. Additionally, Asians also build their house along with deep philosophy. Almost all homes in the East of Asia are rich with the principles of nature and Feng Shui. Both the interior and exterior designs adopt what nature has taught.

Balance is one of the principles that apply to the designs. That makes all homes include wooden furniture, especially crude furniture. A house will be perfect when it has symmetrical shapes and wonderful ornaments. Besides, it is necessary to make all rooms create peaceful and healing impacts with the wooden furniture. Even, East Asian countries love to insert art and high respects through the sculpted furniture. For some reasons, a crude wooden chair is famous due to its original prettiness. Through the simple look, crude furniture offers what is so called balance and harmony.

The modern world loves to combine modernity and rustic looks in such a way that it will create high-class prettiness. Therefore, many rustic homes include a sofa with a rustic table to get both impressions. Besides, to use a crude wooden chair to combine with modern furniture is also a brilliant idea. However, we need to do it carefully so it does not look tacky. In addition, we need to select the other features carefully. We should make sure that we do not reduce its natural prettiness as we mix the chair with a more modern type of furniture.

A house should make our heart sing, similarly to a travel that we will enjoy across Asia. Get inspired and enjoy the life you live the fullest.

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