Travel to China Checklist: Things you need for Traveling to China

Travel to China Checklist: Things you need for Traveling to China

Travel to China Checklist – If you are young and have some few good friends, you need to escape to a new place for a vacation together. A group tour will be an unforgettable moment to treasure in life. When you are getting older and have limited time to enjoy a journey, the memories will stay in your heart. Besides, to go on a vacation with friends will help you to obtain a good motivation in life. The obstacles, good and bad experience in your vacation will give an improvement in personalities as well.

You might not believe that a travel can bring such amazing value in life but it is true. Now that you are planning to do so, you can pick a country with the complex adventure of culture and natural wonders. One good destination to do a small group travel is China. You do not have to make another stop for all adventures that you wish to experience in China. What you need to do is to make a perfect Travel to China Checklist.

China Tour Itineraries

The first checklist you need to make when you are planning to go to China is the destinations. Going on a small group holiday is a little bit different to a solo traveling or a family trip. You need to discuss the destinations thoroughly before leaving.

In addition, it is also important to make a neat plan to make all destinations in China visits efficient. This is so because some people can go with the schedule but some others will make the tour extended all the time. Here are some China small group tour itineraries that you can put on your checklist.

Beijing, Capital of China

Beijing is a must visit city in China where you can spend more than a day with your group. The first reason is the hotels, shopping mall, restaurants, and the snack huts. You can just take a walk with your friends and feel the Beijing spirit in no time. After that, take a rest well on the first day because you need to wear your most comfortable attire and put on your trainer for the next day Great Wall tour.

You can reach the site one a half hour from the city center. You can enjoy the tour by hiking or by cable cars. Besides, you can have fun with your friends while watching Kung Fu show after visiting Tiananmen Square in the Forbidden City.

Xian, Central China

There are a lot of destinations that you can visit in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province. However, there are two most stunning destinations in Xian. The first one is Terracotta Warrior House and Horse Museum. People will feel like they lost in times while seeing such amazing art work in this xian attractions. The next stop will be the Tang Dynasty Dance and Music Performance at Shaanxi Theater.

Shanghai City

Well, we do not have to say much about this city because we all have seen in many famous movies. There are many things to do in Sanghai for unforgettable China trip. We will be overwhelmed with the prettiness of Nanjing Road. And it is the time for a garden visit since Yuyuan Garden will give tourists the amazing refreshment.

Those destinations should be inserted to our Travel to China Checklist. Now, in order to make our travel flawless, we need to make some preparations.

Packing Tips for Traveling China

Even if you are used to travel abroad, you still need to make some preparations to avoid some problems in our departure. We have to deal with luggage packing counter in the airport so we can safely bring our luggage to the flight. To make the luggage packing efficient, tourists have to make a checklist according to the importance. Besides, it is important to reread it and erase some lists in case we feel that we do not need it. We have to make the list efficient.

Besides, we have to make the lists suitable with the destinations that we want to visit. For instance, if we want to visit The Great Wall, we have to bring our trainers and several casual attires.

Well, the secret keywords are “travel light”. We have to pack the goods based on the itinerary so we do not have to pack and unpack the luggage in a messy way during our trip. It is possible to travel to China by backpacking. Tourists can escape to those aforementioned places with our friends with backpacks only. That will be awesome!

ID Cards

Among all of the preparations for our Travel to China Checklist, we have to keep our passports, visa, tickets, money, credit cards, and medical certificates priority. Besides, we have to also make come copies in case the emergency. Next, we have to keep the itineraries and phrase books that can give us trusted guide to the destinations that we pick.


We need to keep our luggage and backpacks safe with some important protections. Additionally, we have to put them in waterproof protector. We do not know what will happen in our trip. Some areas are not safe as well. So, we have to be very careful with any possible theft. Thus, we need to keep our money and cards in separated places.

Besides, we should never place out credit cards and identification cards in the same pockets or wallets. That will improve the chance of losing the cards. In case we have to lose our money because of theft, at least, we can protect our ID cards in other place.


Getting prepared with the clothes will be easy as we know the season and weather that we will encounter. So, we need to do the climate check in the destinations on our itineraries. Besides, we need to bring our leisurewear. It is so much important to make our journey comfortable so we have to wear the most comfortable attire for our travel. We cannot predict the weather so we will need to also bring waterproof clothes, rain coat, and umbrella. Or, if we feel that those will be too heavy, we need to buy them once we arrive.

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