Travelling In Southeast Asia with Baby

Travelling In Southeast Asia with Baby

Whether you go to the region in Southeast Asia for holiday in tropical country or extend your time, there are several things that you should aware to keep your kids or baby stay safety and healthy during the journey. As we know that Southeast Asia have a lot Asia tourist attractions and create incredible journey with your family. Southeast Asia also becomes wonderful destination for your kids and family.

There are a lot to see and enjoy for different cultures or hunt for Asia natural attractions. There are a lot of tips to go travelling to Southeast Asia with your children. However you should note that this one thing was able to make big differences in order to plan your trip. You can try to arrive and depart from the different regions. However, this advice does not apply, if you just take holiday only for a week or short vacation. This advice will worth for you stay there in longer time.

Southeast Asia also very suit with this method which can make your holiday more incredible. The typical must see were the cities, resort island, some attractions and exotic place along with the single routes and rail. You also able to visit several place of Asia getaway destinations, such as the most visited places were Bali and Singapore to Bangkok or over to the Vietnam onto Hong Kong which show you crescent shaped route for visitors.

Safety Tips For Travelling With Your Kid

Safety tips for travelling with your baby

1. Make Sure That The Street Food Was Cooked Well

If your child getting sick when travelling in Southeast Asia it may generally happen because of food or eater which had contaminated.

Make sure that the street food was cooked well
As we know that there are plenty street foods along the rotes and you should be selective to choose them. You should ensure that meat was freshly cooked and have not sit on there in long period. If you are not sure, you should place the food back on the grill for longer time and choose the vendors which have continuous customer for safety way.

2. Considering Drink The Bottled Water

Considering drink the bottled water
Mostly restaurants, street vendors and cafe have free water which offered in jugs on your table. So, you may not drink it. You may consider for bottled water because you are not sure and this is not worth with risk for your kid. You can bring some bottle waters everytime and ensure that they were totally sealed when you buy them. This is because there had story that peoples filling the bottled with tap water and sold it again as bottled water.

3. Always Keep on Eye

Always keep on eye
Western kids were loved by Southeast Asia and you will surprise at how much your kid get some attention while travelling, especially when you were heading out from the resort and main tourist destination. While your kid may get many attentions, you should keep an eye and ensure that your kid was comfortable with it.

4. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Kids were able to dehydrate easier, especially when certain areas have high humidity. So you need to ensure them to stay hydrate by regularly drink the bottled water for best way. You are also able to pack some tablets for dehydration for just in case.

The other case, if you go travelling with baby which still in months age, you may need to consider a lot of things. However, all of the places were good and may be you need to get the perfect climate for travelling. For recommendation you can go to the Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and some parts in Indonesia which have excellent infrastructure and good access for the medical treatment. Your trip may more what you want rather than your baby. So you may feel tired when your baby getting unsettled, so you may need to settle in one place for several times and take it slow as well. You also need to consider that you may need access for cooking place which make you able prepare food for your baby. The other things you can bring your brand for diaper or nappies. However, this is depending on your plan and need, the other place where you can enjoy with your family were visiting Asia heritage sites or Asia UNESCO sites.

Several Places To Go In Southeast Asia With family

Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

Ubud, Bali - Indonesia
The rice fields in Ubud were amazing and great for your family trip. Honestly, your kid will also enjoy with the beaches in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, and more. However, you should be always compromise and Ubud may works well with your children. Most of the big event in Bali, such as: dace, theater and singing were very bright, hard and energetic as well. Those were also perfect for your kids. The weather also collar than the other rest of Bali and there ae a lot of god food and bakeries which make your kids feel enjoy.


You can visit Chinatown in Singapore and loaded with a lot of fun activities for family, this is also easier to get around and having colorful environment, entertainment places, shopping and more. Your kid may interest on Night Safari, Sentosa Island and Center of Science and you can spend a week without feeling bored.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia
This is somewhat like Singapore, but smaller and friendly with the nuance of old Asian. This is the place which you an easily to spend some weeks or months to relaxation and stay for a while to know local peoples, customs and cultures. Food was important in Penang, so this place very suit t explore several different foods for fun curiosity.

Railay, Thailand

Railay, Thailand
You can visit Railay Phra Ngan beac which closer with Krabi in Thailand and also become ideal destination for kids as well. Railay was able to be acsessed with boat from Krabi or Ao Nang and give your adventure feeling. If you consider other destination but Southeast Asia, you can travel for tourist attractions in Seattle.

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