Trekking Holidays Asia, Life Values in a Fun Way

Trekking Holidays Asia, Life Values in a Fun Way

Asian trekking – Some of us question why travelers love to do trekking tours holidays. Because going on a vacation is something that requires a plan and expensive cost. Besides, people need to use their precious time to do so. So, some people like going on a comfortable vacation better than outdoor journeys.

But, adventure lovers will never reject the inviting trekking adventures. This is so because trekkers value nature better. They love the beauty of nature more than the instant luxury in many vacation spots. And for people who want to experience such journey, Trekking Holiday Asia should be on the list.

What does trekking holiday offer ?

1. Priceless Happiness

Trekking provides priceless satisfactions. Trekkers cannot express clearly what the experience offers. But they will go home with happiness in the heart. Just to enjoy the prettiness of nature will make them contented. Besides, to inhale fresh air along the journey will make travelers feel happy. In trekking venues, travelers will learn a lot of survival and hardship. A trekking journey will make travelers to learn a lot of life values in a fun way.

2. Improved Personalities

The journey will usually improve the trekker’s personality. We know that group trekkers will reveal their true personality along the journey. When solving the hardship of a trekking holiday, people can learn their weakness. Then, good travelers will try hard to get improved to be a better person. Those amazing benefits are there in every step that travelers make. Besides, they can treasure some lessons. They will find it in each cold breeze of mountain air they feel in their face. They will also treasure the gorgeous scenery they enjoy along the adventure.

Holiday trekking in Asia is the right choice. The continent of Asia is able to answer the wishes of trekkers who want to spend their precious vacation time. Asian trekking holiday will be a special experience for all.

Trekking Holidays Central Asia

Central Asia has a different beauty. There are various asian trekking destinations in central geographical regions of this continent. However, Mongolia is the best one. Mongolia is a good country for outdoor tours. It offers many interesting places to go with a motorbike. In addition, this place also presents a natural beauty as well as majestic history. It would be nice to visit Mongolia in groups.

What can we enjoy in Mongolia ?

  • Traveling around the Mongolian wilderness at Cosy Ger camps.
  • Visiting nomadic ger camp and witness the warm hospitality of Mongolian.
  • Going to Zuu Monastery with its 108 stupas.

Best Trekking Holidays in Southeast Asia

Asia is a continent with a rich culture. Besides, it has unique natural wonders and topography. Besides, Asia has comfortable climates and entertaining trekking destinations. We can visit Asia in any months. Trekking Southeast Asia will be comfortable to do on all holidays. Southeast Asia offers exciting and adventurous destinations for trekking holiday. There are various awesome spots with superb scenery in Southeast Asia.

Thus, to visit some trekking destinations will give travelers great experiences. Almost all Southeast Asia countries have perfect spots for trekking. But, Indonesia is the most enchanting one. This is so because Indonesia has many pretty trekking spots. It has beautiful volcanoes, beaches, forest, and tropical destinations for trekking. Here are the best trekking spots in Indonesia:

Ijen Crater

This is one of the most stunning places for trekking in Java, Indonesia. This destination will give all visitor unforgettable experience. First, travelers can watch the sulfur lake with its boiling water.

Ijen crater, asia trekking
Ijen crater, east Java, Indonesia

We can watch the blue fire. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs only in two places in the world. We can enjoy it in Indonesia and Island. Next, wecan pay a visit to Kalibaru village nearby. Besides, we will see colonial trails there. Additionally, we can enjoy breathtaking cultivation areas in such destination.

Bromo Tengger National Park

Trekkers will never be able to reject the beauty of Mount Bromo and Semeru. In these trekking spots, we can enjoy the natural beauty and cultural richness at the same time. If the trekkers are lucky, they can join Kasodo festival together with the Tenggerese.

Mount Rinjani

This majestic mount is 3,726 meters high. Thus, Mount Rinjani dominates the landscape of Lombok Island. Due to the height, this Mount offers great hiking tracks for the expert trekkers. It takes trekkers three to four days to conquer this mount to top and back. On top of Rinjani, trekkers can see the famous Segara Anak. It is a volcanic lake with turquoise color. The hardship of trekking in Rinjani will be nothing as we see the beautiful scenery.

Riding Holidays in Asia South Regional Area

This asian trekking holiday covers various outdoor and fun activities.

  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Walking
  • Motorcycling
  • Trailing
  • Bicycling
  • Animal riding.

We have the excellent facility for biking in Vietnam and Japan. Meanwhile, animal riding is there in Cambodia, Azerbaijan, India, and Indonesia. We can enjoy horse riding while seeing the amazing scenery.

East Asia Trekking Holidays

Of so many holiday options destinations in East Asia, China is one of the best choices. China offers several trekking tours including cycling trips. We can trek along the Great Wall of China. Additionally, we can walk along the Great Wall. Besides, we can spend a night camping near the village. Also, we will be able to explore Beijing’s cultural sites. Next, we will love to go to China’s greatest treasures. We will see spectacular Terracotta Warriors there. After that, we can visit Meili Mountains as part of Yunnan Explorer. Those who love bicycling can join China Bike Ride programs. It is an unforgettable bicycling tour in Back-roads to Yangzhou.

Trekking and walking in East Asia is as exciting as you can expect. No one can resist the asian trekking spots from Indonesia to the Everest. There is much more to vacationing in the Himalayas. Travelers can visit the Genghis Khan Camp in Mongolia. In addition, tourists can explore the mountains in Indonesia. And Equestrian tours can be enjoyed in Vietnam, Azerbaijan, India and Indonesia.

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