Ulaanbaatar Adventures to See Mongolia from the Different Sides of Modernity

Ulaanbaatar Adventures to See Mongolia from the Different Sides of Modernity

Mongolia has been the most stunning place for nomadic tribes. In addition, it is admirable for the history and hunters. This country has two sides of beauty. Tourists have to experience both. The pristine village is a natural beauty that has been inviting world’s tourists for many centuries. Meanwhile, Ulaanbaatar is the modern side of Mongolia that will be worth visiting. The city makes Mongolia a perfect country to visit.

Ulaanbaatar is a big city with a modern view. It has rushing traffic and nightlife. Even though Mongolia has changed that dramatically, it still owns the charm of bohemian culture. The Mongolian capital city brings forth surprises through its entertainment. Mongolia nowadays is the home of a stunning nomad and also the Armani-suited businessmen.

Besides the modern look of the urban, Ulaanbaatar is a busy city. The chaotic streets of this city are not so easy to navigate. However, tourists will be able to enjoy a wonderful time with the city tour if they are patient. Not so far away from a Hummer H2, tourists will find the Gandan Khiid. It is the site of peaceful Buddhist monks.

The place is a wild and stunning for the scenery. Ulaanbaatar is definitely a good stop after some days of tours in the countryside area of Mongolia. Visitors can spend their time by watching traditional theater. Additionally, they will love the culinary tour. Even, they can party all night long. After the serene atmosphere in the Mongolia nomadic life tours, travelers will get surprised on how the Mongolian adventure is different in Ulaanbaatar.

When should we visit Ulaanbaatar?

The best time for the city tour is during summer. The early June is the best time to visit Ulaanbaatar for the Mongolian Marathon. Children’s Day will be held every early June.

Besides, it is also fun to visit this city in Mid July. The wrestling, archery, and horse racing are held in the middle of July annually. In August, tourists can have fun at street cafes for celebrating the peak of summer.

Get Ready for the Nomadic Atmosphere and Modernity of Ulaanbaatar

Besides the official preparation such as a proper clothes and documents, travelers have to pay attention to some other things. There are some dangers and annoyances that might occur in the tour. Ulaanbaatar is an easygoing city. Yet, there are some factors that travelers have to anticipate.

Safety in Ulaanbaatar

Theft is still the main problem that visitors should encounter. Pickpockets are still a problem as well. However, the situation is not as dreadful as it was. Besides, travelers have to be very cautious with bag slashers and robbery.

Tourists need to be vigilant around some crowded places in Ulaanbaatar. For instance, in the area between the Peace Ave and the post office is one location to be cautious of. In addition, department stores and main streets are a little dangerous as well. Additionally, tourists have to be careful in taking public transportation. And shopping in Naran Tuul Market can be risky when travelers do not keep their wallet safe.

Here are some tips to avoid theft in Ulaanbaatar

  1. Always focus on the travel and never get distracted. This is so because pickpockets often work in a team. One member will perpetrate the victims while some other thefts take the pockets or bags.
  2. In order to avoid the bad situation, it is better to keep the passports and other documents at the hotel. Travelers need to only bring the cash for buying meals and other fees.
  3. Avoid keeping money in the trouser pocket.
  4. Backpack is not safe without zipper lock.
  5. Report to Department of pickpockets when that terrible situation occurs.

Besides, alcoholism is also a terrible problem in this city. Senior citizens often get drunk and make tourists feeling uncomfortable. Yet, they are not dangerous but a little annoying.

Travelers also need to face the traffic. It is hard to cross streets in Ulaanbaatar. The zebra crosses are not safe and pedestrians have to be extra cautious when crossing the streets.

Start Your Journey in Gandan Khiid

During the religious purges in 1937, Mongolia lost many of its beautiful temples and monasteries. In the 19th century, there were more than 100 temples that served people. Mongolians start to practice Buddhism in 1990. In order to learn and trace the glory, tourists must visit Gandan Khiid.

The full name of this Mongolia temple is Gandantegchinlen. It literally means “the Great Place of Complete Joy.” The building started to operate in 1838. In 1944, Prime Minister Choibalsan opened the place. That was due to the visit of US vice president Henry Wallace. Until 1990, it remained a place for a tour only. Today, there are 600 or more monks who live in the monastery.

Enjoy Your Travel Back to the Past in Winter Palace of the Bogd Khan

The glorious time for this place was between 1893 and 1903. In this place, Mongolia’s eight Living Buddha lived. Besides, the last king of Mongolia, Jebtzun Damba Hutagt VIII (often called the Bogd Khan) spent 20 years in this place.

During Russian invasion, this place was destructed. Even, the summer palace was completely damaged. Today, the Winter Palace is a museum that shows various precious collections of Mongolia history.

Genghis Khan Day Tour

To make the tour more fun, a day tour is a good idea. It includes a full day tour to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Besides, tourists will go to Genghis Khan Statue Complex. The National Park is one of the prettiest places in Mongolia. Tourists can also enjoy local foods. The tour includes cultural tours as well. This package enables tourists to make the tour in Ulaanbaatar more enjoyable. It will be a tour with a great experience.

Ulaanbaatar might not be the best city in the world. Yet, it serves a special tour with its nomadic culture. Its history is stunning as well. Also, it delivers the charm of an ancient culture that is famous for centuries. Ulaanbaatar tour is a dream tour for backpackers and adventure lovers. Even, family group tour will love to take the packages.

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