Tracing the Magnificent Silk Road through Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tracing the Magnificent Silk Road through Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Have you ever heard about the Great Silk Road? We have learned about the Silk Road in our history lesson at school. We all know that the road was a glory. There were many countries and cities on the Silk Road. Because of the importance, the road had received huge attention by the traders and scholars. Besides, the roads were full of fantastic history and stories. Art and beauty are still along the roads. We can visit some cities in Central Asia for tracing the history. Alternately, we can visit one stunning city that once connected Asia and Europe. It is Tashkent, an ancient city on the Great Silk Road.

Tashkent is one of the ancient cities on Silk Road. Though earthquake stroke the city in 1966, it still exists with a huge damage. Only little remains of the pretty city after the natural disaster. The ancient city is damaged due to the disaster. Besides, the modernization of 1917 revolution was damaged as well. Tashkent has the architectural style of the Soviet city. It has only little impressions of the ancient Central Asia.

Tashkent is a good destination for backpacking. It has a unique and artistic mixture of modern and old city buildings. The Soviet-style apartment blocks color the city a great deal. Yet, the infrastructure is not satisfying. The government seems really about such condition. Therefore, Uzbekistan government set a huge reconstruction program. Many historical buildings and heritage sites are all being renovated. Many parks are reconstruction as well.

Leave for Tashkent during Summer Months

The most comfortable time to visit this city is between March and May. It is so much pleasure to visit the city during summer times. We can also pick September to November. So, this month should be the best time for packing your luggage or backpack and book a ticket to Tashkent.

The temperatures are wonderful during summer. The temperature remains 20-30 degree Celsius. In Tashkent, there is no much rainfall in dry season and summer. For those who want to go hiking or do other outdoor activities, July and August are recommended. The weather will not be too hot.

Winter is not a good idea for a travel in Tashkent. The temperature is freezing cold. It lasts from December to February. For travelers who want to visit Tashkent during those months, warm clothes and other preparation for the low temperature is necessary.

What about the festival in Tashkent?

Every 21st March, Tashkent celebrates Navrus New Year. Besides, there will be International Film Festival between May-June annually. The festivals are very popular. Travelers can set their schedule previously for attending the festivals.

Going to Tashkent by Train

Tashkent is one of the essential stop points for rail services in the Silk Road. It is part of main rail services from Central Asia. It connects railway directly to Moscow, Russia. Besides, it also connects to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The adventure in Tashkent will be real as travelers take the train. They can change the train and travel from some other Central Asia countries such as Dushanbe in Tajikistan. Besides, it is possible to go to China from Tashkent. If people love to challenge themselves with that complex train travel, taking a railway from Tashkent, and then Almaty to China will be a great experience.

Be Well-Prepared

When visiting a foreign country, we need to know the language the locals speak. Tashkent people speak the national language of Uzbek. However, many of the people speak Russian. Yet, the locals also speak English. Another language spoken in this place is Cyrillic. When navigating the city, those languages will be helpful.

In addition, travelers need to search the information related to the safety. Nightlife in Tashkent is secured for foreigners and even for women. However, it is essential that travelers be very careful.

It is reported that the railways are not safe. Passengers have to keep their luggage safe. Besides, travelers have to be cautious with pickpockets.

In many Central Asian countries, museums are the best destinations to visit. We can learn the history and the splendid heritage buildings of the countries. Besides, the artifacts that tell a lot of things about their history are always enchanting. However, for some travelers, museums are not as interesting as the local life. Visitors can learn a lot from the real condition of societies. Besides, tourists can go to the old town so they can trace back to the past.

The Old Town of Tashkent

This town owns a beautiful old charm. Low adobe houses are the center of interest in this Old Town. The shady courts with the warm ambiance will remind tourists of the past. And the narrow winding streets in the area are a natural beauty that travelers will treasure. Not to mention the ancient mosques and ancient madressas. Here are some other spots to visit in the Old Town of Tashkent

  • Chorsu Bazaar

    It is the place where the locals are gathered for selling and buying spices, grain, and dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are also available. Chorsu Bazaar is a farmer’s market. In this place, the busy of everyday life in Tashkent is in this Bazaar. People are wearing traditional clothes to Chorsu Bazaar. Visiting this place is a brilliant idea for backpackers or solo travelers.

  • Kukeldash Medressa

    It is a Quran school was built in the 16th Century. It is built during the reign of Abdulla Khan. Even today, this Medressa is one of the best and biggest Quran schools in Central Asia. This amazing place is overlooking the Chorsu Bazaar. Located near the Friday Mosque, Kukeldash Medressa is a priceless possession of Tashkent. It delivers a strong line between its wonderful history and Islamic bond.

Tashkent will give unending joyfulness for adventurers. It offers railway tours in the wonderful countries of Russia and Central Asia. Besides, it has special places with a stunning aesthetic and culture. The ethnic and traditional atmosphere is the signature style of Tashkent. Tashkent city tour is available to book in a Silk Road tour in several countries of Central Asia.

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