Yerevan City and Ancient Heritage Tours

Yerevan City and Ancient Heritage Tours

There are times that we underestimate a tourist destination only due to the notorious rumors about the place. One of those destinations is Yerevan. If we want to visit the destination, we need to leave our previous impression about this city in our hometown. It is the place where some contradictions occur.

There are always possibilities to meet some fancy people driving their Mercedes sedans on the same road with old cars. Besides, we can also find old-fashion teahouses along the street. Meanwhile, on the same roads, we can find super chic wine bars of European style. People in Yerevan are also unique. The social statuses are varied. Besides, they also appear with ranges of fashion taste. Some of the people look so chic with the hipster look. Some others appear so weird with the Babushka outfit. The wonderful variations are stunning.

Yerevan is also unique for its urban atmosphere. The life in the urban is not so easy. The cost of living in Yerevan is a little expensive in this city. Meanwhile, the transportation is not so neat as well. Not to mention the pollution that Yerevan people and tourists have to inhale. However, there are always fantastic things to enjoy in this city. It is a city that is attractive not to the exclusive amenities but due to the unique features.

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. Therefore, it is not part of a province. The climate of Yerevan is continental with steppe climate. The summer in Yerevan is long, hot, and dry. Meanwhile, the winter is short and cold. The weather appears that way because Yerevan is on a plain land surrounded by mountains. Additionally, it is quite far from the sea. The hottest summer is in August while the snowing winter is around January. The temperature can go as high as 40 degrees in summer. Meanwhile, during the winter, the temperature will drop to -15 degrees.

So, when is the best time to visit Yerevan?

The most comfortable season is in the beginning of autumn. The weather will not be too extreme. It will be mild and pleasant. The air will be warm though some rainy days might occur during the season. Some travelers pick spring as their traveling time to Yerevan, for enjoying many of Armenia attractions. The view is wonderful. However, in spring, the weather can change drastically. The essential thing to prepare to cope with the weather is to wear the right clothes. Travelers need to bring warm clothes for enjoying their time during autumn in Yerevan.

The Life of Yerevan

It is a little hard to describe how Yerevan people live. The word that can describe their lifestyle is fun and swaying. The locals love to take to the street every night during the summer. They will sit in cafes enjoying beautiful music. Some of them also love to saunter along the boulevard. The wonderful thing is that Yerevan has a tree-filled Boulevard. Together, the locals flock around a musical fountain. It is just so unique and romantic way to spend a summer.

And you won’t believe that during winter, the locals are still courageous to go out. This time, they go to many taverns around the town. They like to enjoy the local barbecue such as khoravats and fruit vodka (oghee). The Yerevan’s taverns are called pandoks; where traditional music plays and warms the air.

Things to Do in Yerevan

Yerevan is a gorgeous city with ancient and unique appearance. The Country of Armenia has a small territory. Yet, it offers a great pleasure for tourists. It has super mountainous landscapes. In addition, it will be amazing to also visit the ancient sights. Tourists can taste the delicious cuisine while spending their time in those spectacular destinations. Additionally, it also has the exciting places for outdoor holiday fans.

Yerevan is the important part of Armenia. It is a country with a 3500-year-old history. That is enough to make this country attractive. Even the street and the cultural attractions can be so much inviting. Armenia is even called a museum under the open sky.

When visiting Yerevan, tourists will need to include Christianity attractions into their itinerary. Ancient monasteries are some of the attractions. Besides, churches with amazing architectures and myths are also available. The unique cross-stones are definitely a must visit for those who love to visit a religious site with a deep meaning.

Khor Virap

It is a religious site that serves wonderful view at the same time. Travelers can visit it and get pleasure in the breathtaking view of Mount Ararat. This mount is mentioned in the history of Noah Ark. The place is so high that Noah ark landed on the peak of the mount after the big storm and flood.


This destination is a great place to visit by tourists who are attracted to architectures styles and histories. It is a vivid example of medieval architecture.


This place is popular for its fabulous architecture of rocks.

Echmiadzin Cathedral

it is a simply must visit places because this place is the religious center in Armenia.

Haghpat and Sanahin

these two destinations are on the list of UNESCO heritage. It is always fun to do go to places in the international recognition. So, go include these places on your list!

The best package in Yerevan tour is to do a small group Trip from Yerevan to several places such as Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery. The package includes Baking Demonstration which is fun to do with a group tourist. The group tour can consist of more than 30 people. However, it will not be boring at all because the tour guides are professional and experienced. The guides speak multi language to serve international tourists better.

Yerevan is that charming though the main attractions are all ancient heritage building. The way of life of Yerevan local people is unique so tourists will learn a lot during the journey. Yerevan is a true destination for art lovers and history fans. It is a city for past-time travelers.

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