Tourist Attractions in West Regional Area

Tourist Attractions in West Regional Area

Asia Tourist Attractions – West Asia is the birthplace of the first civilizations in the world. Furthermore, Asia in west regional area also becomes the cradle of several religions such as Judaism, Christian, Islam, and others. That is why this regions has a lot of ancient, religious and magnificent sites. Also, there are a large number of Tourist Attractions in West Asia. There are many great tourism areas, getaway destinations for culinary trips, wondrous natural attractions, and heritage sites here.

Having a trip to West Asia certainly can be a perfect thing to do. However, before traveling to this beautiful regional geographic area. It’s important to at least know several things about West Asia countries tourism profile. There are many desert areas in West Asia countries. It makes dry summers and desert climate mostly happen here, yet rainfall is very rarely or almost non-exist.

West Asia Dry Natural Attraction

The Most Amazing Natural Attraction in West Asia
Natural Attraction in West Asia

Every country in West Asia has its own tourist attractions. There are a lot of natural attractions in West Asia that available to enjoy

Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel is one of the most popular West Asia natural attraction.

Dead Sea in Jordan
Dead Sea, Jordan

This place is very well-known of its mineral waters that have healing powers. It has been famous in the world for years. It is named as the Dead Sea because no organism can live inside the water. Another thing that makes the Dead Sea impressive is, all the things includes humans will float here!.

Jeita Grotto

Another one that can make anyone amazed in West Asia is the natural beauty of Jeita Grotto. This fantastic natural attraction is located in isolated in Lebanon. It is two limestone’s karstic caves that are interrelated to each other. This cave was found in 1836 in Nahr al-Kalb valley. There are caves by walking on the walkways to enjoy, yet the lower cave only can be accessed by using a boat.

Jeita Grotto in Lebanon
Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Besides that, West Asia still has other great natural attractions. Such as The Kaluts, Wadi Rum, The Rub ‘al Khali, Jabal Qara Caves, Mt. Ararat, Musandam Fjords, and others.

Heritage Sites

West Asia Heritage Sites
Byblos, West Asia heritage sites

Moreover, West Asia is also famous for its heritage sites. There are a lot of heritage sites that spread around the countries.

Petra in Jordan

Its one of many famous heritage sites in West Asia. It is a kind of ancient crossroad of lots of people who like to travel from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Syria. Which is situated between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Petra is engraved into a stone where its architectural is influenced by Hellenistic and Eastern traditions. Besides this tourism destinations, Jerusalem becomes the other favorite West Asia’s heritage site.


Jerusalem becomes a historic site where those religions recognized it as a holy place of Abraham. This one of holy city in the world are consists of 220 important monuments and three religious sites. The Church of Holy Sepulchre, The Wailing Wall, and The Dome of the Rock. Damascus which is located in Syria also becomes the other famous heritage place. It’s an ancient city that was built in the 8th century in West Asia. There are 125 valuable historical monuments here. Otherwise, Bahla Fort in Oman and Tyre are others beautiful heritage sites in this regional area.

Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort is the greatest Oman military forts, the one and only Fort that listed on World Heritage List of UNESCO. It was built 500 and restored many times through the history by Nabhani Tribe, Yarubi Tribe, and Busaidi Tribe. In the last 2012, Bahla Fort finally was opened for public as the heritage destination. Here, you can find the most ancient room story collection which is called Al Qasabah. Otherwise, there are Tyre inLebanon.

Tyre, Legedndary Town

The Tyre is a wonderful Phoenician city which reigned above the seas. This is the fourth biggest town in Lebanon which is very famous of its heritage sites like Hippodrome, Al Mina, and so forth. Not only Tyre, but you can also visit the others like Anjar, Baalbek, or Byblos.

West Asia still has lots of heritage sites to enjoy like Sana’a in Yemen, Hatra in Iraq, Mada’in Saleh or Hegra in Saudi Arabia, and Masada in Libya. Those historical places are very worth to visit when you have trip in West Asia.

West Asia’s Gateway Destination

West Asia undoubtedly offers thousands of wonderful destinations to enjoy. It also has lots of best Getaway Destinations for completing holiday. There is a modern place but still has old things in it. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates can be a perfect one!. It offers world-class entertainment, also with great shopping places. There are Dubai Opera to enjoy, skydive above the Palm Jumeriah, or feel the downtown nuance from top of Burj Khalifa. If you’re looking for shopping area, there are Dubai Creek for spend time for a whole day. It is very famous for its textile, gold, and other West Asian stuff.

Other Getaway Destinations in West Asia with modern atmosphere also can be found in Doha, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Doha is one of the biggest city in the world that offers significant buildings with spectacular modern architecture. It also provides outstanding cultural attractions like Islamic Arts Museum.

However, in Abu Dhabi, there are something like Louvre and Guggenheim museums. This city has great buildings with enormous architecture. Furthermore, it has one of biggest mosques in the world which can be visited with non-Muslims. Nevertheless, for something quieter, choose Tel Aviv as next gateway destination!.

Tel Aviv in Israel becomes one of the favorite places for tourist that want to enjoy their trip calmly. Because most of the residents here are Jewish, Tel Aviv then called as Jewish City. Here, Tel Aviv offers excellent weather which can certainly be enjoyed throughout the day. This unique city is just like combination of Rio, Miami, and New York. So, there’s a feeling that is a every day are holiday. Besides, Tel Aviv offers lots of exciting nightlife and beach party!.

Culinary Food Attractions

Trip in West Asia will not complete without trying the unique delicious foods here. Talking about culinary, West Asia has a lot of delicious typical foods to taste. There are many food with lots of flavors here. Spicy, salty, sweet, or even sour foods are available in West Asia. Though it has taste variations, West Asia food attractions are extremely healthy. Some foods sometimes use natural ingredients like olive oil, honey, same, and others. Mostly, foods in West Asia are baked and grilled. Only a few foods here are cooked in deep fried.

West Asia has lots of great food attractions as a regional with many culinary trip destinations. In Turkey, there are the most popular one, Kebab or doner kebap. It’s made of meat that is sliced slightly and served with tortilla and vegetables just like sandwich. Otherwise, for something sweet, tries Dondurma or Turkish Ice Cream. It has sticky texture as like the bubble gum. One unique thing when buying Dondurma is the attractions using ice cream that seller do for anyone there. Having culinary trips in Turkey will become never-ending journey. There are many foods to try like Baklava, Kdaif, Kokoreç, Simit, Dolma, and so on.

For the food travelers, Saudi Arabia must be on list!. This one of world holiest cities is very familiar with its delicious street foods. There are food with spicy taste called Falafel. It is made of Faca that is served with bread, salad, pickles, and spicy sauce. For sweet foods, there are Paratha, Luqaimat, and Kulfi. And for something sour, Mutabaq, Yughmish, Kushari, and Samboosa can be great choices. Prefer luxurious and modern foods ?, visit Uni Arab Emirates !. Foods here have a combination in taste from Peru to France.


Asia is undoubtedly rich with a lot of tourist attractions. Just like East Asia and South East Asia, tourist attractions in West Asia are also beautiful. It offers incredible natural beauty, great historical places, and delicious foods for culinary trip. Some cities like Istanbul, Petra, Dubai, Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv, and Doha are the most popular cities in West Asia. These towns also become the common destination for many tourists while on holiday. There are many cities in West Asia to enjoy the great tourist attraction.

Talking about tourist attractions in West Asia, there are surely some places that become tourists’ favorite places. In West Asia, every place has its beauty. However, some places like The Dead Sea, The Dome of The Rock, Erbil Citadel, Hegra, Jeita Grotto, Musandam Fjords, Shah Square, and Socotra.

These are the best tourist attractions in West Asia that commonly visited. Therefore, make sure to visit those beautiful places while having trip in West Asia!