Jordan Tourist Attractions

Jordan Tourist Attractions

Many sources of traveling sites suggest Jordan as one of the best places in the world to visit before we die. We have seen Jordan in many old movies such as Indiana Jones’. Besides, we also watch science fiction movies with Jordan set. We still cannot get over the Transformer movie with Petra scene. However, Jordan is more than that. The picture that is portrayed in Petra does not describe all about Jordan. Tour attractions in Jordan can say something so much serene and dramatic at the same time.

The first impression of Jordan is a strange place with deep history. Another impression will be a gorgeous natural condition this country has. There is a lot to say about Jordan. From the traditional lifestyle to the warm atmosphere of the coffee huts, Jordan is always irresistible. Tourists might want to join the old city tour to reach for the amazing Petra. But, the outdoor tour is amazing as well.

Jordan Tourism Profile

There are some reasons why Jordan looks so mysterious. And commoners are not to blame why Jordan’s glorious sites are often related to the existence of aliens. When traveling to Jordan, tourists will be able to witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower. It is the desert camp that enables people to do star gazing. Also, tourists will never forget the experience they feel when visiting the ruins of the ancient kingdom. Great palaces with the lovely architectures are also to see in Jordan. Meanwhile, no one will ever deny the stunning Dead Sea. Indeed, the focal point of all of the amazement is the rose city of Petra. Yet, it is the culture and unique cuisines that make the tour package awesome.

The tour in Jordan is kicked off from Amman, the capital city. Next, tourists will drive to several heritage sites including a massive ruin of Pompeii of the East. The ruins of a kingdom from 2,000 years ago will give tourists excellent time to learn about the unique history of Jordan. Next, a couple of days at the Rose City will surely be a good closure for two or more days during the Jordan tour.

Visiting Jordan will include the solemn Islamic tours. Besides, it will also be a thorough educational tour for those who are eager to learn the history of humankind. Also, Jordan is a breathtaking place for painting tours and photographer tours. There are too many spots that are too gorgeous to be ignored. It is also unfair to say that it does not include an interesting ancient civilization tour. Some people might love it as a heritage tour but hiking Jordan with horseback and camel riding is also possible. It is a little too expensive for backpackers but some people can try helicopter Jordan tour for a more dramatic experience.

Natural Attractions

Besides the hiking tour of Jordan, tourists can book birding diving and snorkeling tours in Jordan. Besides, it is so much possible for only taking the nature tours. This is so because they are many spots for the tour itinerary. People can hop in 4WD and go off-road Jordan tours. It can be a long-term team or group tour. Or it can be just a backpacking off-road with a map on the hands. Private tours are available as well. The superstar among them is the ecological tours that include some special activities. If needed, tourists can plan the natural wonder tours in Jordan based on their special needs.

The Rose City tour can be included more to the heritage tour but it also requires outdoor adventure. So, we can say that it is one of the natural wonders in Jordan. Besides, the mountains are majestic. Due to the location, Jordan also has the dessert and coastlines. The stunning Jordan tourist attractions of Dead Sea is the most popular one. Also, it has the prettiest canyon in the world.

Heritage Sites

No Jordan tour will possibly be flawless without the heritage sites tours. Jordan has one of the most mysterious archaeological treasures in the planet. Scholars, travelers, and commoners all say the same standard when it is for heritage site. The most stunning heritage places are the ones that have the deep history, peculiar look, and untold stories. Some places look so much impossible. Sometimes, it is not the building that makes us wondered but the origin. Myths spice up the histories. People’s curiosity makes it even better.

In Jordan tourist attractions, the Rose city is the superstar. Besides, people can admire the beauty of the past through the lost city. It will be a lifetime experience to pass the narrow canyon before reaching the place. Tourists can take days or evening tours to the same sites. After that, tourists will need to include the tombs, temples, and monastery in the heritage tours. Besides, the amphitheater ruins are must visit. The similar façade of treasury looks somewhat spectacular nearby the cliff-top areas.

Typical Foods of Jordan

Little do tourists know that the best Middle East typical foods are in Jordan. The traditional foods include bread, rice, olive oil, and lambs. The flavor of Jordan foods is strong with onions, tahini, and pickles. And it is not a Middle East food without yogurt. Some foods use mint as part of the ingredients. The unique taste of Jordan foods will wrap up the entire journey perfectly.

Many recipes of Jordan cuisine use lemon juice a great deal. Though some typical foods have the same recipe, the taste can be different at different restaurants in Jordan. The local foods are all rich in taste, texture, and nutrients.

Leaving for a travel is always exciting when it to a unique country like Jordan. The natural tourist attractions in Jordan are superb while the heritage sites are more than stunning. Jordan can proudly say that it is the best country with most excellent heritage sites in Middle East areas. The spectacular Rose City, lost city, dead sea, and the special cuisines of Jordan should be in our Middle East tour itinerary.