Kuwait Tourist Attractions

Kuwait Tourist Attractions

Kuwait is a small emirate constitutional country. It is a rich country with many foreign workers. Almost 90 percent of labor in Kuwait comes from foreign countries. Kuwait citizens are fortunate people. They can enjoy generous social welfare systems. It means, they do not have to worry about employment and housing. In addition, healthcare and education are free. Tourist attractions in Kuwait will give travelers unique experiences.

Kuwait Tourism Profile

It is always comfortable to visit a rich country. The facilities are more than sufficient. Besides, Kuwait welcomes visitors with a warm ambiance and social approaches. Kuwait City will be one of a world-class destination for both backpackers and luxury travelers. It has many attractions from museums to restaurants. Besides, beaches and modern shopping centers are the main destinations to visit. Tourists can not only spend their time by the beach but also will they get chances to taste pleasurable moments in the long and lazy beach resorts.

Kuwait is a rich country but the tourist spots are not so varied. Outside the Kuwait City, the attractions are limited. Only resorts along the coast will welcome the tourists over there. Besides, the side offers the historical island. Yet, it is not ready yet. Tourists can see flat desert plains as well. But this place is a wonderful area for viewing oil excavation site.

Next, let’s move to the West of Kuwait City. Many will say that this place is notorious for the violence. It was the place of Gulf War confrontation. A decade or more has passed after the invasion of Iraqi. Yet, the remains are still there. The scar of the war is still visible as in this place.

Kuwait is relatively safe for travelers as they know the rules. Here are the checklists:

  1. Kuwait has relatively similar weather pattern compared to Europe. The summer is from April to October. Winters are from November to March. Meanwhile, the pleasant spring is from February to April. The best time to visit is during the spring.
  2. The transportation system is comfortable and cheap. The transportations are ready at any time.
  3. Kuwait is relatively safe but women have to be very careful. Harassments can occur everywhere especially around Salmiya locality. Solo traveling for women is not recommended.

Natural Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait has a beautiful coastline as well as city landmarks. Yet, some tourists love to explore the natural richness. Kuwait natural attractions are the special parts of this country travel spots.

The beach of Kuwait is extraordinary. The locations around the beach are pleasant. All beaches are dirt free. It will be wonderful to spend some pleasant time for a picnic by the beach. Besides, tourists can play volley ball or other activities comfortably. Also, Kuwait beaches will be wonderful places to meet buddies. Even, a corporate meeting by the beach will be a brilliant idea.

Kuwait beaches are lovely during the sunset time. In summer, the weather can be unbearable. Therefore, when tourists want to spend some hours by the beach, they need to avoid summer months. Tourists will love strolling along the fine sandy beaches of Kuwait. The deep blue water makes the beaches stunning as well. Boasting about Kuwait tour is easy since tourists can take awesome photos at the beaches. And when it is already too tired to walk, the tasty foods around the beach will be worth trying.

Alternately, tourists can also enjoy the natural attractions of Kuwait through the gardens. For many, gardens are stunning for the designs and the artistic side of a city. Kuwait gardens can say it all. A tour to Kuwait will be incomplete without the garden visit. The gardens are all beautifully adorned. It is relaxing to enjoy the gardens in the sunset. The gardens will be perfect spots for a family trip. Children will love it since there are children parks around the pretty gardens.

Heritage Sites

One best way to learn about a country is to visit the museums. In Kuwait, the Kuwait museums are available for representing the heritage of Kuwait. The museums are equipped with modern facilities such as planetarium.

Kuwait also places Islamic heritage in a crucial place. The museums offer the precious artifacts of Islamic history. Besides, the Islamic arts and precious collections such as gold and silver jewelry are available in the museums. Additionally, traditional costumes, ancient shepherd attire, Bahraini pearl, masonry, and even musical tools are all exhibited in the museums.

Besides, tourists can visit a real site of a history in Kuwait. It is a village where the damages left by a Gulf War are still visible. The heritage village offers spacious housing complex with the old style. It also resembles the Arabian style. It is countryside with stables of horses and camels. Tourists can ride the horses and camels while enjoying the village.

The heritage centers and museums in Kuwait is a wonderful place where tourists can see the ethnic handicrafts. The geometrical shapes of art inside the hand woven by Bedouin people are amazing. We can learn how it is made at the heritage site.

A heritage site is part of tourist attractions in Kuwait. It has beautiful places. The palaces have been the focal point of Kuwait tourism. It tells the glorious past time of Kuwait city. Besides, it delivers the beauty of Islamic architectures. People will see that Kuwait is that wealthy from the previous era. The palace shows both beauty and luxury. An artificial lake, a dock, and even helicopter pads are around the palaces.

Kuwait Local Cuisines

Culinary is always a big part of tourist attraction. Tourist attractions in Kuwait also offer tasty foods to try. To be honest, Kuwait dishes are a little peculiar for those who have not tasted Arabic dish at all. Most of the main courses are Arabian styles.

However, once tourists try it, they will change their perception of a delicious food standard. The ingredients are strong and the taste is more than unique. Tourists have to try the national dish of Kuwait in order to make their travel perfect. Mostly, the dishes are served with rice. Yet, we can also order them with potatoes or bread.