Lebanon Tourist Attractions

Lebanon Tourist Attractions

Lebanon is a small and pretty country. It is in the middle of crucial Middle-East countries. Lebanon tourist attractions does not only offer natural wonders but also rich heritage.

The essential part of Tourists attractions in Lebanon is the heritage site. The city of Beirut, Lebanon has the elegance of Europe. Therefore, that very city is famous as the Paris of the Middle East.

Lebanon Tourism Profile

People who want to go to the modern of Arabic country will love to visit Lebanon. The Arabic style will not be ordinary as tourists can enjoy the nightlife as well as ethnic tradition. In addition, the outdoor activity in the ski resorts is something to try in Lebanon.

Tourist attractions in Lebanon are more than unique. They are more than just man-made services. The heritage villages, old town, and even the city are designed so tourists can walk and get amused. The natural landscape and rock arched venues for picnics are there as well. In addition, Lebanon is a friendly place for pedestrian and joggers. There are many places to just walk or jog.

Meanwhile, the architectures are no joke. The ancient palaces with stunning ornaments are well-maintained. Besides the fancy lifestyles of the modern society, tourists can see the luxurious imperials from the past era. Not to mention the views of all sides of Lebanon.

The iconic tourist attractions in Lebanon will surely give tourists a great time in this country. From the holy valley to the old town, Lebanon is a flawless package of a terrific tour. Let the adventure begins. Lebanon tour awaits.

Heritage Site

Lebanon designed a heritage site in a form of a wonderful old towns and many others. Entering the town will give tourists a serene feeling. It has an ancient temple with shrine towers. Additionally, the architectures of majestic temples around the area will make tourists feel amazed. The old architecture of huge columns and other features make the town appealing.

At the same area, international festivals are ready to entertain tourists annually. What is amazing with the heritage town is the green land and farms where tourists can do fun outdoor activities. The town simply shows the ruin of medieval era of Lebanon.

In Lebanon, old city is not a mere a show. It is a real place with kind people. The area is still inhabited. Lebanon truly shows the natural look of an area from the Phoenician dynasty. The rich history and stunning castles are the focal points. Also, the old stone houses make the appearance more unique. Around the place, a small port will give tourists great to enjoy the sunset. They can visit the restaurants and try local foods in the ancient village. What an amazing experience!

Lebanon heritage tour destinations of museums are extraordinary as well. Commonly, a country builds a museum for showing their imperial artifacts. A country always wants to show the glory of their past through their art and magnificent invention. But Lebanon wants to try far more than that. It exhibits archaeology and paleontology artifacts of the prehistoric Lebanon.

Lebanon heritage sites are also in a series of forests. The beauty of nature will tell tourists how Lebanon has been exploring timber for thousands of years. Lebanon is definitely a rich country. Despite the small size, it has many sides to explore. In addition, this country offers the World Heritage Site.

Natural Attractions in Lebanon

When visiting a country, tourists will feel the pureness as they enjoy the outdoor tour. Visiting a beach and hiking the mountain will usually do. Going to a natural place will also give some inspirations. Tourists can inhale the fresh air.

The beauty of sceneries will usually enough to entertain the tourists. One reason for going to a foreign country is to feel the difference. Therefore, tourists need to take the chance. It is thus a good idea to explore the natural sides of a pretty country like Lebanon.

Some will say that trekking is the core of a tour. In Lebanon, it can be a way to enjoy luxury. Besides the tiring trekking, tourists can get pleasure in a fancy place in Lebanon.

For instance, tourist will love to hike the mountain around the ski resorts. Hiking is not that tiring anymore. The village is natural. Yet, it has a world-class facility. Deluxe hotels and campsites are around. Lebanon knows how to make the adventure cozier.

Also, the natural wonders of Lebanon offer unique activities. Bird watching and soft trekking are possible in some natural venues. People will love the simple enjoyment this country offers.

Instead of going on a cruise, a bird watching can be priceless. It is not the fanciness that works. Tourists will get stunned with the beauty of Lebanon’s landscape. Besides, it is a good way to get refreshed. Even, tourists can set up a tent and feel it.

Typical Foods of Lebanese Cuisine

Due to the location and culture, we can guess that it will be the Middle Eastern cuisine. The main course will include whole grains. Besides, it will be rich with fruit. The unique mix of meat and vegetables are also tasty. Besides, there are many recipes of Lebanese cuisines with fresh fish and kinds of seafood.

Lebanon foods are tasty because it uses much animal fat. Lebanese cuisines are cooked with the organic ingredients. Almost all recipes use garlic and olive oil. Also, some recipes taste exotic because of lemon juice.

Visiting Lebanon will be an exotic travel for everyone. The heritage sites are stunning. Besides, the natural landscapes are breathtaking. People can go up the mountain to enjoy the ski resorts. Also, visiting the heritage village is awesome since tourists can get pleasure in the local ambiance.

Lebanon might not be a primary destination for a Mediterranean travel. Yet, it can be one of the most unforgettable one. Lebanon tourist attractions are all worth visiting. The beauty of Lebanon lies on both its pureness and modernity. Pack your bag now for the Lebanon tour.